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How To Grow A Single Marijuana Plant Indoors

Growing a single marijuana plant at home has many advantages, and not only for beginner growers. Granted, the simplicity of caring for just one plant is really helpful for rookies, but that’s not all there’s to it.

First of all, finding and setting up a grow space becomes much easier. Literally anywhere could be a good spot, provided you follow some rules. Also, the fewer the plants, the better the care they receive.

But perhaps the biggest advantage of growing just a single marijuana plant is the reduced costs: Growing cannabis can be costly. However, with a single plant, there is little you need besides seeds, nutrients, soil and a solid grow light. The overall investment is minimal and will pay itself with marijuana of the highest quality.

What Can You Expect from a Single Marijuana Plant?

There is something about homegrown marijuana that makes it so much better! The feeling you get when you taste the fruit of your labor is unbeatable. But how much weed can you get out of a single plant?

The answer won’t surprise you: It depends on your seed genetics!

Every cannabis seed has certain genetic predispositions that cannot be altered, no matter how much you care for it. For example, if a strain is supposed to yield up to 200 grams of cannabis, that’s the best you can hope for. When purchasing your seeds from a vendor, pay close attention to the “Indoor Yield” section of the specs.

Some seeds are much more productive than others. But then again, quantity isn’t everything! Thorough research will help you find the best seeds for your needs.

If you need help, we’ve prepared some handy lists with our favorites! Find them here and here!

Where Is Home Growing Legal in the US?

Not all states permit cannabis cultivation at home. You can find a detailed list here.

Find the Right Grow Room

Find the Right Cannabis Grow Room

Since we are just talking about literally one pot of pot, anything will do the trick. It doesn’t even need to be a room. A spare cabinet or closet will do the trick. If you don’t worry about discretion, even your living room would be a suitable place. You’ll find that marijuana is surprisingly sturdy. Wherever you decide to put your plant, make sure it gets enough ventilation and lives in comfortable temperatures.


Inadequate ventilation in your grow room can lead to a host of problems for your plant. Especially if you live in a generally humid area, fungi and mold are a constant threat. Luckily, your mini garden doesn’t need much effort to stay healthy!

The quick and easy solution is a small fan inside the grow space. Turn it in such a way so the breeze indirectly hits the plant and make sure that there that it circulates! A fancy solution is to get an extractor. But that’s too much trouble for just a plant! In reality, you can get away with just the fan. Make sure the air that goes in, gets out!

If the humidity in your grow space is unbearable, invest in a dehumidifier. They are cheap but need regular cleaning.


As a rule of thumb, marijuana feels comfortable in temperatures that are pleasant for humans. It is highly unlikely that ambient temperature will be so high or so low as to cause you problems. However, grow lights are a source of heat and should be monitored.

As long as you use a LED grow light and a fan, the temperature shouldn’t pose a problem. These issues are much more important in larger gardens.

Get Some Grow Lamps

As we’ve already said, the sweetest part of growing just one marijuana plant is the savings. Forget fancy lighting units and expensive setups: A simple full spectrum LED lamp will do the trick.

Even if your plant is exposed to sunlight, you should use artificial lighting. I know from bitter experience that marijuana grown on the windowsill will grow, but will never bloom! So, ensure that your plant will get at least 48W of full-spectrum light. These units are dirt cheap on Amazon and will last for years.

Find the Perfect Seed…

We’ve discussed the importance of getting good seeds time and time again. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. Some people want taste, others believe that humongous amounts of THC are the most important factor.

The only thing we can say is that you should definitely buy a 3-pack instead of a single seed. Germination doesn’t always work and you want to have a backup option.

…Or Clone!

Clones are a great option, provided you know other growers or have access to a trusty dispensary. Clones take a little less time to flower and if you know the mother plant, you don’t have to worry about the quality. You can even clone your own plant and preserve its genetics for future use!

Growing on Soil

Cannabis Soil

There are many ways to grow cannabis. However, if you’re growing just one plant, soil is pretty much the only option. Most hydroponic systems are too expensive and are designed for larger gardens. Therefore, in this case, the simplest solution is right on the money.

Choosing a Pot

At the first stages of your plant’s life (after germination), you can construct a temporary home out of plastic bottles. Just make sure to cut holes in the bottom for water drainage. After sprouting, it is time to transplant the seedling to its forever home. Your local hardware or garden store should have a wide selection of pots. We recommend containers made out of organic materials that allow oxygen flow within the soil.

Whatever you choose, make sure the pot has drainage holes to discard excess water. Too much humidity will attract pests and cause mold problems.

High-Quality Soil

Even the best quality soil costs very little. Therefore it makes no sense to cut corners here! Ask your local garden store for amended soil and mix it up with some hydroponic medium (perlite, vermiculite). That way you will minimize the need for extra nutrients and ensure proper airflow around the root system.


One of the many advantages of growing a single marijuana plant is that you don’t really need to spend much on nutrients and fertilizer. A good soil will see your plant through the vegetative and onto the flowering stage without any additions.

If you need to boost your plant while it grows, try to use organic products. They minimize salts buildup within the plant, leading to a better quality product. Better yet, prepare the fertilizer yourself! Here is a link for 15 homemade fertilizer recipes! Remember that there is such a thing as “too many nutrients”, so don’t overdo it.

Happy Growing!

Have you ever grown a single cannabis plant at home? Share your experience in the comment section below!

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    I beg to differ on the hydroponic part. I can show you how to build a system that takes the space of a small waste basket like one would use in a bathroom.

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    “marijuana grown on the windowsill will grow, but will never bloom!” is a false statement, flowering requires a change in the length of daylight. This change is easily accomplished by placing your plant in a wardrobe for 3-5 days. The heads will yellow but not die and will re-green over a few days after being placed back in the daylight: The plant will then flower and bloom.

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