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Fake 710 King Pen Cartridges Selling Nation Wide

For anyone who uses THC vape cartridges, knowing that you’re getting what you’ve paid for is always crucial. Sadly, there are a disturbing number of counterfeit vape cartridges on the market today. 710 King Pen cartridges are among them. Since King Pen is a big name, it isn’t surprising that the counterfeiters target this brand. This causes a lot of problems for the brand. Buyers often think they’re getting a poor quality King Pen product. Instead, they’re getting an inferior quality product that is fake.

At one time, spotting a fake wasn’t too tricky. The packaging would be outdated or incorrect. The oil itself would look bad. The logo or sticker would be missing. Worryingly, however, today’s counterfeiters are getting better at making their fake cartridges look even more convincing. These counterfeit cartridges may have the recognizable King Pen logo and warnings. They may have the right stickers. However, that doesn’t mean that the cannabis concentrate they contain is going to be the real deal. You’re more likely to be getting a half gram of totally unregulated, and poor-quality concentrate instead.

A Thriving Black Market Industry

empty 710 king pen cartridge for sale

empty 710 king pen cartridge for sale

A quick online search reveals countless sellers advertising empty packaging for big name cartridge brands. The King Pen brand is one of many you can find on different platforms like Alibaba, DHGate or even on eBay and Amazon. Black market sellers buy this empty packaging. They fill it with their poor-quality fake concentrate and sell it as the real deal. If you don’t have superior knowledge about these carts, it can be very tricky to spot the counterfeits. The scammers always update the empty packaging with state-appropriate labels, holographic stickers and graphics that match the legitimate versions. This means that users are often receiving pesticide-ridden, synthetic or heavily-cut cannabis oil which could potentially be harmful.

Addressing The Issue With Fake 710 King Pen Cartridges

The original manufacturers of cannabis vape cartridges are well aware of the counterfeiting problem and are fighting back. King Pen’s manufacturers are reporting the counterfeit sellers they encounter. They are also continually changing their packaging and cartridge designs. However, they are fighting a losing battle. Bootleg sellers are on the ball, keeping up with the frequent changes. As quickly as manufacturers change their product, they are always just one step behind. King Pen is even taking steps to pursue their intellectual property protection in China. This is in an attempt to give their branding better protection. Not only that, they are filing a lawsuit against several international counterfeiters.

Unregulated Sellers Exacerbating The Problem

California’s grey-market dispensaries are also foiling the efforts of the King Pen manufacturing team. These unlicensed sellers are proliferating bootleg cartridge sales. Proposition 64 cut these pot shops off from the regulated market. This has allowed them to sell fake products. The Californian state regulatory body’s complaint process is slow and ineffective. Combined with the difficulty in locating the counterfeiters themselves, it’s no wonder that the problem is so entrenched. Only independent lab tests of the cartridges’ cannabinoid content will prove which are genuine and which are fake. This isn’t going to happen in each case. Therefore, many buyers are wondering whether they’re getting the quality and potency they’re paying for.

Paying Top Prices For Fakes

fake king pen cartridge

Fake 710 King Pen cartridge cases.

A quick online search for King Pen cartridges turns up a host of adverts. These vape cartridges offered for sale can cost as much as $65 for a single cartridge. That’s a lot of money to pay out for a sub-standard and potentially dangerous product. Customers can’t be sure that the product that they’re paying top dollar for is genuine. That’s a big problem.

What Are The Fake Cartridges Like?

king pen cartridges wholesale

Here lies a significant issue. Buyers don’t know whether they’re getting an original cartridge or a fake one. This gives the King Pen brand a bad name. When users have a terrible experience, they assume that the genuine cartridges are poor quality. So, what kind of issues are users reporting when vaping these fake cartridges?

Lack Of Potency

As you might expect, the primary issue reported when vaping fake carts is a lack of potency. Genuine King Pen cartridges are potent and powerful. The fakes, however, often fail to produce the desired effect. This leads users to believe that authentic King Pen products are also lacking in potency. The trouble is when the oil looks like the real deal – how can you tell what you’re getting?

Bad Taste

Their bad flavor often detects fake cartridges. Genuine King Pen cartridges have a great taste. However, the fakes often taste of chemicals or have a burned flavor. Users of fake carts often report that there are no notable differences in flavor between the different strains. Others have reported a bitter taste or an artificial taste.

THC Oil Appearance

fake 710 king pen cartridge

Sometimes, the difference between a genuine and fake King Pen cart lies in the appearance of the oil. If the oil looks dark, it’s almost certainly going to be a fake. Other users have reported that the oil is very thin and watery. Again, this is probably a fake. This oil often burns down very quickly representing poor value for money. A genuine King Pen cart won’t have this problem.

Cartridge Design

The genuine King Pen cartridges are of high quality and perform well. Unfortunately, the fake ones often have a poor design. They are made of thin materials that are prone to cracking. Often, they leak or stop working after a couple of hits. Some users have reported that the cartridges clog very quickly during use. Again, this is a sign of a fake cart. There have also been reports about resin around the mouthpiece of these fakes. The battery has also come under fire, with some people saying it runs out too quickly. This prevents them from using all the oil in the cart.

The After Effects

The most disturbing feature of fake King Pen carts comes in the form of the after-effects they produce. Users of fake carts have reported burning in their throats after vaping. They have also reported chest pain the following day. Other users say they experienced headaches after vaping these carts.

Pesticides And Contaminants

king pen lab test results

One problem reported about King Pen carts is the presence of contaminants in the oil. Independent lab test revealed that the oil contains pesticides. This is a significant issue. Genuine King Pen cartridges should be contaminant free. However, you don’t know what you’re getting if you’re supplied with a counterfeit 710 King Pen cartridge instead. You could be inhaling a bunch of harmful toxins. There’s no real way to know whether the King Pen cartridge tested was real or a counterfeit.

What To Look Out For In A Fake King Pen Cartridge

If you’re trying to spot fake King Pen cartridges, there are a few things you should look for.

  • Look at the font, print and sticker. If the label has a low print quality, it could be fake. Also, if the font is slightly different from the original, that’s an indicator. The color of the sticker is often lighter too.
  • Look at the oil color. If it looks lighter with a waxy consistency, it could be fake. Fake carts often have a cloudier oil which looks glossy.
  • Look at the logo.
  • Is there a lab test sticker? If there’s no sticker to show the level of CBD or THC it could be a fake. King Pens usually have information about this on the label or packaging.

Unfortunately, both real and fake King Pen carts are made in China. This makes it even harder to determine which are genuine. However, the original cartridges are filled with quality when they arrive in the USA. Counterfeiters can fill the fakes with any oil which could be very bad for your health.

Even looking at the cartridge and its packaging may not reveal the truth. The counterfeiters adapt rapidly to any changes. They make their product look convincing. Even if the font, sticker and print look identical to the original it may be not genuine. Even if the oil looks good and the logo is correct, you can’t be 100% certain. Some fakes also have fake lab testing stickers. This makes it virtually impossible to separate genuine cartridges from fakes.

Buying Fake Cartridges

For those who live in non-legal states, the chances of receiving a fake King Pen cartridge is high. If you buy from a licensed dispensary, the possibility of getting the genuine article is high. While the King Pen manufacturing team are working to resolve the problem, there’s a long way to go. That means that every time you buy King Pen products, you have a level of uncertainty (unless you buy it from a licensed dispensary). Until the fake carts are eradicated from the market, there’s no way to know what you’re getting.

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