Magical Butter 2 Review – MB2e Herbal Butters, Oils, Tinctures

July 24, 2017
Magical Butter 2 Review – MB2e Herbal Butters, Oils, Tinctures


The Magical Butter machine is a device that many people are turning to to create herbal butters, oils, tinctures, and skin care products. The MagicalButter 2 is an upgraded version that builds upon the highly successful original version known simply as the MagicalButter. MagicalButter has created the easiest to use device and straightforward process to create cannabis based products. When you first get the machine you could very well know nothing about cannabis or cooking and in just 10 minutes time be on your way to producing the perfect homemade batch of herbal butter. The machine itself will take about 2 hours to complete the process for you, but 10 minutes or less is all that it will take to get things ready and on auto pilot. Continue reading below to learn more from our Magical Butter 2 Review.

What Makes the MagicalButter 2 So Great

Yes the machine is called the Magical Butter machine, and it makes magical butter extremely well, but butter is just the tip of the iceberg. The Magical Butter machine is capable of so much more. The MagicalButter machine is a set it and forget it machine that makes cannabis infused butters, oils, tinctures etc. You can even infuse your alcohols and teas with fruits and spices that would normally take weeks in just a few short hours. The Magical Butter machine also makes topicals such as lotions and shea butters for skin applications.


The Magical Butter 2 is a very easy to use machine that is great for both people who know how to cook and love to cook and also for those who are just starting out and would like to learn. One of the biggest benefits to the MagicalButter machine is that you can be more self aware and knowledgeable about what recipes you use and what ingredients go into the products that you intend to put ‘in’ or ‘on’ your body. Making homemade products is one of the main things that makes the MagicalButter machine a favorite for many people – a lot of customers take pride in knowing that they put in the effort and created something cool and delicious.


If you are a person who is very health conscious and likes to protect their lungs or a person who has a severe medical illness, the Magical Butter machine is a very logical thing to get in order to consume cannabis materials. With the MagicalButter 2 you are not taking in any smoke or even any vapor into your lungs – the machine puts you in control and makes you aware. If you think that cooking is too difficult or seems like a foreign science to you, you will be happy to know that the MagicalButter machine does pretty much all of the work for you. You can press a specific button for oil, a button for butter and the machine handles the temperature, the extraction, the blending, the stirring, it makes sure things don’t burn, and completes the task that you currently have it set for. Once you finish making your oil, butter or tincture you can easily make any type of product where these ingredients are included. If you want to make weed cookies, weed brownies, weed cake, weed smoothies, weed topical creams or whatever else you like, you can do so with confidence through knowing the percentage of THC per serving.

Magical Butter 2 Specs and Customer Service

The Magical Butter 2 weighs just 8 pounds, has dimensions of 10 inches wide, 14 inches tall, and 10 inches deep. The liquid capacity of the MagicalButter 2 is 5 cups and you should always cook with at least 2 cups minimum. In the package you get when you order the Magical Butter is the LoveGlove, a purify filter, a 110v power cord a user manual and the Magical Butter machine itself. The manual is a great resource and so is the official website. If you are looking for new recipes or would like clarification on something the information is readily accessible. If you are unable to find specific information or have a question that needs answered you can contact the MagicalButter customer service team. The customer service can be reached via email or by calling the number 800-420-4334 and from the reviews from existing customers we can tell you that the customer service is on the ball.

What Existing Customers Have to Say About the Magical Butter

“I look forward to using this unit more and exploring all the things I can do with it” – Mother Earth’s Apothecary


“The machine is of the finest quality and for the price you would think otherwise. It comes with a very easy to follow recipe book and instructions” – Matt


“I’ve made my first herb-infused oil and couldn’t be more pleased with the result.” – Katzen

“On the first day within five hours of having the machine open I was able to create awesome butter my first try! Made some couch parking brownies right then. Next day had a question about cook times on the coconut oil. Called customer service and was greeted promptly and advised to cook it for four hours. The oil is perfect. The machine works flawlessly!” – Butter Confectionist

Where to Buy the MagicalButter 2

It is highly recommended to buy your MagicalButter 2 directly from the official MagicalButter website here for 219.98. MagicalButter does not sell there product on ebay or on amazon so if you see it listed on there please be careful and think twice. It is either a refurbished machine or perhaps an old review product that a tester is trying to make some money off of. Shop smart and make your purchase directly from the manufacturer. On the official MagicalButter website you will also find extra accessories and branded apparel that can be purchased. If you would like to learn more or purchase the MagicalButter 2 please visit the official site here. Thank you for reading our article on the new and improved MagicalButter machine – we hope that you enjoy the product as much as we do and make some killer finished products.



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