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Cooking With Cannabis (IN WORK)

Learn how to cook with cannabis.
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The Basics - Read Before You Start

Cooking with cannabis might seem intimidating at first glance. Many think of images of experts working with high-tech equipment that look like something from a science experiment. 

With so many types of edibles on the market, you aren’t the only one understandably intimidated by the thought of creating these in your own kitchen. When the cooking process seems complicated, going to your local dispensary for your edible fix sounds like the easiest option.

Cannabis Recipes

Are you looking for tasty cannabis recipes? Then you’re right here. with us you will find the most delicious cannabis dishes, whether sweet, vigorous or as a drink

Cooking With Cannabis - Quick FAQ

This is one of the most important steps. Before you start cooking, you need to “activate” your cannabis. This process is also called decarboxylation. You only need cannabis flowers and an oven.

No! The critical difference between chewing up a perfectly good bud and blazing a joint is a scientific process called decarboxylation. This process is also what makes edibles so psychoactive. Without decarboxylation, it’s impossible to get high off cannabis. – Read More

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