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top 15 strongest THC Vape cartridges in 2023

Top 15 Strongest THC Vape Cartridges in 2023

Breaking the barriers of traditional consumption methods, the cannabis industry has witnessed an unprecedented surge in the popularity of vaping. As enthusiasts and connoisseurs seek novel ways to explore the realms of this thriving domain, the sheer abundance of options can often overwhelm them. Fear not, for we have meticulously combed through the vast landscape of vape cartridges in the Golden State and compiled an exclusive selection of the most potent THC oil vape cartridges in 2023. 

In this extraordinary journey, we unveil the list of the top 15 vape cartridges reigning supreme in California for 2023, meticulously ranked based on their THC content. Brace yourself for an extraordinary voyage that promises to ignite your senses and elevate your vaping experience.

1. Jeeter’s Horchata Liquid Diamonds

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Jeeter has built a reputation for producing high-quality cannabis products. Known for their innovation, they consistently push boundaries in the world of cannabis.

With a THC content of 96.42%, the Horchata Liquid Diamonds stands at the top of our list. The cartridge offers an innovative flavor miming the famous Mexican drink, Horchata. The perfect blend of cinnamon and vanilla notes provides a unique experience, enhancing your high with the richness of its flavor.

About Liquid Diamonds

Liquid Diamonds THC oil typically involves a complex extraction process that isolates cannabinoids, terpenes, and other desired compounds from the cannabis plant. This process often includes using solvents like butane or CO2 to extract the selected components. The resulting extract is refined and processed to remove residual solvents and impurities.

“Liquid Diamonds” refers to the appearance of the concentrate, which often forms crystalline structures or “diamonds” within a liquid or viscous substance. These diamonds are typically rich in THC, the psychoactive compound found in cannabis.

It’s worth noting that THC oil and concentrates, including Liquid Diamonds, can have significantly higher THC concentrations than traditional cannabis flower. This makes them potent and typically used for vaping, dabbing, or other consumption methods requiring high THC levels. As laws and regulations regarding cannabis products can vary by jurisdiction, it’s essential to know your specific location’s legal status and rules.


2. URSA EXTRACTS Gelonade Nova

Introducing the Gelonade Nova by URSA Extracts – a Sativa cartridge that will invigorate your senses. Each inhale delivers a punch of lemon that will awaken your senses, while a smooth creaminess of Gelato greets you on the exhale. If you’re a fan of the energy boost provided by Sativas, this citrusy strain is bound to become your new favorite.

URSA Extracts takes pride in the careful crafting of Nova. The highest quality terpenes were meticulously extracted and infused with 100% liquified diamond formulations, culminating in a superior cartridge. This fusion of premium cannabis extracts and terpenes ensures a world-class vaping experience.

Diamonds in the cannabis context refer to a highly pure form of cannabis compound, predominantly THCa, which crystallizes into a solid due to its purity. The extraction process results in the crystallization of THCa into varied sizes while terpenes and other compounds are segregated. This leaves a beautiful diamond with reduced overall flavor but enhanced levels of THC.

About URSA Cartridges

URSA is on a mission to shatter monotony. Harnessing the finest cannabis from the Emerald Triangle, URSA offers the best concentrates that stay true to the strain flavors. Their full-spectrum products feature 69-98% THC with the highest possible preservation of terpenes, providing unique flavors and experiences each time. URSA not only offers top-tier cannabis products but also aims to educate consumers about terpene profiles and emerging product categories. With an industry evolving daily, URSA ensures its users stay ahead of the curve.

3. FLOWER CO.’s King Louie XIII

FLOWER CO. prides itself on crafting high-grade cannabis products. Their focus on quality over quantity is the reason for the potency and richness of their offerings.

Boasting a THC content of 91.77%, the King Louie XIII cartridge delivers a potent, soothing experience perfect for those seeking relaxation. The strain is renowned for its distinct spicy kush aroma, making it a favorite among consumers.

4. Ever Drop Sour Tangie Liquid Diamonds

Get ready to amplify your day with EVER DROP’s Sour Tangie Liquid Diamonds. Sourced from the Sativa strain, this cartridge caters to those seeking a creative and euphoric boost to their everyday routine. Our Sour Tangie carries a unique blend of potent herbal flavors, underscored by the distinctive notes of woody citrus.

The magic of Sour Tangie lies in its lineage – a result of crossing the East Coast Sour Diesel with Tangie. This breeding creates an uplifting effect, delivering an energizing rush synonymous with the best daytime Sativa strains. The aroma of this strain is an inviting mix of citrus, pungent, and sour notes, adding a sensory depth to your vaping experience.

But the true star of the show is the advanced Liquid Diamonds process. This involves liquifying pure THC diamond crystals, producing a super high-potency oil. With a potency of 92.79% THC, it is ideal for cartridge vaping, dabbing, or infusing your flowers for an elevated high.

Rated 4.4 by Black Star, the EVER DROP Sour Tangie Liquid Diamonds are a go-to choice for those looking to elevate their mood while indulging in a delightful, uplifting buzz. Your day just got brighter with this shining gem.

5. Papa’s Herb’s Fruit Punch

Papa’s Herb is about creating simple, honest, and great-tasting cannabis products. This family-oriented brand values quality and it certainly reflects in its products.

With a THC content of 91.22%, Papa’s Herb’s Fruit Punch offers a potent yet smooth experience. Its fruity flavor profile lives up to its name, offering a refreshing hit every time.

Papa’s Herb vape cartridges contain a high-quality THC oil called distillate. Distillate is a concentrated form of THC made through distillation, which removes plant material, resulting in a pure, potent THC product. Papa’s Herb uses CO2 extraction, a solventless, gentle method that doesn’t involve harsh chemicals. Their distillate is rigorously tested by a third-party lab for potency, purity, contaminants, residual solvents, pesticides, and heavy metals, meeting quality standards. If you want a top-notch THC oil vape cartridge, consider Papa’s Herb.

6. STIIIZY White Raspberry Pod

Indulge in the tranquil, sweet flavors of the White Raspberry Pod by STIIIZY. As an Indica cartridge, White Raspberry is the ideal end-of-day companion, featuring dessert-like berry flavors that offer a soothing nighttime treat for your mind and body. Its delectable taste and relaxing effects pave the way for deep and restful sleep.

The White Raspberry Pod possesses a THC potency of 90.30%, giving you a comforting body buzz. With a delightful aroma of sweet berries, the experience is further enriched by the presence of terpenes like Caryophyllene, Linalool, and Myrcene. This unique profile is sure to provide a calming, body-centered effect.

STIIIZY, established in sunny California in 2017, has made a name for itself with its premium quality, lab-tested live resin products. Committed to honesty and standing out from the competition, STIIIZY emphasizes potency, consistency, convenience, and discretion. As inspired by the Californian term “steez” – a blend of style and ease – STIIIZY aims to deliver products embodying their name. With STIIIZY, you’re not just purchasing a product but investing in an experience.

7. STIIIZY’s Watermelon Z Pod

STIIIZY is renowned for revolutionizing the cannabis industry with its innovative products. They’ve earned their place in the industry by consistently delivering premium quality cannabis goods.

With a THC content of 88.89%, the Watermelon Z Pod offers a potent punch. The refreshing watermelon flavor and impressive high make it a favorite, especially in summer.


8. PLUGplay’s King Louie Pod

PLUGplay is committed to delivering a premium vaping experience with state-of-the-art devices and potent cartridges. Their focus on user experience is evident in their product design and potency.

Offering a THC content of 87.10%, the King Louie Pod provides a robust and refreshing experience. Known for its earthy pine and skunky aroma, it’s a classic strain loved by many.

These cartridges are more than just their THC content. They offer an immersive experience, combining unique flavors and potent effects, making them the top choices in California for 2023. With a variety of options to choose from, everyone can find a cartridge that suits their preferences.

9. Raw Garden’s Orange Juice Slurm Live Resin

Raw Garden is a well-respected brand in the cannabis industry, recognized for its commitment to sustainability and high-quality ingredients. Their products are crafted from organically grown plants, offering a clean and pure experience.

Boasting a THC content of 85.70%, the Orange Juice Slurm Live Resin combines potency with a refreshing citrus flavor. Using live resin ensures a full-spectrum experience, retaining all the natural cannabinoids and terpenes.

Raw Garden THC oil is a type of cannabis concentrate made using live resin extraction. Live resin extraction is a more delicate process than traditional extraction methods, as it preserves the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes found in the cannabis plant. This results in a more flavorful and potent product than traditional concentrates. 

Raw Garden THC oil is available in various strains with unique flavor profiles. The company also offers a variety of THC levels. Raw Garden THC oil is popular with experienced and novice cannabis users.

Here are some of the benefits of using Raw Garden THC oil:

  • Full spectrum: Raw Garden THC oil is made using a live resin extraction process, which preserves the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes found in the cannabis plant. This results in a more flavorful and potent product than traditional concentrates.
  • Variety of strains: Raw Garden offers a vast selection of cannabis strains they create, each with its own unique flavor profile. This allows you to find the right product for your needs and preferences.
  • Variety of THC levels: Raw Garden offers a variety of THC levels to find the right product for your tolerance level.
  • High quality: Raw Garden is a reputable brand that uses high-quality ingredients and processes. Third-party labs test their THC oil to meet all quality standards.

10. Variety Drugs Apple Fritter Live Resin

Experience an exciting whirlwind of emotions with Apple Fritter Live Resin. Kicking off with a burst of creativity, this hybrid strain engulfs you in a euphoria that electrifies your mind and invigorates your body. Expect to be pleasantly held captive by a soothing calm, resulting in a delightful couch-lock experience that makes this strain perfect for a restful retreat.

Apple Fritter combines the delicious flavors of sweet, crunchy apples with the savory, doughy cheese goodness. A lineage from Sour Apple and Animal Cookies gives this strain a distinctive taste that will charm your senses while your body and mind are transported into a blissful tranquility.

With a THC potency of 84.91%, this live resin concentrate offers a balanced effect, making it suitable for various occasions. Its unique aroma profile – a blend of dough, fruit, and sweetness – provides an irresistible scent accompanying the satisfyingly rich experience.

The true highlight of Apple Fritter Live Resin is the unique extraction process. The concentrate is crafted from plants that are kept frozen throughout the extraction, ensuring a higher retention of terpenes. This method creates a richer, more flavorful experience that truly stands out.

11. NUG’s Premium Jack Live Resin

NUG is a premier, state-licensed, and vertically-integrated California cannabis company. Their dedication to quality and consistency has earned them a spot in many cannabis enthusiasts’ hearts.

With a THC content of 83.69%, Premium Jack offers a balanced high alongside a flavor profile marked by sweet, crisp citrus and pine notes. This strain is known for its uplifting effects, making it a popular daytime choice.


12. CRU’s Blue Slushee Disposable

CRU Cannabis is known for its commitment to quality and consistency. They offer cannabis nugs to vape cartridges, all grown and harvested with care.

With a THC content of 80.02%, the Blue Slushee Disposable provides a robust and enjoyable experience. Its distinct berry flavor, reminiscent of a refreshing blue slushie, makes it a unique choice among vape cartridges.

13. 710 Labs’ Randy Watzon #3 Live Rosin Pod

710 Labs is a brand renowned for its artisanal approach to cannabis products. Their commitment to the craft is seen in their unique strains and meticulously sourced materials.

The Randy Watzon #3 Live Rosin Pod offers a THC content of 79.01%, delivering a potent experience. This cartridge’s unique use of live rosin ensures a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes, resulting in a rich, comprehensive high.

With a myriad of vape cartridges to choose from, the strength of the product is as important as the brand’s reputation and the product’s flavor profile. These top 15 strongest vape cartridges in California for 2023 have proven to stand out, offering a vaping experience like no other.

14. Shaman Extracts OG Kush Cured Resin

Experience the legendary potency of OG Kush with Shaman Extract’s Cured Resin. With its lineage rooted in Chemdawg and Hindu Kush, OG Kush has created waves among enthusiasts for decades. The exact ancestry may be a topic of discussion among strain scholars, but there is no debate over its status as a classic strain in the cannabis world.

The Cured Resin offers a potent and balanced high that many consider the pinnacle of the cannabis experience. Its aroma is a rich blend of citrus, earth, and Kush, leading to a multisensory indulgence that amplifies the effects of the strain. Terpenes such as Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Myrcene enhance the aromatic profile and contribute to the overall experience.

With an impressive THC potency of 81.47%, OG Kush Cured Resin provides a soothing high that is highly appreciated among cannabis enthusiasts. Rated 4.6 by Black Star, this balanced strain will deliver a relaxing and fulfilling experience.

The key to the potency of this extract is in the curing process. Shaman Extracts uses cannabis plants that are dried and cured before extraction, resulting in a high-potency extract ideal for vaping and dabbing.

About Shaman Extracts

Shaman Extracts is a community-centered company that prides itself on creating closed-loop extracts. This means that every part of the process, from cultivation to extraction, is controlled to ensure top-quality products. Committed to the mantra “for the people, by the people,” Shaman Extracts is dedicated to providing the highest quality extracts for the cannabis community.

15. Connected’s Lemon Cherry Gelato Live Resin

Connected Cannabis Co. has made a name by consistently delivering top-tier cannabis products. Their unique genetics and meticulous cultivation practices set them apart in the market.

With a THC content of 67.32%, the Lemon Cherry Gelato Live Resin may not be the strongest on this list, but it makes up for its flavor and quality. The intriguing mix of sweet cherry, sharp lemon, and creamy gelato flavors creates a delectable vaping experience.

From high-THC powerhouses to the more balanced CBD options, California’s range of vape cartridges in 2023 offers something for everyone. Regardless of your preferences, these 15 strongest vape cartridges will ensure a strong, flavorful, and top-tier cannabis experience.

Those curious about the previous list can visit here. Although, this list is not based on the most potent THC vape, such as the one found here, and it was made a couple of years ago. We decided to make a list based here based on the strongest THC vape oil cartridges because we know many of you are after strength in California.

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