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top 10 thc carts in 2021

Top 10 THC Vape Oil Cartridges In 2021 

Prefilled 510-thread vape cartridges are still surging in popularity as many companies establish themselves with new types of THC vape oil cartridges. Which are actually the best THC carts in 2021?

In this article, we take a look at the most popular prefilled oil carts.  With their discrete nature and the ability to be charged.

Every year we try our many new types of cannabis oil cartridges and build a list of the best based on our experiences. The most popular continues to be prefilled 510-thread carts with a high potency and real cannabis terpenes. There are also distillate cartridges with natural terpenes that are generally more affordable options but still provide great effects.

Customers can choose from various vape pen batteries from various companies, many of which offer unique designs or sleek features for those hoping for a more discrete experience. These thin, battery-powered prefilled THC oil cartridges are easy to store and maintain, which makes them extremely popular

Alright, enough with the intro, let’s get started.

Why Not Buy Counterfeit or Black Market Carts

Prefilled THC oil vape cartridges are popular amongst many, making them susceptible to being replicated by fraudulent companies. These black market products appeal to customers who may hope to obtain products for a low price. However, many dangers can come with these fraudulent products. Due to a lack of lab testing in these products, there is the risk that they contain additives such as pesticides, chemicals, and other fillers that can cause several respiratory issues. Customers who have used these products have stated that they have experienced lung pain and uncontrollable coughing, with extreme cases reporting hospitalization

There are many methods to identify these fake products. The online cannabis community offers multiple guidelines, such as certain products or names widely identified as fake products, certain price points, or those that use copyrighted materials. Many online communities are available on Reddit websites that are entirely dedicated to checking whether products are real. These communities have thousands of followers, all of whom have their own experiences and many who have, unfortunately, come into contact with these fake products. While this input from online communities can be useful, it also requires individuals to have tried these products before, which still puts customers at risk. All 50 states across the United States have reported lung illnesses due to illegitimate vape products, making them a widespread issue that is a concern for many. 

Importance of lab testing THC vape oil

The most reliable method of identifying these fake products is through published lab testing. In a legitimate product, some reports are published by labs that prove that the contents within the product do not contain harmful additives. The product typically has a report from its growth, harvest, and throughout the extraction process before being distributed. Many companies rely on a third-party lab to regularly conduct this research in every batch they produce. These labs test for harmful chemicals and pesticides, including common additives such as vitamin E acetate, a common additive used in fake products to alter the viscosity of oil present in cartridges. While relatively safe in other forms, inhaling vitamin E acetate can actually lead to lung damage. 

These new findings make it all the more important for reputable companies to vet their products with trusted lab partners. These labs are independent of the organization and help provide easy-to-read, thorough lab reports accessible for customers. More often than not, reputable companies make their lab reports easily available for review before customers complete their purchase. 

Top 10 THC Cartridges In 2021 

Vape cartridges prefilled with cannabis oil are commonly found with metal and ceramic pieces and a glass cartridge filled with cannabis oil. This oil varies depending on the company that manufactures the cartridge. Most common are what many refer to as a 510 cartridge. Many cartridges use this type of threading that connects to a pen battery. These pens are perfect for those who want to minimize the waste from using disposable products. These batteries are also able to be recharged, making them easy to use and take care of. 

The following products in our Top 10 Best THC Carts in 2021 list are from reputable companies that make their license number and lab results readily available to customers before purchase. These help to determine that customers can make the decision that best fits their lifestyle without sacrificing quality. These companies take pride in complying with testing, state and federal guidelines to ensure that products only contain safe materials. The following is a list of recommended products that fit many customers’ needs while offering an enjoyable experience. 

10. Herbology

510 thread oil cartridge

Herbology offers a wide range of THC cartridges, all available in 1 G – 510 cartridges. In flavors such as Diesel, Forbidden Fruit, and Gelato, they offer options depending on a customer’s preference. Their THC cartridges boast an 81.2% potency that includes terpenes and other full-spectrum components for what the company describes as a “full plant experience.” Their extraction method uses proper machinery to extract all the preferred components from the cannabis plant to include in their extract. In addition to offering THC cartridges solely, the company also offers 1:1 THC and CBD cartridges for customers looking to reap the benefits of both. These products come in various flavors and offer 31.4% to 31.7% THC in each cartridge. 

9. Heavy Blitz

100 percent cannabis oil cartridge

The best THC cartridges have pure cannabis oil without anything extra, and that’s true with the California-based company Heavy Blitz that offers a variety of cartridges ranging from 88% – 94% potency. With a consistent development of new products to add to their lineup, the company is dedicated to providing a quality experience in their 0.5 G cartridges. Their Sherbert, Ice Cream Cake, and Stawnana (Strawberry Banana) flavors offer a sweet mix with no additives or distillates, leaving only their enjoyable extract. Heavy Blitz is overseen by another reputable company, URSA, which also made the list this year for Best THC Carts. Both companies have credible reputations, and Heavy Blitz is highly standard in producing quality cartridges. 

8. Cookies Live Sauce Carts

cookies cart

Lemonnade’s Tangeray (creators of the lemonade strain) and Cookies (Premium cannabis brand in California) provide a cartridge that offers a flavorful citrus experience to its customers. Designed to showcase all aspects of an orange to mimic the feeling of having a fresh glass of OJ, the euphoric effects of the Tangeray cart will leave customers feeling refreshed throughout the day. With a 73.08% potency, Lemonnade’s cartridge is on the lower end but still promises a multi-layered and quality experience. Many customers have been impressed by the product’s refreshing taste that allowed them to be productive throughout the day due to their uplifting and energetic effects. The company is the sister brand to Cookies. It was founded by Growing Passion and is the product of many years of collaboration between a number of artists and passionate growers who hold the mutual goal of producing the highest quality products. 

7. Flower Company – Guava Jam Live Resin Cart

510 thread live resin cart

Flower Company, a long-time distributor, known for selling quality products at street prices, has developed their own live resin cartridge. The company is known for providing next-day delivery and a consistently updated product line to deliver customers’ products. They collaborate with several companies to provide delivery throughout the state of California for customers who may want to find products that are only located in certain parts of the state. Their Guava Jam Live Resin Cart is a mix of Wedding Cheesecake, Durban Poison, OG Kush, and Strawberry Kush to provide a truly unique flavor experience. With an 87.4% potency, these THC cartridges promise to deliver an amazing high without sacrificing quality and are delivered in a fruity, flavorful product. 

6. URSA Liquid Diamond Sauce

liquid diamond cart

URSA’s extensive line of Fully Ceramic 510-Thread THC carts uses dental-grade ceramic instead of metal in their products to ensure a safe and secure pull every time. Each cartridge comes with a range of 67% to 86% total THC. The different flavors offer different aromas that can cause different effects, such as their Cherry Ape cartridge containing Pinene, a sweet, piney element with anti-inflammatory properties. Customers can easily check the effects of each element that will meet their needs. URSA prides itself on never blending strains and instantly freezing flower to preserve unique flavor elements. The extraction product results from using trichomes, which are a part of the cannabis flower where most of the THC, terpenes, and other cannabinoids are stored. This offers a unique and fresh experience through URSA’s cartridge line. 

5. Bloom

bloom THC vape oil cartridges

Bloom has a wide variety of sleek products, and their cartridges prove to be just as impressive. They proudly boast a full flavor profile of cannabinoids with no additives of metals. After over a decade in the cannabis industry, Bloom has used their longtime experience to perfect their craft and provide customers with a unique and flavorful experience. Each cartridge is a product of Bloom’s carefully crafted design with larger chambers and doubles the entry points to offer a smooth pull every time. Bloom cartridges come in both 500 mg and 1 g THC cartridges, allowing for customers interested in trying their products for the first time to try a smaller size. 

4. Apex

Apex THC Cartridge

Apex takes pride in their small-batch method that produces their Pure Spectrum Extract™. Similar to the full spectrum extract process, their product also takes out impurities such as pigments lipids. The Oakland, California company happily abides by state guidelines and testing protocols to produce their pure and potent extract. While they produce their own products, they are also the trusted partner of some other global companies to produce their products and make them a trusted and reputable resource within the industry as they continue to develop their production system. 

3. Raw Garden Cartridges

Raw garden carts

Raw Garden live resin cartridges near the top of the list due to their products’ many unique qualities. Their company cryogenically flash-freezes the product at harvest to preserve the many flavor profiles in the cannabis plant to produce a layered flavor profile. Their company farm is located in Santa Barbara wine country, where they produce cannabis and perfect their farming process to conserve water and eliminate herbicides. Cartridges are available in numerous sizes, including 1.0 G, 0.5 G, and a 0.3 G taster for those looking to try the product for the first time. A full gram from Raw Garden can cost between $50-75 and half grams $30-$45. They have an impressive 130,000 Instagram followers, which demonstrates they have something special. 

2. Garden of Eden Never Frozen Terpenes Diamond Cartridges

cannabis terpenes cart

Garden of Eden’s Guava Jam cartridge from their Diamond Line. The product includes the company’s unique clear extract, an 86.5% THC potency, to give customers a relaxed, euphoric, and uplifted feeling. The 750 mg cartridge is perfect for those who enjoy a fruity and tropical flavor in their cartridges. These cartridges offer several effects, ranging from focus, balance, and rest to meet whatever customers are looking for in their product. These cartridges are compatible with Eden batteries that come in a sleek black or white finish. A diamond THC cartridge costs $45 and only comes in the size of 750 mg.

Also available from Garden of Eden is a budget option THC oil cartridge with a natural terpene blend. The diamond cartridges have terpenes that have not been frozen, and there really isn’t a huge difference. The diamond THC carts will also only work with a vape battery that has a button and can vape at least 3.5-4 volts for a good experience. To the right of the picture above shows the more budget-friendly THC cartridge option from Garden of Eden. These prefilled cartridges can be used with most 510-thread vape batteries even if they don’t have a button. The more affordable Garden of Eden THC carts is potent and provides a lot of value for $55 for a gram and half grams for $30.00. 

1. O.pen Daily Strains cartridges (Best Cart for Your Money)

Best THC cartridge in 2021

Finally, premium cannabis oil cartridges meet affordability with the new Daily strains from O.pen. This is why O.pen (formally O.penVAPE) made it number one on our list. The company has a long history of consistently upgrading its products to give customers an incredible experience every time. They have a variety of products, from distillate carts to live resin carts to suit consumer preferences. They also have nearly 40,000 Instagram followers and display a bunch of their products on there.

Their Daily Strains line of THC oil cartridges is a favorite of ours for the variety, affordability, and potency that it offers. They select 15 top strains from classics like Northern Lights to emerging favorites like Tropicanna Cookies.

There are many great options with their 15 strains to choose from. Consumers can experience a variety of flavors and effects without getting bored. O.pen has won multiple awards for their oil, and their company warranty guarantees customer satisfaction. O.pen products are available around the United States, including Puerto Rico, and they even have distribution partners in Canada, making O.pen easy to find no matter where you are. This well-thought-out and tested product provide a pleasant and unique experience, making it the perfect product to add to the top of the list. 

The most popular types of THC carts are live resin, and this because of their intense flavors with real cannabis terpenes which provide the entourage effect. O.pen offers some of the most delicious tasting THC vape oil with their cure resin cartridges. We highly recommend trying out their cured resin cartridges for those after the best flavors.

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  1. Benny banks says:

    Yeah where’s the real carts these are all the low cost options. These carts you mentioned are for people on a budget and not looking for a quality cart just looking for a buzz. The ursa and raw garden re decent but on the lower end of the spectrum. Might as well as mention amber carts, absolute extracts in this bunch. You completely overlooked the brands that are dank for super commercial ones. You completely forgot Jetty which has best carts hand down, yes it’s expensive but you get what you pay for. Any 1 gram cart under 50.00 is toxic soup.

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