So, after finally deciding to give CBD a try, you are wondering where to store the bottle of CBD oil after your first use. Do you leave it out on your kitchen table? Do put in your medicine cabinet? Do you keep it in the fridge? If you are confused as to what is the best way to store CBD, have no worries. – We are here to help you.

Types of CBD

CBD, or cannabidiol, comes in many forms. Even though CBD oil is most popular and what you see in most stores, more established brands offer other CBD products such as CBD edibles, CBD creams, and even CBD drinks like coffee and tea. While all these products vary in taste, size, and dosages, they can all be kept fresh by following the same three steps.

How to Store CBD Oil

Generally, there are three key points to keep in mind to maximize the shelf life of your CBD products. – And all three are equally important.

Keep It Sealed

Because CBD is naturally derived, it can degrade at a faster rate than artificial products if it is exposed to oxygen for too long. Always close the containers after taking a dose of CBD, regardless of the type of CBD product. If you are buying CBD oil or terpenes, look for tinctures that come in glass containers since plastic can accelerate the degradation process. High-quality tinctures kept in glass can last up to two or more years.

Keep It Dark

Prolonged exposure to UV light (such as sunlight) can considerably reduce the shelf life of CBD products. That is why tinctures and month-long supplies of edibles and capsules should always come in opaque packaging to block light from damaging the contents. If your CBD products come in transparent packaging, storing them in your kitchen or medicine cabinet will most likely keep them fresh.

Keep It Cool

CBD products can be kept at room temperature (low 70˚s) with no risk of them going bad. Many users also choose to store their CBD products in the refrigerator to extend longevity. This, however, can cause some tinctures to thicken making them harder to dispense. If exposed to high temperatures, CBD products can lose their potency. Additionally, edibles like CBD candy and gummies can melt if they are kept in hot locations like your car.


These three tips work for most CBD products, but there are some exceptions. For example, CBD edibles like baked goods will only last for a few days at most. Beverages like CBD coffee and tea should be consumed the same day they are made. Additionally, glycerin-based CBD tinctures have a shorter shelf-life than those made with alcohol.

Quality Makes a Difference

When it comes to CBD products, quality and purity certainly make a difference especially when it comes to the products’ shelf-life. Top brands that use pure CBD extracts make sure their packaging is appropriate for long-term storage. For example, Green Roads CBD oils come in brown bottles made of glass to ensure freshness, purity, and potency for up to two years.