The Ultimate Guide To The Mothership Bong by Snoop Dogg Pounds

The Ultimate Guide To The Mothership Bong by Snoop Dogg Pounds

Snoop Dogg is one of the first celebrities we think of when we think Marijuana. In recent years, Snoop has continually presented himself as a leader within the Cannabis community. Whether it be as G Pen ambassador or as a Cannabis Cultivator with Leaf’s by Snoop, Snoop Dogg knows his weed. Legalization is currently in full swing, and more and more states in the USA are treating the Cannabis market with a hands off approach. This is providing us with not only an easier access to the ganja than before, but also to a much wider range of highly potent Cannabis products. With the introduction of flower far superior to the past, and concentrates sure to blow your mind, the time is right to have the paraphernalia to match. The Pounds by Snoop Dogg collection, was just as much expected, as it was appreciated when released. With a market so vast and saturated with unsatisfactory products, the time was right to introduce a premium brand bong with the durability to match. In this article we will take a closer look at what separates the Mothership Bong from the rest, while gaining a greater understanding of how it works.

The Mothership

The Mothership Bong or ‘Muthaship’ as its more commonly known, is, as you would expect, the largest of the Pounds collection by Snoop Dogg. Coming in at a massive 13.5 inches high, this water pipe is definitely larger than most. With a wide range of features, this premium dry herb bong really does blow its competitors out of the water. As we all know, the standard of a water pipe can be judged on a number of different things, the build quality, the hit quality and the all round usability. While there are numerous cheap and cheerful bongs available on the market today, none of them match the quality of the Mothership Bong by Snoop Dogg Pounds in these three categories. By creating a water pipe of this unique quality, Snoop Dogg has certainly reached out to the serious stoners among us. The Mothership Bong uses two forms of percolators to diffuse the smoke generated, a UFO style percolator and an inline percolator. By implementing these forms of percolators into the Mothership, Snoop was able to create a truly smooth smoking experience within his Pounds collection. A trait very difficult to achieve.


Nowadays, Percolators play an enormous role in the Water Pipe world. By implementing a percolator system in his bongs, Snoop Dogg was able to ensure only the smoothest hits were created using his Pounds collection bongs. Percolators act as a means of filtering and cooling your smoke on its way to the mouthpiece of your bong. You may be familiar with the harshness a dry hit from a bong or pipe can create, this is the difference percolators can make. By cooling and filtering the smoke produced, percolators easily remove the harshness from our hits. Once implemented correctly, percolators are certain to improve your water pipe experience. The Mothership bong by Snoop Dogg’s Pounds uses two different forms of percolators to filter your smoke, a UFO percolator and an inline percolator. The first point of contact your smoke will endure is within the Inline percolator. The Inline percolator is situated at the very bottom of the Mothership Bong and is accessed via the stem at the side of the piece. Inline percolators are simple alternatives to a downstem, while the majority of downstems meet your bong’s water at an angle, Inline percolators are usually set at a straight horizontal angle. With a number of holes situated at the bottom of the Inline percolator, the smoke can be split into more plentiful amounts while also filtering and cooling your smoke in the meantime. The second percolator which your smoke will meet is situated above the inline percolator in The Mothership Bong. Being a UFO percolator, the space required is relatively large. UFO percolators are extremely similar to, or are breakaways of the well-known showerhead style of percolator. The smoke travels through the Inline percolator on the way to the UFO which is accessed through a tube in the centre of the piece. Once your smoke reaches the shower head styled perc, it is then filtered once more before the highest quality smoke reaches your mouthpiece. Snoop Dogg was certainly trying to achieve the highest quality of smoke with his Pounds collection of water pipes. While the Mothership is a particularly impressive unit, the entire range has the best quality percolation on the market.

Build Quality

The strength of the build within the Pounds collection by Snoop Dogg is only of the highest quality. Using 5mm thick borosilicate glass, the Mothership is truly an imposing piece to hold. You can feel the quality of the build simply by holding one of these bongs. For a premium price you would expect a premium product, and luckily this is the case with the Pounds range. It is very hard to compare the strength of the glass of the Mothership bong to any others on the market as there are simply none which compare. The build of this piece is just as good as the results it provides, if not better. I can’t fault Famous Brandz for their attention to detail implemented in the Mothership bongs construction.

Snoop Dogg Knows

Overall, if it is good enough for Snoop Dogg it is good enough for us. To have someone like Snoop Dogg putting their name to a product, you would expect it to be only of the highest quality. It is a well known fact that Snoop is a Cannabis connoisseur, therefore, it is no surprise to see only the highest quality implemented and the best performance achieved within the Pounds collection. The Mothership is exactly what it says, the mothership of all water pipes. Strap yourself in safely, this Bong is sure to blast you away.