Blunt wraps come in so many different flavors, sizes, and styles it’s a bit overwhelming trying to decide which one is best for you sometimes. Whether you’re sticking to a budget or looking to live the high life, this list of the top ten best blunt wraps has something for every stoner.

Swisher Sweets

Swisher Sweets

This brand of blunt wraps is nearly ubiquitous amongst stoner circles worldwide. In fact, they’re now the top-selling cigarillo in America. Swisher Sweets are meant to be flavored cigars and are technically a tobacco product, but it’s estimated up to three-fourths of buyers don’t use them as intended. Many smokers simply cut a slit all the way down the blunt wrap, remove the tobacco, and refill it with their choice of cannabis.


Backwoods Blunt


Backwoods makes cigarillos that are rolled with a single all-natural tobacco leaf as the wrap. Instead of cutting a long slit down the wrap to remove the tobacco, you simply unroll a Backwoods blunt wrap. Check out our tutorial on how to roll a Backwoods blunt here or watch our video lesson here.

High Hemps

High Hemp

High Hemp was the first company to produce a 100% hemp-based blunt wrap. Their hemp is from the Netherlands and is non-GMO, organic, and vegan.

Grapeape High Hemp Wraps

Grapeape High Hemp Wraps

The Grapeape is a particularly popular flavor of this type of wrap and the third one High Hemps created. It’s mixed with many different types of grapes, including Candice, Autumn Royale, and Concord.

Tropical Fusion

Tropical Fusion Blunt

Part of Swisher Sweet’s cigarillo line, Tropical Fusion blunt wraps were the third most popular blunt wrap on the market last year in America. If you’re tired of smoking a blunt wrapped in the normal, original Swisher Sweet and are looking for a little more flavor, this kind of blunt wrap is for you. The tropical taste comes from a mix of different tropical fruits and berries.

White Owl

Blunt Owl

White Owl is another big name in blunt wraps worth highlighting. Some of their bigger cigarillos can hold up to an eighth of flower and many people like that little bit of extra room. These are known to be a bit trickier to unpack than other brands; one trick is to completely cut of the “mouth” end, then roll the tobacco out from there.

Optimo Peach

Optimo Peach Blunt

Optimo is known for being reliable- many life-long tokers report never having gotten a bad cigarillo from them, as oftentimes can happen with other brands. Using an Optimo that’s peach-flavored is sure to give your smoke an extra sweet taste and smell. These wraps are very easy to work with, and burn longer than most. They also don’t hit as hard as other types of wraps, making these ideal for first-timers.

Zig Zag

Even though Zig Zag is most well-known for it’s joint wraps, they also sell individual and 2-count blunt-wraps. They also come in a bunch of different unique flavors.

Dutch Masters

Dutch Masters Blunt

Dutch Master is a blunt-rolling classic. They’re known for their rather earthy flavor, and pair quite well with earthy strains of weed. They’re known for being difficult to work with and they’re expensive though, so beginner beware.

SHINE King Gold Blunt

Shine Blunt

For those of you looking for a blunt wrap for a special occasion, or just looking to be as “extra” as you can be, look no further. This blunt wrap truly is the “gold standard”, as it’s made from edible, smokable 24-carat gold leaf.

As you can see, there are always new types of blunt wraps hitting the market. Experiment by trying every type in this list of the top ten best blunt wraps to find which one your inner stoner prefers!