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There has been a lot of new prefilled THC cartridges entering the market since more states have legalized recreational cannabis usage. The demand for prefilled cartridges has innovated the previous prefilled wax cartridges with new superior vaping technology than others previously before the legalization. We tried out the most popular THC cartridges on the market to identify the best. After trying out 20 of the highest rated prefilled carts, we compiled our list of the best prefilled cartridges in 2018.

What makes a prefilled cannabis oil cartridge great? We have multiple deciding factors that a prefilled cartridge must have to be great. The first deciding factor is its capability to vape big clouds that are smooth and not harsh. The second factor is the quality and strength of the extracted cannabis oil. The third requirement for a great prefilled vape pen cartridge is an affordable price. Lastly, the quality control of clean extract is important that many companies are failing to be sufficient.

10. Dosist Vape Pen – Has advance cannabis oil and terpene formulas.

Our list of the best vape cartridges in 2018 starts off with our 10th favorite from Dosist, formally known as hmbldt. This company is based out of California and offers controlled dosage vape pens. What makes these THC oil vape pens different than others is their unique scientific formulas. Dosist targets specific cannabis compounds to create a product geared towards improving multiple types of health problems. As you can see, delivering a precise dosage was only part of the main focus when designing the Dosist vape pen.

Unfortunately, not all dosages felt the same when trying out multiple Dosist vape pens. The Dosist disposable vape pen had some very excellent professional packaging. However, the product itself failed to provide a professional vaping experience. Also, another flaw discovered with one of the vape pens was the battery could not last long enough to vape the entire cannabis oil. This wasn’t a common flaw among the 5 Dosist vape pens in total that I tried.

I really liked the different formulas crafted with terpenes in their cannabis extract, the calm pen reminded me of a medicine taste. Their calm pen is a high CBD formula without any psychoactive effects, it does have a small amount of THC so there is a slight head change noticeable. The Dosist pen is not for those looking for a lot of strength, in fact, I would only recommend to those getting started with vaping concentrate because of how low THC amount in them. This disposable prefilled vape pen has been written about in Time magazine as one of the top 25 best inventions in 2016. Dosist has a very website that is very informative and has a great user-friendly design, their website is

9. VVS Vape Pen – Disposable prefilled vape pen with potency.

The VVS vape pen is marketed as a luxury disposable THC oil pen. Its average cost for a gram is $40.00 in the bay area before the cannabis tax. Three color options are available which include gold, silver, and copper. VVS vape pens are designed to be discreet with a fragrance that is not identifiable as cannabis when vaped. The taste of fragrance in the cannabis oil is noticeable, those who don’t like an artificial taste won’t enjoy this, I didn’t mind because of the potency.

VVS vape pens are great for discreetly vaping almost anywhere. No buttons are needed to vape, this disposable prefilled vape pen only requires you to pick up and inhale. The cartridge itself looks nice, but I wouldn’t consider it luxury. However, the potency of the cannabis extract is luxury at a budget price. Find out more about VVS vape pens on their website at

8. Rove cartridge – Super strong THC oil with a weak cartridge.

The Rove cartridge uses California grown cannabis for the material they use to extract the THC oil from. When there is a lot of prefilled vape cartridges failing to pass test for solvents, this is not a risk factor with Rove cartridges. Rove uses a solvent extraction process using liquid carbon dioxide to extract their THC oil, afterward pressure and heat is used to refine it.

The Rove cartridge has some very potent extracted cannabis oil in their cartridges. Unfortunately, the Rove cart cannot vape it efficiently. The oil is too thick and as reported by many on Reddit have to warm the cartridge with a flame to get it to vape properly. Once the Rove cartridge THC oil becomes liquefied, it’s possible to vape large clouds. The average price for a half gram Rove cartridge in the bay area averages $35.00.

Lab test results for each of the Rove cartridge strains are available on their website at

7. Pax Era pods – extremely overpriced without anything to justify it

The Pax era pods are cartridges designed not to leak and prevent any sticky mess. The Pax Era battery is affordable at $19.99. However, it’s their cartridges that can be pricey and cost as high as $50.00 for a half gram. What’s unique about Pax Era cartridges is a lot of different prefilled cartridge and extract companies have Pax Era pod versions of their concentrate available for sale.

Pax Era pods can be dropped without the risk of glass cracking because it holds the cannabis oil in a plastic cartridge pod. Pods can easily be snapped on and off from the vape battery. This feature is much more efficient then screwing on a 510-threaded cartridge. The design of the Pax Era is discreet because it doesn’t look like your traditional vape pen. The design reminds me of a long USB drive or wireless network adapter for a computer.

Another great feature is the ability to vape without having to press a button. Vaping is smooth however it’s not as smooth as others, especially not as smooth as its direct competitor Stiiizy. Additional information about the Pax era can be found on their website at

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