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What Are Moon Rocks And How Can You Make Your Own?

Moon Rocks are not actually from the moon, but if you try one you might feel like you are heading that way! So what are they, how are they made, and where can you find them? Read on to find out.

What Are Moon Rocks?

Moon Rocks Weed

MoonRocks are hand-selected flowers (buds) of cannabis, perfectly dried and manicured, covered with a cannabis extract such as shatter, and powdered crystals of cannabis (the substance that collects in your grinder and is usually called “kief”).

Needless to say, this is a high-potency, high-THC product that is not for the faint-hearted (and not for inexperienced stoners AT ALL). As well as this, due to the expensive ingredients and time-consuming procedure of making them, they are usually very pricey compared to “normal” weed.

MoonRocks are so sought-after and so high-grade that stoners refer to them as “Cannabis Caviar”!

How Can You Make Your Own Moon Rocks?

First, you’ll need cannabis flowers, which have been dried and trimmed to perfection. For best results, use nugs that weigh 2-3 grams and are nice and compact.

Next, you’ll need some good-quality cannabis oil, such as shatter or rosin, that has been warmed up enough for it to be liquid. You’ll also find that using a syringe or dropper for the oil makes the process easier. Using the syringe or dropper, drizzle oil over the bud evenly. You don’t have to completely cover the whole bud – in fact, some people lay the oil down in a spiral pattern over the bud, leaving a few millimeters between each line.

Last, you’ll need some kief. Carefully pick up the oil-coated bud by the stem (use tweezers if that’s too difficult) and gently roll it in the kief until you fully cover the flower.

That’s it! Now you should leave your finished MoonRocks to dry for 24-48 hours, so that the oil spreads and permeates through the bud. If you don’t let it dry fully, it’ll still be a sticky, gooey mess if you try to take it apart and smoke it! But with full drying, it takes on that crisp, compact texture, and is much easier to handle and use.

How Should You Consume MoonRocks?

MoonRocks are best used in a pipe, bong or vaporizer, rather than a joint. The main reason for this is that most joint-rollers prefer to use a grinder to crumble their weed – but if you do that with your Cannabis Caviar, you could end up losing a lot of the kief and oil coating the bud, as that kind of powdery, sticky stuff tends to get stuck in the grinder.

So in general, using your fingers to break up the MoonRocks is best. Then, place it in a pipe, bong or vaporizer just as you would with any common herb, and you’re good to go!

Where Can You Find Moon Rocks?

If you don’t want to experiment with making your own, then there are a few places that you can find MoonRocks for sale.

In Amsterdam, a coffeeshop that is famous for offering fine-quality MoonRocks is Eerste Hulp, which is owned and managed by the legendary Larby Baker.

If you’re in Amsterdam, make sure you take a slight detour out of the center of the town to visit Eerste Hulp and sample their MoonRocks – and if you catch him, Larby will be very happy to explain all about how they work and how to use them!

In the USA, renowned rapper Kurupt has teamed up with fellow musician Dr. Zodiak to produce Kuruptz MoonRocks, which are made with Girl Scout Cookies and boast up to 52% THC!

Another US brand is Caviar Gold, which uses a process of CO2 infusion to evenly distribute cannabis oil throughout the buds, before rolling the oil-coated flowers in kief.

So if you’re in certain US states and you have the right to obtain cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes, why not check out a few dispensaries and see if they have some MoonRocks on offer – and if you try them out, let us know how you get on in the comments!

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