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How Do You Stop Your Joints From Canoeing – A Simple Guide

There’s nothing worse than lighting up a joint only to have it canoe on you.

Canoeing” refers to when a joint burns unevenly, causing one side of the joint to burn faster than the other, resembling a canoe shape. This can lead to uneven and inefficient consumption of the cannabis.

Nobody wants to burn his/her weed. Therefore, we came up with some tips that will  help prevent joints from canoeing:

  1. Grind the cannabis evenly:
    Ensure that the cannabis is ground to a consistent texture. Unevenly ground cannabis can lead to uneven airflow and cause canoeing. We recommend to use a grinder.
  2. Use quality rolling papers: High-quality rolling papers can contribute to a more even burn. Thicker papers can help maintain the joint’s structural integrity and prevent canoeing.
  3. Avoid over-packing: Don’t pack the joint too tightly, which can restrict airflow and cause uneven burning. Similarly, don’t leave it too loose, as this can cause the joint to burn too quickly.
  4. Use a crutch/filter: Adding a crutch or filter to the joint can improve airflow and help prevent canoeing. It also adds stability to the joint, making it less likely to burn unevenly. Check out our article about how to make different kinds of filter tips.
  5. Roll with care: Take your time while rolling the joint to ensure it’s packed evenly and tightly. A well-rolled joint is less likely to canoe.
  6. Consider the environment: Windy or breezy conditions can cause uneven burning. Try to find a sheltered spot when smoking outdoors.
  7. Rotate the joint: While smoking, you can gently rotate the joint to promote an even burn. Be careful not to extinguish it accidentally.
  8. Even lighting: When lighting the joint, apply an even flame to the entire tip. Uneven lighting at the start can lead to canoeing later on.
  9. Avoid wet or damp cannabis: Moisture in the cannabis can cause uneven burning. Store your cannabis in a cool, dry place to prevent this.

By following these tips, you can improve the quality of your joint-smoking experience and minimize canoeing.

If you need a hand with your joint rolling skills, check out our youtube vid!

16 responses to “How Do You Stop Your Joints From Canoeing – A Simple Guide”

  1. Harley says:

    Hey bro no offense but if that joint pictured is how you roll, you shouldnt teach people to roll. Honestly for beginners, the best way to roll ur joint is to crumple the paper in a ball first and make sure ur tree is broken down fine with no big chunks. The paper will be easier to roll if crumpled up. Double wrap if you dont like the crumpled paper look and no crutches, or “filters” those are for chumps. If anything order some Organitips and put them on your joint. Never put anything bsides weed inside of your joint paper.

  2. Dab_way_ says:

    No way I’m double rolling anything. Don’t take advice from this guy

  3. Dab_way_ says:

    Never double roll anything. Don’t take advice from this guy

  4. Gerry says:

    Place spit from your tongue on the faster burning part to stifle the quicker burning side. If it’s that too much work, crush the lame J in a pipe. Because, I know you have one. Or, if you can’t figure it out, qhy you indulging on a simple task?

  5. Brian says:

    Harley your an opinionated douche. Your not an expert in anything. Take your advice and shove it.

  6. Wolf says:

    Well a trick I’ve seen is to wet your finger and thumb and lightly do a wet ring at the bottom of the canoe and it will give time for it to even out a lot of people just use spit but that depends who’s partaking with you

  7. Levi says:

    Jesus Christ dude. Are you the one smoking the shit doob? Cuz you’re complaining like this guy rolled it for you. We get it, you ego boost yourself off how people consume their drugs.

  8. Cat says:

    If you put too much crumble or wax etc… it will canoe as well. Best way to get around that is to make sure it is a very small amount and has flower all around it.

  9. Drew says: technique I EVER learned..took me years and my joints are perfect flawless cylinders everhtime….bust up weed..(properly cured and dried) in grinder….place evenly distributed in the paper….don’t fill it 2 full that you don’t have any extra paper..roll the paper back in fourth with your thumbs starting in the middle to ensure your not pushing weed towards the middle causing it to get prego..roll it a few times back and fourth until the weed inside is an even cylinder..put the paper/weed in between your thumb and pointer and fold the paper over the weed..tuck it in nicely..takes some practice..keep the paper taught between your figures and proceed to roll up like normal..sometimes after I fold and tuck the first seem in ill hold the joint with my left hand and take my right hand grab the top of the paper with my figures and tug it up gently just to make sure the seem is tight before I roll it up….when you go to seal it its important not lick and lay the gum straight across the paper..make sure the ends down tent to curve inwards..the gum should be xompelty straight across the a ciggerette….hard to understand in text..super easy to understand in person..ANYONE can roll PERFECT JOINTS this way….once you lock and seal pinch the ends to make sure nothing falls out..I’ll usually roll the end I light into a fuse and fold the other end in forna mouth piece..ALWAYS MASSAGE FIRST..gently massage yournfingires all around thenjoint making sure the weed is evenly spaced out inside and there arnt any areas of tight clumps/chunks..EVERY NOW AMD THEN you’ll miss a little tiny ass stem and this process will poke a hole in the paper which is super frustrating but thats the most crucial step..ALWAYS MASSAGE!!

  10. Scratchir says:

    Lol nah man here in NL we roll hasj with tabaco so no not only flower in my paper

  11. Rose says:

    That other reply kinda cringe tho. You can use filters, they exist for a reason and improve your smoke. Preferably don’t crumple your paper, it can weaken it and rolling fresh is a faster way to learn, you can always keep practicing with the same weed! But most importantly, smoke how you want to smoke and do what you find comfortable or efficient. People are pretentious know it alls l and will say you’re not doing it right regardless, but they’re stinky and don’t know how to enjoy things.

  12. Gary says:

    Kid.s I can roll a joint going down the road hanging out the window while it’s raining

  13. Nathan says:

    Conoeing wtf is that. Running is more like it.

  14. Alex says:

    @ Harley that is horrible advice. The paper should be stiff for one, never double wrap. That’s the worst advice ever. Idk who thought you to roll but that’s not the way. Best way to learn is how I did. My brother gave me an oz and a bunch of papers and said don’t stop til you get it right. Break it down fine spread evenly. Use thumbs and pointer finger as guides and dominant fingers. Fold paper 2 3rds of the way when spreading out weed then use the four fingers mentioned previoulsy to create a up and down motion. If need be get a rolling machine and it helps just to understand the concept.

  15. harley says:

    nice name :))

  16. Fresh420 says:

    I call it both so it really doesn’t matter both make sense

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