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ZaZa Cannabis Strain Review

The ZaZa cannabis strain may never eclipse the similarly-scented Zkittlez. Heck, many cannasseurs still don’t know ZaZa exists! However, once people get a whiff of well-cured ZaZa nugs, it’s hard to tear them away from this sour strain. 

While ZaZa and Zkittlez share many features, they have distinct effects that customers should be aware of. Most significantly, ZaZa is a crazy potent couchlock strain. Anyone who wants to drift off late in the day will have an easy time catching some Zzz’s with ZaZa! 

A Dank “Dream Team” — Exploring ZaZa’s Genotype

Considering ZaZa has such “dream-inducing” effects, it’s no wonder the legendary Blue Dream forms half of its genotype. Made with Blueberry and Haze, Blue Dream is widely hailed for its well-balanced high, sweet aromatics, and fast flowering schedule. 

However, the second strain in ZaZa’s parentage plays an equally significant role. Known as “Rare Dankness,” this little-known hybrid seems to have heavy traces of Chemdawg and Triangle Kush. These iconic indica grandparents give ZaZa its sedative edge and strong notes of hash and diesel.

Most lab reports suggest ZaZa has an indica-to-sativa ratio of at least 70/30. ZaZa’s average THC rates range from 19 – 23 percent, while total CBD is usually below one percent.  

In case you were wondering, the Cali-based seed bank South Bay Genetics deserves credit for creating ZaZa. 

Diesel Dominant — ZaZa’s Aromas & Flavors

The ZaZa strain stinks…but that’s not necessarily a bad thing! Indeed, people who enjoy harsh industrial terpenes will feel right at home smoking ZaZa nugs. 

Like Sour D, ZaZa has a high concentration of sour terpenes like limonene. Even before you open a bag of ZaZa buds, you’ll probably get a whiff of gasoline, lemon, and ammonia. 

Underneath these intense citrusy flavors, smokers may detect traces of earth and pine as they smoke ZaZa. It’s also common to experience some “hashy” spice flavors typical of Kush strains. 

Understandably, ZaZa isn’t the most discreet strain to grow or smoke. Tokers who want to use ZaZa should always keep this strain well under wraps. It’s virtually impossible to conceal your cannabis habit when smoking ZaZa in a public space. 

Light Your Next Lullaby — ZaZa’s Standard Effects

In terms of effects, ZaZa belongs in the same category as full-bred indicas. Even though ZaZa has some sativa genetics, everyone who tries ZaZa claims it hits as hard as a pure indica strain. 

Even in low doses, ZaZa will immobilize users for the entire night. While ZaZa won’t help you accomplish any work, it could vaporize lingering tension and nagging thoughts. Some users also claim ZaZa helps relieve pent-up muscle tension in the neck, shoulders, and back.  

As ZaZa’s high progresses, users will feel increasingly drowsy. It’s not unheard of for inexperienced tokers to fall asleep on their sofa after giving ZaZa a try. 

FYI: ZaZa has been known to make users ravenously hungry. It’s best to keep a few of your favorite snacks and drinks nearby before lighting ZaZa. 

What Strains Are Similar To ZaZa?

Since ZaZa isn’t the most accessible strain, many cannabis fans have searched for similar hybrids in legal dispensaries. Arguably, the easiest way to get a sense of ZaZa’s effects is to grab an iconic indica like Northern Lights or Bubba Kush. While these hybrids don’t have the same heavy diesel aromatics, they share ZaZa’s intense sedative properties.  

If tokers want a similar ZaZa experience without the diesel flavors, they may prefer sweeter indicas like Blueberry or Granddaddy Purple. These strains offer similarly sedative properties with more palatable fruity terpenes. 

New users could try strains with higher CBD percentages for a less intense sedative high. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, making it more suitable for people who are new to cannabis. A few CBD-rich names worth looking into include Harlequin and Cannatonic.  

Although CBD-rich strains don’t have the same “high” effect as a THC marijuana hybrid, they offer users a clear-headed sense of calm. In high enough doses, CBD may also induce sedation.  

Who Should Try ZaZa?

ZaZa is a great sleepytime strain, but it may not be the best choice for every MMJ patient. Sure, ZaZa will help with insomnia, but only if users can get past its abrasive flavors. No matter how desperate a toker is for relaxation, ZaZa won’t work if they can’t bear its stinky stench!

Therefore, the ideal ZaZa customers should naturally enjoy diesel strains and “couchlock” effects. For the optimal experience, customers should have a moderate THC tolerance to counter ZaZa’s potency.

Want to have a look and see what this beauty looks like in real life? Check out this Youtube clip:


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