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Top 10 Best Weed Prices in California for 2023

Looking for the best weed prices in California is easy with this insightful guide revealing the best quality and prices available in 2023.

In the heart of California, the cannabis industry is brimming with life and energy. It’s a bustling marketplace filled with countless strains, brands, and potency levels, offering something for every kind of consumer. Every year, the competition becomes more intense. Companies are not just keeping pace but are pushing the boundaries, aiming to provide products that stand out in quality yet are priced reasonably.

The scene of the California cannabis industry in 2023 looks very competitive, with companies competing for the top spot. But winning this competition is great for you, the consumer with higher quality cannabis for less.

Quality has become a necessity—it’s non-negotiable. Customers today are knowledgeable and particular about their choices. They demand products that are clean and pure and produced sustainably and ethically. The production of cannabis has evolved into a delicate process that involves a lot of care and precision.

Why are weed prices going down in California?

The role of affordability in this competitive landscape can’t be overlooked. With an ever-growing customer base, the demand for reasonably priced cannabis products is at an all-time high. Companies understand this, and many strategically try to ensure their products are accessible to a larger audience without compromising quality or potency.

Speaking of potency, it’s a critical aspect that determines the strength and effectiveness of the product. Companies are constantly experimenting and innovating, developing strains offering varying potency levels to cater to user preferences. From mild and soothing to strong and exhilarating, there’s a whole spectrum of experiences. Cannabis is getting stronger yearly, and the prices for high-THC options continue to drop.

The year 2023 marks an exciting chapter in the narrative of California’s cannabis industry. The journey through this diverse landscape is an engaging experience filled with surprising discoveries and unforgettable encounters. Get ready to explore the best weed prices in the world’s cannabis Mecca, California.


10 Seven Leaves

As we commence our journey, we start with the notable Seven Leaves. This brand’s commitment to affordability without compromising on quality is embodied in its Sneakers strain.

  • Cannabis Size: An quarter of premium cannabis
  • Price: $35
  • Potency: 27% THC content

For a modest $35, Seven Leaves offers a quarter of Sneakers, a premium cannabis strain with a potent THC level of 27%. This deal ensures consumers enjoy a robust, stimulating experience that doesn’t strain their wallets.

About Seven Leaves

Seven Leaves is a Sacramento-based cannabis brand that prides itself on producing high-quality adult-use marijuana free of pesticides. Their state-of-the-art facility ensures that each strain is cultivated to perfection, giving you the best experience possible. Cannabis enthusiasts can choose from various strains, each offering a unique blend of flavors and effects.

One of the most popular strains produced by Seven Leaves is Jealousy, which was named Leafly Strain of the Year in 2022. This potent hybrid strain perfectly balances cerebral and body effects, making it ideal for recreational and medicinal use. Other popular strains include Piggy Bank and Colombian Haze, known for their potency and flavor.


9 Variety Drugs

Next on our list, Variety Drugs combines affordability and potency with their Berry Cupcake strain.

  • Cannabis Size: A whole ounce
  • Price: $75
  • Potency: 22% THC content

Priced at a mere $75 for an ounce, Berry Cupcake offers a delightful high at a price point that’s easy on the pocketbook. Despite its economical cost, this strain still delivers a powerful punch with a solid THC content of 22%.

About Variety Drugs 

Variety Drugs is a reputable cannabis brand that delivers high-quality concentrates such as shatter, sugar, budder, and crumble to consumers. If you’re searching for premium cannabis products, Variety Drugs is an excellent option. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to go through the hassle of finding a store nearby that stocks the product. Hyperwolf, a cannabis delivery service specializing in top-quality cannabis products, offers Variety Drugs cannabis concentrates. By curating a menu of expertly crafted cannabis products from various brands, Hyperwolf has become a go-to delivery service for cannabis enthusiasts nationwide.

8 Mendocino Grasslands

Mendocino Grasslands introduces Pablo’s Revenge, a strain that harmonizes quality and affordability.

  • Cannabis Size: Half an ounce
  • Price: $40
  • Potency: 24% THC content

For just $40, you can enjoy half an ounce of the exceptional Pablo’s Revenge. With a THC potency of 24%, this strain offers high-quality cannabis at an affordable price, ensuring you don’t have to sacrifice quality for cost.

Mendocino Grasslands is a highly respected cannabis brand specializing in producing premium sun-grown cannabis in Mendocino County, California. Founded in 1996, the brand has established a reputation for offering exceptional products such as premium pre-rolls, sun-grown cannabis, and live resin.

7 High Supply

High Supply gives consumers a potent strain, Gushy Sherb, without the high price tag.

  • Cannabis Size: A quarter
  • Price: $42
  • Potency: 26% THC content

At $42 for a quarter, the Gushy Sherb strain is a potent package. With a THC level of 26%, it caters to those who value a powerful experience that doesn’t strain their budget. High Supply exemplifies that potency and affordability can exist in harmony.

About High Supply

High Supply is a brand that offers a variety of cannabis products. Their offerings include sativa, indica, and hybrid strains, and their product formats span vape carts, vape pens, flowers, popcorn, shake, pre-rolls, shorties, and concentrates. High Supply is committed to providing a steady supply of cannabis for all the life you’ve yet to experience. They’re always lab-tested and available in both bulk and single-serve options​.

High Supply’s flower is a standout offering. Available in indica, sativa, and hybrid options, these flowers are machine-trimmed and available in 14g, 7g, or 3.5g portions. They also offer pre-ground shake and popcorn, which is essentially weed in bulk.

6 Papa’s Herb

We have Papa’s Herb and their impressive Gushers strain in the sixth spot.

  • Cannabis Size: An eighth
  • Price: $15
  • Potency: 28% THC content

Papa’s Herb offers an eighth of their Gushers strain for an unbeatable price of $15. This deal caters to budget-conscious consumers and satisfies those looking for a high solid, thanks to its impressive THC level of 28%.

About Papa Herb

Papa’s Herb is a cannabis company founded in 2016 by Papa, a lifelong cannabis enthusiast. The company is based in Florida and California and offers various cannabis products, including flower, concentrates, and edibles.

Papa’s Herb is committed to providing high-quality cannabis products at an affordable price. The company sources its cannabis from a network of trusted growers, and it uses state-of-the-art extraction and manufacturing processes to ensure that its products are safe and consistent.

Papa’s Herb is a famous cannabis brand among consumers in Florida and California. The company has won numerous awards for its products and has been featured in publications such as High Times, Rolling Stone, and Forbes.

Here are some of the cannabis strains available from Papa’s Herb:

  • Flower: Papa’s Herb offers a variety of premium flower strains, including OG Kush, Sour Diesel, and Girl Scout Cookies.

Papa’s Herb is an excellent option for consumers who are looking for high-quality cannabis products at an affordable price. The company offers a variety of products to choose from, and it has a reputation for providing safe and consistent products.

Here are some of the company’s awards and recognition:

  • 2017 Florida Cannabis Cup: Best Indica for OG Kush
  • 2018 California Cannabis Cup: Best Hybrid for Sour Diesel
  • 2019 High Times Cannabis Cup: Best Sativa for Girl Scout Cookies

If you are looking for high-quality cannabis products, Papa’s Herb is a great option. The company offers a variety of flower, concentrates, and edibles known for their high quality and affordable prices.

5. Floracal

Floracal enters our top 5 with its Gelato Cookies strain, emphasizing its sustainability commitment.

  • Cannabis Size: A quarter
  • Price: $30
  • Potency: 30% THC content

For just $30, you can enjoy a quarter of Floracal’s Gelato Cookies strain. Not only does this cannabis pack a punch with its 30% THC content, but it’s also a product of renewable energy, reflecting Floracal’s dedication to sustainability and the environment.

About Floracal

FloraCal Farms is a family-owned cannabis brand that has made a name for itself by offering its customers exotic strains and unique highs. In Sonoma County, California, FloraCal Farms is committed to environmentally conscious cultivation practices, using 100% renewable energy to power its operations.

With a focus on small-batch cultivation, rigorous pheno-hunting, and hand-trimming every flower, FloraCal Farms stands out in the crowded cannabis market by offering a high-quality product that honors strain expression. Every FloraCal Farms experience is designed to deliver a first-class cannabis experience that meets the needs and preferences of every smoker.


4. 420 Kingdom Smalls

Next up, 420 Kingdom Smalls graces our list with their Sherbacio strain.

  • Cannabis Size: A quarter
  • Price: $46
  • Potency: 28% THC content

420 Kingdom Smalls offers a quarter of their top-shelf Sherbacio strain for only $31. This deal epitomizes affordability without sacrificing quality, making it possible to enjoy premium cannabis at a not-so-premium price.

About 420 Kingdom

420 Kingdom is a premium cannabis brand that offers high-quality cannabis products for sale and delivery. With locations in Arvin, California, and the Bay Area, you can easily find their products at local dispensaries and delivery services throughout the region.

Their extensive product line includes everything from cannabis buds, edibles, vapes, tinctures, and concentrates, ensuring there’s something for everyone. In addition to its exceptional products, 420 Kingdom also offers a rewards program and weekly deals to keep its customers returning for more.


3. Flower CO

With its affordable mid-shelf Crystal Berry strain, Flower CO is coming in at number three.

  • Cannabis Size: Half an ounce
  • Price: $69
  • Potency: 23% THC content


Flower CO’s delivery service brings mid-shelf cannabis straight to your door. Their Crystal Berry strain, priced at $69 for half an ounce, is cost-effective for those seeking a decent high without splurging on top-shelf prices.

About Flower Company

Flower Company is a California-based cannabis delivery company that provides premium cannabis products and accessories throughout the state. They pride themselves on providing customers with safe, high-quality, affordable products. 

At Flower Company, they believe that cannabis should be accessible to everyone, which is why they offer budget-friendly prices that don’t compromise on quality. They work with a select group of local farmers who use only sustainable, organic cultivation methods to produce the highest quality cannabis possible.

Flower Company offers a wide range of cannabis products, including flowers, concentrates, pre-rolls, edibles, and topicals. They are also known for their subscription service, which delivers a curated selection of cannabis products to your door every month.


2. Maven Genetics

In the second place, we have Maven Genetics and their Golden Applez Minis strain.

  • Cannabis Size: Half an ounce
  • Price: $82
  • Potency: 31% THC content

Maven Genetics offers their exotic Golden Applez Minis at a discounted price of $82 for half an ounce. This deal gives consumers access to a unique, high-potency strain without the hefty price tag often associated with exotic cannabis.


About Maven Genetics

Maven Genetics is a well-established California-based cannabis company that was established in 2015. Their primary objective is to breed and cultivate top-notch indoor cannabis strains of the highest quality. Maven Genetics offers an array of cannabis products, including cannabis, concentrates, and edibles, catering to the diverse preferences of consumers.

Regarding their flower products, Maven Genetics ensures exceptional quality by growing their plants in small batches and conducting meticulous hand-trimming to maintain the desired standards. Their concentrates use various extraction methods such as CO2, BHO, and PHO, offering a wide selection of shatter, crumble, live resin, and sauces. As for their edibles, Maven Genetics utilizes high-quality ingredients and infuses them with THC or CBD to create delicious treat options.

1. Stiiizy 

Finally, at the top of our list is Stiiizy, with its exceptional Triangle Mintz strain and cost-saving 

  • Cannabis Size: Quarters starting from
  • Price: $30
  • Potency: 35% THC content

About Stiiizy

Established in 2015 by Adin Bent-Sahar and Cyrus Vaziri, STIIIZY is a leading Los Angeles-based cannabis brand renowned for its superior quality and stylish design. Their award-winning product lineup, featuring pre-filled pods, batteries, and accessories, has gained recognition and popularity among California’s cannabis enthusiasts.

Known for its exceptional blend of cannabis oil and botanical terpenes, STIIIZY offers a diverse range of pre-filled pods catering to various preferences with indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. Each pod delivers a potent 0.5 grams of cannabis oil, promising a unique vaping experience.

STIIIZY’s commitment to quality has been recognized with several awards, including ‘Best Overall Brand’ at the 2017 High Times Cannabis Cup, ‘Best Vaporizer’ in 2018, and ‘Best Pre-Roll’ in 2019. Not only has our brand been celebrated at these prestigious events, but we’ve also been featured in notable publications like High Times, Rolling Stone, and Forbes.

Cheap Weed in California

As this deep dive into California’s multi-faceted cannabis landscape concludes, it’s evident that the industry’s offerings are continually expanding and evolving. However, the sheer number of options can be complex for both seasoned consumers and those new to the cannabis scene. This guide is designed to alleviate this complexity, highlighting the top 10 brands that provide the best cannabis prices in California for 2023.

Remember, the definition of value in the cannabis industry extends beyond cost. It encompasses a symbiosis of affordability, quality, and potency. The brands highlighted in this guide understand this concept, offering products that fit within a range of budgets and deliver on quality and strength.

Whether you’re a well-versed consumer in the cannabis industry or a newcomer intrigued by the variety, this guide aims to provide you with the necessary insights to navigate this dynamic marketplace successfully. It offers information to enhance your understanding and potentially improve your cannabis experience in the forthcoming year.

As we move into 2023, the upward growth of the cannabis industry in California shows no signs of slowing. Armed with this guide, you’ll be prepared to navigate the changing terrain, make informed decisions, and ensure that you receive the best value for your investment. Exploring California’s cannabis landscape gives you the tools to effectively understand and engage with this booming industry. We recommend checking out our insightful guide on how much weed costs in different states.


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