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Joint Roller – Top 15 Joint Rolling Machines

Rolling your joints is a stoner’s right. However, rolling is something that many people have difficulty achieving. It takes time, practice, and patience. Fortunately, a joint roller is a good investment for all the stoners out there who need a bit more time to hone their craft.

Today, we’ll be covering our top joint rolling machine selections worldwide. Not all joint rollers were created equal or for the same purpose. They come in different sizes, use different mechanisms, and, most importantly, have other intended uses.

Keep in mind that some of the following joint rollers are, in fact, cigarette rollers. Borrowing useful technology never hurts anyone, and these joint rollers can easily be repurposed to roll spliffs, joints, or blunts. Just don’t let the label throw you off. Cigarette rollers work flawlessly for rolling cannabis instead of tobacco.

Personal Size Joint Rolling Machines

Let’s start our list with our favorite joint roller brand – EZRollerz.

EZ Rollerz – Your Go-To Joint Roller Brand

EZ Rollerz offers an array of joint rolling machines that work effortlessly for both joints and blunts. EZRollerz is a reliable choice for rolling enthusiasts, with countless positive reviews and outstanding customer service. Their selection includes various sizes, colors, and other cool gadgets on their website.

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RAW 79mm Roller – Perfect for Ego Joints

Hemp Plastic Rolling Machine by Raw


The RAW 79mm roller is a top choice for those who prefer smaller joints. Highly portable, this roller lets you create joints quickly and easily. Pair it with appropriately sized papers for best results, ensuring a smooth rolling process. Raw also offers a similar rolling machine that comes in black with an adjustable feature.

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Zig Zag King Sized 100mm Joint Roller – Simplicity Meets Functionality.

Joint rolling machines 100mm

The Zig Zag King roller is a community favorite, capable of quickly rolling significantly large joints. Its simple design allows for effortless rolling – place your herbs in the center, close it, and start rolling. The result? Perfectly rolled joints ready for smoking.

Powermatic – A Smooth Injector for King-Sized Joints

Best joint rolling machines


While technically a cigarette roller, the Powermatic works just as well for cannabis. This injector-type roller offers a seamless process and delivers flawless king-sized joints quickly. Durable and long-lasting, the Powermatic has garnered positive reviews for its performance.

Juicy Jay’s Jumbo Blunt Rolling Machine – Perfect for Rolling Blunts

Juicy Joint rolling machines
Similar to Zig Zag and Raw rollers, Juicy Jay’s rolling machine excels at crafting blunts. With nearly 500 reviews on Amazon, this budget-friendly roller guarantees satisfying results, making it a favorite among tokers.

Rizla Premier Metal King Size Joint Roller – Durable and Portable

Rizla Premier Metal King Size Joint Roller Machine


Made from a metal frame and functioning like the Zig Zag roller, the Rizla roller is a durable and highly portable joint rolling machine. Craft epic joints in seconds by grinding, inserting, and rolling.

Zig-Zag Premium 70mm Rolling Machine – Personal Use Perfection

Zig-Zag Premium 70mm Rolling Machine


Designed for personal use, the Zig Zag 70mm roller ensures consistent and perfectly rolled pinners every time. Its premium quality makes it an ideal choice for individual smokers.

Elements 79mm Cigarette Rolling Machine – Experience Rice Paper Rolling

Elements 79mm Cigarette Rolling Machine


The Elements 79mm roller comes with rice-based rolling papers, known for their slow burn and minimal ash. A cult favorite among rolling paper enthusiasts, this roller offers a chance to try rolling with rice paper.

Cone Rollers

Tommy Chong King Sized Cone Roller – Roll Perfect Cones

Tommy Chong Automatic Joint Roller

This joint roller is designed for rolling cones, featuring an iconic image of Tommy Chong. Enjoy your favorite cones with ease using this stoner-approved roller.

RAW Natural Rolling Papers Cone Shooter – Efficient Cone Filling

Raw Rolling Papers Cone Shooter

Another great device from RAW, the Cone Shooter, makes cone filling a breeze. Fill the trough with your smoking blend, slide the pre-rolled cone, and slide the mechanism forward and back to pack your cone.

Joint Rollers with Storage

RAW 79mm Adjustable Automatic Cigarette Rolling Box – Versatile and Adjustable

Raw Joint Roller With Storage Box

The RAW Authentic, Adjustable Rolling Box allows you to easily roll skinny or fat joints. Its non-stretch cloth apron and welded rivets ensure consistent results every time. Be sure to read the tips in the quick little instruction manual that is included. Here’s a short tutorial:

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The Rollerbox – A Handy All-in-One Solution

Rollerbox Joint Roller & Storage

The Rollerbox is a joint roller and a storage device, making it a convenient tool for on-the-go smokers. Easily carry your matches, weed, and everything you need to roll a joint.

All In One Automatic Cigarette Roller & Storage Box – Compact and Convenient

This all-in-one roller lets you roll joints and store them easily, all in the same device. A budget-friendly option that offers practicality for any rolling enthusiast.

The Rollup – Ideal for Large Blunts

Rollup Blunt Roller

The Rollup solves the problem of limited storage size in joint rolling boxes, allowing you to roll joints up to 110mm long. With a learning curve to master, you’ll achieve perfectly rolled blunts in no time.

70mm Metal Cigarette Roller & Storage Box

Metal Joint Rolling Box


As with the other boxes on the list, This 70mm Metal Cigarette Roller is multi-purpose: a way to get two birds stoned at once, as the Trailer Park Boys would say. Not only does it store your product, but it rolls it. There is no fuss over clean up, and there is no need to carry around more than one tool because this option carries everything you’ll ever need.

Commercial Joint Rollers

J Ware Cone Loader King Size

Cone Loader


Ideal for dispensaries or mass production, the J Ware Cone Loader can roll up to 24 perfectly shaped king-sized cones at once.

Top-o-Matic T2 – Efficient Roller for Dispensaries

Tap O Matic T2 Joing Rolling Machine

While not portable, the Top-o-Matic T2 is perfect for dispensary owners seeking to roll large quantities of joints quickly and effortlessly.

Have You Tried a Joint Rolling Machine? Share Your Experience!

We’d love to hear about your joint rolling machine experiences. Let us know which one you tried and how you liked the results. Roll like a pro with these top-notch joint rolling machines!

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    I work for a wholesaler and we are in need of a cone joint rolling machine. We have knock box’s but they are time consuming. We roll on average 400-500 during any session.

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