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10 Ways How You Can Make The Perfect Joint Filter Tip

If you smoke joints, you know that the filter or tip is a very important part of the joint.

There are many different filter tips; glass joint tips, plastic joint tips, wooden joint tips but in this article, we will focus on filter tips you can make at home.

For me, the filter’s shape determines the joint’s shape. In practice, the hand that holds and molds the filter has control and power. On the other hand, it provides stability and guidance. With the paper-wrapped snug around the filter, the joint will take on the same shape. You’ll also avoid folds and creases.

So, you should tailor your joint filter to how you want your finished joint to look. If you want a cone-shaped joint, craft a cone-shaped filter. If you need a straight joint, make a straight filter! And if you don’t have a lot of weed, make the filter thinner unless you want to make a fat but very short joint.

Let It Flow

It’s also important to consider airflow through the filter. Please don’t make it too narrow, or it will be hard to take a satisfying toke. And you may encourage tar to build up around the filter. Tar tastes super unpleasant if it gets on your teeth or tongue. I admit that it’s probably better if it stays there rather than in your lungs! For pure smoking pleasure, it’s best to keep your filter free from tar.

Tar can be an issue if you leave loose paper around the filter. Many people do this out of preference. But sometimes, the paper just isn’t rolled tight enough around the filter. As a result, it can end up sliding too far inside the joint. To avoid this, I let the filter stick out about 20% of its length. When I finish rolling, I push the filter in so it’s perfectly in place.

To stop tar and bits of weed from passing through, fold the filter to make a zig-zag shape.

Follow The Gradient

I make slightly cone-shaped joints. The filter has to be roughly the same gradient for the joint to be perfect. So, how do I make a cone-shaped filter from a pre-made filter from a book? It’s very simple. Once you’ve made the zig-zag folds, roll the filter, applying more pressure at one end. This is enough to make the filter conform to a slight cone shape.

How To Make A Filter For A Joint With Simon Moker

Look at this video guide, lovingly prepared by our main man Simon Moker. Soon you’ll be crafting Ultimate Filter Tips of your very own! As always, Youtube sucks and age-restricts all of our videos.

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Which one is your favorite filter tip? Let us know in the comments!

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