For the uninitiated, the basic weed terminology is confusing. Especially for those not familiar with the metric system, any discussions about how much is a gram or an eighth or a quarter of weed won’t make sense. There aren’t too many commodities out there sold by the eighth, or by a quarter anymore. Cannabis might even be the last. Still, to this day, no matter where you buy bud, it’s likely going to come in these standard measurements.

To avoid making a mistake at the dispensary counter, and more importantly to avoid getting ripped off, you’ll need to figure out the elements of the marijuana measurement system. No matter how outdated these terms sound, they are still the bedrock of the cannabis industry.

Knowing the basic measurements will also help you figure out just how much to buy. How many joints can you get out of a gram? How long will an eighth of weed last a typical smoker? These are all critical considerations before making your purchase.

Without any further ado, let’s dive deep into the elemental measurements of weed, starting with how much is a gram of weed? Let’s get started.

How much is a gram of weed?

How Much Is A Gram

Most people start out small with their first few cannabis purchases.  A gram is a good portion. It lets you sample the strain, roll a joint and get a feel for the product. Especially for those using medical marijuana, nothing is worse than making a big purchase on a new strain of cannabis only to find out that it doesn’t solve your medical issues at all.

How much is a gram of weed? The best way to grasp the approximate size of a gram of weed is to think about a good-sized nug. One gram will roll one decently sized blunt, or one or two average sized joints. If you are using for medicinal purposes, it won’t last very long, perhaps less than a day. If you just smoke a bowl before bed at night, it could last a few days. If you have friends, its’ not going to last very long at all.

How much is an eighth of weed?

How Much Is An Eight Ounce of Weed

One-eighth of weed is the next logical step up in cannabis purchases. One-eighth of weed is roughly 3.5 grams. The best size comparison is a small handful, depending of course on the size of your hand. While you can roll one giant 3.5-gram joint out of a 1/8 of weed, if you stick to the average size joint you’ll likely get between four or five joints out of it.

An eighth of weed can last for a week or less if you are careful with your smoking. A wake and bake each day, but no more. For medical marijuana patients, who on average smoke between one to two grams a day for the treatment of chronic pain, an eighth won’t last very long at all.