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Top 10 Cannabis Strains For Sale in Thailand

We visited Thailand for 30 days and explored their top-rated cannabis stores.

They had a ton of cannabis strains that are popular in California.

Learn about the most popular cannabis strains for sale in Thailand during our visit,  and we also compiled data from Google trends which showed the most-searched-for cannabis strains in Thailand.

We saw a lot of cannabis strains in Phuket and Bangkok. Not only that, but we’re impressed with the variety and top-shelf options.

If you’re visiting as a foreigner and new to the cannabis world, this insightful guide will help stir you in the right direction regarding which options to choose. 

1. Runtz 

The number one most popular marijuana strain available right now in Thailand is probably the Runtz strain. We saw this purple weed strain available in many of the cannabis stores we visited. You can also check the data for yourself on Google trends; its searches have substantially jumped in Thailand since the legalization of cannabis.

The origin of this cannabis strain is California. The creator trademarked it and sold it to Cookies. The owner of Cookies is Berner, who is from the Bay Area. He recently announced on his Instagram about opening up a dispensary in Thailand soon too. There is also an article about the future Cookies dispensary in Thailand too.

2. Girl Scout Cookies

Next on the list of the most sought cannabis strain in Thailand goes to Girl Scout Cookies.

Yet, another California marijuana strain that made its way to Bangkok. This is a purple-dominated color bud with hints of green. It’s also known as GSC, and it’s an indica-dominated strain.

It comes from breeding the Thin Mint GSC and Platinum GSC strains. It’s known for being very potent and relaxing. 

We did a detailed strain review a few months ago, you can check it out here if you want to find more information about the Girl Scout Cookies strain.

3. Mimosa Strain

The Mimosa strain is a cannabis bud that’s from California. The actual bud has purple and green colors to it and is filled with a lot of trichomes too.

We found this cannabis strain in the Sukhumweed dispensary located in Bangkok.

They had a gram of it for sale at 900 baht, which is $25.30 dollars.

The searches for this marijuana strain in Thailand have skyrocketed since the legalization of cannabis there.

We are sure there are a ton of people visiting who are familiar with this strain and trying to get their hands on it based on these searches on Thai Google.

4. White Runtz Strain

Yet another California strain that is surging in popularity in Thailand is the White Runts strain.

We got lucky finding this cannabis strain in the four twenty dispensary, located in Bangkok.

This is a purple-color-dominated cannabis bud and has a bit of green too. 

We purchased 3 grams of this top-shelf bud for 2200 baht, which is $61.83 dollars. We tried this cannabis strain while in California, so can compare it to the Thai version. It certainly did not disappoint. The fruity and sweet flavors were there when smoked it. 

5. GMO Strain

The Gorilla Glue strain is an indica hybrid-dominated bud. Its green with orange hairs and has a ton of THC crystals.

It’s an award-winning cannabis strain in the High Times cannabis cup in 2014. Its name originates from being so sticky like glue and its high potency.  You can find this strain in many dispensaries in Thailand.

6. Bubble Gum

The Bubble Gum strain is known for its sweet taste that resembles chewing gum. It has a remarkable taste that’s similar to the actual bumble gum flavor. It’s a well-known indica-dominant strain in the USA. It’s a great smoke for those who want the sweetest flavor.

7. Bruce Banner

Named after the Hulk, the Bruce Banner is a hybrid that comes with a lot of THC strength. It can be found in cannabis stores throughout Bangkok. We found it for sale in the Four Twenty Dispensary. It’s another cannabis strain that has green and purple colors. 

8. Animal Mints

Another top hybrid strain sought out in Thailand goes to the Animal Mints strain. It’s popular in California and created by breeding the Animal Cookies and SinMint Cookies strains.

It’s known for its density and beautiful purple and green colors mixed together. We found this marijuana strain in multiple dispensaries in Thailand. It’s great to see these types of top-shelf options available in Bangkok, and we highly recommend anyone new to smoking cannabis try it out.

We personally smoked this same strain in California and give it 5 stars. 

9. Orange Punch

The Orange Punch strain is a remarkable-looking bud with half purple and green colors.

It’s a cannabis strain that will grab your attention because of its huge amount of trichomes. Smoking the Orange Punch strain will also result in a powerful and relaxing high. It has a wonderful sweet taste to it that will punch your taste buds!

We know because we purchased it while in Thailand and loved it. A bit of this cannabis strain can really go a long way too. We smoked a quarter gram of this bud, which was plenty to achieve a nice strong high.

10. Laughing Buddha

This cannabis strain is sativa dominant and has quite a fitting name for being one of the most popular options in Thailand. It’s also a really beautiful nug when adequately cultivated, too. We got our hands on the Laughing Buddha strain from a cannabis delivery service, which was an amazing smoke. This sativa cannabis strain has won many awards, including the 2003 High Time award. It’s an amazing-looking sativa strain with massive trichomes indicating high potency.

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