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cannabis tea and water thailand

Cannabis Tea and Water in Thailand

Before we take a closer look, we can say it’s easy to find cannabis tea and water in Thailand (if you’re in specific locations). Cannabis tea is easier to find than cannabis water.

We found cannabis-infused water available in 7-Eleven while in Phuket. Cannabis tea is not widely available in Bangkok, however, a simple Google Maps search will identify a few nearby. 

Thai Tea Infused with CBD

cannabis thai tai

While walking down Bangla road, we saw a ton of cannabis tea locations. We tried Thai tea, and it was a wonderful experience.

The taste was great, and the effects were calming. The actual location where they sold it was really nice too. They let you play connect 4 with your friends, and the customer service was really great.

We purchased two Thai teas because of how good it was. We also tried the honey lemon drink infused with CBD, which also tasted amazing. The cost of the drinks were 180 Baht each ($9.60 in total). There were a ton of great images of cannabis inside the establishment. There was also really nice music playing inside too, jams from the USA.

Bangla Road

In case you’re not familiar with Bangla road, it’s a place where people go to enjoy the nightlife. There are a ton of people in this area, filled with foreigners. There is also a ton of places where you can buy cannabis too. You can find people selling cannabis outside in stands as well.

The pharmacies also LED signs with the cannabis leaf, which indicates they have bud for sale. The prices for the cannabis per gram averaged 700-900 baht. The quality of the cannabis was much higher quality available on the weekends, and there were more people outside selling buds too, compared to the weekdays we were there.

This part of Phuket is alive at night, with many bars open. There is also a ton of attractions, such as people break dancing on the street with some excellent talent. They danced to the music from the bar behind them, which was playing really popular songs from the states.

Cannabis Water

cannabis water

The cannabis water we purchased from 7-eleven was good too. It tasted like a hint of cannabis but more of lemon juice. The cost of the cannabis water was cheap too, only 60 Baht. The effects of the cannabis water were not strong, but it was a bit relaxing. Although it is mixed with juice, it was not too sweet.

There are three ingredients in the cannabis water, which include 5% lime juice, white grapefruit 15%, and 20% fruit juice. It also includes 10 grams of sugar. But again, it was not too sweet and tasted like a low-sugar drink.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for cannabis tea, we highly recommend trying it out in Phuket. But there are definitely places available in Bangkok too, which might be harder to locate as there aren’t many.

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