Rolling your own joints is a stoner’s right. However, rolling is something that many people have difficulty achieving. It takes time, practice, and patience. Fortunately for all the stoners out there that need a bit more time to hone their craft, a joint roller is a good investment.

Today we’ll be covering our top joint rolling machine selections from around world. Not all joint rollers were created equal, or for the same purpose. They come in different sizes, use different mechanisms, and most importantly have different intended uses.

Keep in mind that some of the following joint rollers are in fact, cigarette rollers. Borrowing useful technology never hurt anyone, and these joint rollers can easily be repurposed to roll spliffs, joints or blunts. Just don’t let the label throw you off, cigarette rollers work flawlessly for rolling marijuana instead of tobacco.

Zig Zag King Sized 100mm Joint Roller


Joint rolling machines 100mm

One of the community’s favorites is the Zig Zag king roller. With a 100 mm length, this joint roller can roll some seriously big joints. The simplicity of this joint rolling machine makes rolling a breeze. Simply place your herbs in the center of the mat, close it and start rolling. You can add in filters prior to adding in your rolling paper to add that element.

Insert the paper with the sticky side facing you, give it a good roll, lick the gum and complete the process. Once you open the device you’ll have a perfectly rolled joint ready for smoking.

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Powermatic – Joint Rolling Machines

Best joint rolling machines


The Powermatic is actually a cigarette roller, but it works just as well for weed. This is really an “injector”, meaning that you load a chamber and then insert it into the paper. The entire process is quite fluid and will deliver flawless king sized joints in no time.

Many people who have used these rollers stand by their durability and their long lasting performance quality. Some people have held onto these devices for many years and while it’s close to the $50 marker, it’s well worth the investment.

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Juicy Jay’s Jumbo Blunt Rolling Machine


Juicy Joint rolling machines

The Juicy Jay’s rolling machine is very similar to the one from Zig Zag an Raw.  This rolling machine also lets you roll a perfect blunt and this machine has close to 500 reviews on Amazon so you know what you’ll get. Compared to the previous roller, you’ll find the price tag is more than suitable for your average stoner since it costs less than $5 USD.

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Rizla Premier metal King Size Joint Roller

Made from a metal frame and functioning similar to the Zig Zag roller, the Rizla roller is definitely something you’ll want to add to your toking arsenal. Being very durable and highly portable makes this joint roller a favorite for many stoners all over the world.

With this roller you’ll be able to pull out some epic joints in a matter of seconds, simply grind, insert, roll and you’re set to go!

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Personal Size Joint Rolling Machines

RAW 79mm roller

For those who are into smoking personal joints, this is probably the best joint roller for you. The smaller roller is highly portable and allows you to create joints in no time whatsoever. Obviously, you’ll need to be using papers that fit the bill, since it will crumple the larger king sized papers. In any case, simply cutting the paper to fit the mold would do as well.

This has long been a top seller for the cannabis community. If you are looking for one of the fan favorite joint rolling machines this is one of them

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Zig-Zag Premium 70mm Rolling Machine

Just because you want to smoke a joint, doesn’t mean you want to share, which is why the Zig Zag makes a premium 70mm rolling machine. As anyone who smokes smaller joints knows, consistency is a major issue when working on such a tiny scale. Thin joints can come out mangled. The Zig Zag 70mm roller eliminates the problem of consistency, however. It caters to those looking to roll for personal use, pumping out perfectly rolled pinners every time.

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Elements 79mm Cigarette Rolling Machine

Another smaller rolling machine, but one that comes with added benefits. The Elements branded 79mm roller comes with two packs of Elements rolling papers. For the uninitiated, Elements are rice based rolling papers, which burn slowly with minimal ash. They have a near cult following, and many who try them never go back to conventional papers.

Although the Elements 79mm roller will work with any appropriately sized paper, the benefit to this option is the chance to try out rolling with rice paper. You might be surprised how much you love the results.

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Cone Rollers

Tommy Chong King Sized Cone Roller

Tommy Chong Automatic Joint Roller

Very similar the Zig Zag roller, the major difference between this joint roller and the previously mentioned one is that it is designed to roll cones. And we know that every toker loves to smoke them some cones. In addition to the fact that it hosts the iconic image of the master stoner supreme, Tommy Chong!

Mr. Chong released this model roughly two years ago and has been a stoner favorite ever since.

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RAW Natural Rolling Papers Cone Shooter

Another cool device by RAW for less than 10$ USD. Simply fill the trough with your smoking blend, slide the pre-rolled cone over the end and slide the mechanism forward and back to fill up your cone.  This process can be tailored to adjust how tightly your cone is packed. Just don’t put to much in the chamber or it will rip the paper. Other than that, works great. There are also more than 150 reviews you can check out. This is one of the top joint rolling machines based on customer feedback.

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Joint Rollers with Storage

The Rollerbox

The rollerbox is a small black box that packs a lot of punch. With the ability to serve as a storage device as well as a roller, we think this is one roller that everyone should try at least once. Fits easily in your pocket and has compartments to take your matches, your weed and what you need to get the job done.

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All In One Automatic Cigarette Roller & Storage Box

The all in one roller lets you roll your joints and store it with the same device for less than $7 USD. Make sure to read a couple of reviews before you get one, there are more than 250. Some of the buyers were really happy with what they got but others not so much. But hey, you can’t pay a Fiat and expect a Ferrari right? 😉

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That’s our list. Did we forget something? Do you know of other efficient joint rolling machines? Let us know your favorite joint roller in the comments!

The Rollup – Any Size Papers

One of the frequent complaints on joint rolling storage boxes is their limited size. Most storage boxes will roll a joint the size of a cigarette, or smaller. While this makes them small enough to carry around in a pocket, but it frustrates many stoners looking to roll massive blunts. The Rollup represents the big blunt solution, as it is big enough to roll joints up to 110mm long.

Again, users report an initial learning curve, but once educated, they report a perfectly rolled blunt each and every time. The Rollup is also one of the sleeker storage models on the market.

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70mm Metal Cigarette Roller & Storage Box

This storage box is sized for the personal smoker. As with the other boxes on the list, This 70mm Metal Cigarette Roller is multi-purpose; a way to get two birds stoned at once as the Trailer Park Boys would say. Not only does it store your product, but it rolls it. No fuss over clean up, and no need to carry around more than one tool, because this option carries everything you’ll ever need.

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Commercial Joint Rollers

J Ware Cone Loader King Size

Want to pack 24 perfectly shaped cones at once? Enter the J Ware Cone Loader. While not technically a joint roller, it still produces King size cones, and in bulk. It is also a bit different from other rollers (or injectors) on the list because it uses pre-rolled cones from J Ware, which fit into the cylinders. The operator can load one cone at a time, or 24, which makes it great for dispensaries or anyone needing to mass produce perfect cones.

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Top-o-Matic T2


The Top-o-Matic is an impressive machine that might not be portable, but if you are dispensary owner, it would come in very handy for rolling large amount of joints in no time. The way it works is by placing the cannabis on the platform, placing a pre-rolled paper on the “injector” and cranking an arm. In one full swoop you’ll notice the joint gets packed and is ready to smoke.

As mentioned, it’s not really portable so it won’t be something you’ll carry with you, but is perfect if you want to roll out plenty of joints in no time.

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Have you ever used a joint rolling machine? If yes, let us know which one and how you liked the experience 🙂