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Girl Scout Cookies (GSC)

Type Hybrid
Yield 250 - 400 g/m²
Lineage Durban Poison
Flavor Sweet
Effects Stress

General info

As the story goes, this strain gets its name from its sweet, delicious aroma that is much like that of freshly baked cookies. Girl Scout Cookies became famous after hitting the Northern California cannabis scene around 2010-11. Since then there have been many fake hybrids as well as legitimate phenotypes (Thin Mint and Platinum Cookies) to hit the market. Many believe the Berner and the Cookie Fam are responsible for crafting this delicious, zing of a hybrid. However, like most strain origins, there are a few objections from the crowd as to the true origins of Girl Scout Cookies. Despite this fact, the strain itself is coveted by cannabis lovers worldwide. Let’s find out why.

Grow info

Girl Scout Cookies is a cross between OG Kush, Durban Poison, and Cherry Pie. The combination of these strains creates a heady Indica dominant hybrid. This is a great strain for growing indoors in a hydro operation. However, it can be grown outdoors provided the plants get quite a bit of sun in a mediterranean climate. Growing Girl Scout Cookies is an intermediate endeavor, I wouldn’t recommend it as the first plant to try. These plants do have a pretty solid resistance to mildew and pests. Harvest will be up in about 63-70 days and each plant should produce around 60 grams of cannabis flowers.

You can get some Feminized Girl Scout Cookies Seeds right here.

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image description Fast
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7-9 weeks
10-12 weeks
12+ weeks
image description
250 - 400 g/m²
400 - 500 g/m²
500+ g/m²


The real magic of Girl Scout Cookies is in the distinct aroma both in the cured flowers and the smoke created when they’re vaped or combusted. Take a big whiff of a jar of Cookies flowers and be confronted with a sweet but earthy aroma almost reminiscent of hazelnut. The aromatics finish with the Durban-esque spearmint terpene profile. Upon inhalation, the terpene profile changes slightly. The combustion transforms the hazelnut into a cocoa and the spearmint into a bright citrus. This bright chocolate scent is exactly how this landmark strain got its name.












There are some great test results available online for Girl Scout Cookies. As always, Analytical 360 has posted their results for Girl Scout which tested at 18.62% ∆9-THC-A and 1.97% total CBG. The activated total of ∆9THC + ∆8THC + CBN + CBD + CBG + CBC was 0.88%.

Northern California testing laboratory CB Labs also posted a result that showed 28.36% total active cannabinoids. These results, like those previously listed, show a high amount of ∆9-THC-A and CBG. The last cannabis testing lab that has posted public results for Girl Scout Cookies is well-known California-based SC Labs. Like the other lab tests, SC Labs found quite a bit of THCa in this beloved cannabis strain (17.45%). But unfortunately, this test didn’t include CBG or CBGa.

This HPLC test result also showed the Girl Scout Cookies strain to have lots of Caryophyllene, Humulene, Caryophyllene oxide, and Linalool among others. The CB Labs test also included terpene content. CB Labs found quite a bit of Caryophyllene but in opposition with the results from Analytical 360, there was quite a bit of Limonene and beta-Myrcene. As for the terpene content, SC Labs, like CB Labs, found quite a bit of Limonene, Caryophyllene, and beta-Myrcene. This leads us to conclude that Girl Scout Cookies is predominantly made up of these three terpenes (plus small amounts of some others) and not the ones listed by Analytical 360.


Like most hybrid cannabis strains, Girl Scout Cookies has a layered effect that delicately sits in the middle of the spectrum. For the first hour or two after inhaling these tasty nugs expect a very immense euphoria. Anyone susceptible to anxiety might find this Durban Poison style come up a bit too Sativa dominant for them. However, the effects eventually mellow out to a more chill head space. The effects Girl Scout Cookies peak almost immediately and plateau in that space for a moment before rapidly declining into a heavy couch-locking indica.

Girl Scout Cookies is a valuable strain for anyone dealing with depression or stress. It can also relieve chronic pain. This strain is a great choice for a patient looking to induce their appetite and can treat some symptoms of ADHD.

Beware of the munchies with Girl Scout Cookies if that is not an effect you’re searching for in a strain. This one can make us seriously hungry. I’ve also found Girl Scout to deliver quite the dry eye. Many people also report panic inducing anxiety from these high-THC flowers, paranoia is another possibility.

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    Great information.I’m just a beginner when it comes to growing.for ever smoker take this info and put it to good question to you is where n how to get the right seeds?

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