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The Top 5 CBD Flowers Available For Sale In Switzerland

Those who appreciate CBD flowers know that Switzerland has some of the best CBD strains in the world.

This is partly due to the laws in force there. CBD products can contain up to 1% THC and not 0.3% THC, like most European countries. Another factor is that Switzerland has a lot of top growers with years of experience.

In this article, we will show you the best 5 CBD strains available in Switzerland. All these strains are available through Cloud7 – online or locally in Zurich.

V1 Flowers With 16% CBD

Essence Vert shows that the best flower products do not necessarily have to come from organic gardens. They have specialized in this one CBD strain, V1, for a few years now. The result is impressive even for avid cannabis lovers! Expect compact buds covered in resin and intense smoke with a sweet, spicy Haze scent. You should note that a thorough flush of artificial fertilizer from plants will produce predominantly white ash when burnt.

Gorilla Glue With 16% CBD

This Gorilla Glue CBD Strain is a fan favorite! The unique taste of “Cookies / Biscuits” combined with the mild smoke that is gentle on the throat makes this flower a true Cloud7 secret favorite! So don’t hesitate to look like the brownish color of the flowers. This product is grown in a greenhouse using the No-Till cultivation method and is subject to strict quality control before it hits the shelves.

V1 No-Till With 19% CBD


V1 is probably one of the most popular strains in the Swiss CBD landscape. Her solid dips and intense sandalwood aromas will excite all haze fans. The folks at Edelgreen used an organic no-till growing method (no fertilizers) to shed new light on the famous V1. You have to try this potent, resin-coated CBD strain that is hard to market in this pure form. This product won the Silver Cup BCN in Barcelona in 2019.

Helvetic Love With 13% CBD

With this in-house hybrid, the Aargau producers of Helvetic Hemp have created strains that taste very much like regular THC-containing cannabis. Therefore, it is very exciting. At the Canna Swiss Cup in Zurich, many jurors agreed and awarded this Helvetic Love CBD strain the 2019 and 2020 second and third place in the category “Best Indoor CBD Flower”. However, it was not only Harlequin’s genetic traits that went into the strain from the mother’s side and made it the winner but also the uncompromising cultivation technique.

Harlequin with 15% CBD

Harlequin is, without a doubt, one of the most popular CBD strains. This strain has an undeniably sweet scent and excels at taking over the entire room in just a few seconds. Your taste buds will also get their money’s worth with this CBD strain. Thanks to the organic no-kill growing method, you can expect a soothing, silky smoke in rustic tones with this strain.

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