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Quick Fix Synthetic Urine: Your Guaranteed Safeguard

One of the biggest ironies in the legalization movement is that even in legal states and countries, people are still having their urine tested for drug content, specifically cannabis. If they’re found with cannabis in their systems, their employment can be ended right on the spot.

In this world of everyone wanting to get a little too close into dictating what you’re doing on your own time, cannabis users who have no interest in curbing their use, are having to safeguard themselves against losing their jobs.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is the solution for those who don’t want to stop their cannabis use on their own time yet are subject to regular and random drug tests at their place of employment.

The Issue Facing Cannabis Users

There are a few problems that are immediately apparent in the drug testing dialogue. The legality of actually testing someone’s urine isn’t so straightforward across the board. In the United States, the Drug-Free Workplace Act protects the employer’s ability to test urine to ensure a safe workplace and it’s seen as the employer’s prerogative to test urine in the context of a job interview. Individual states govern the laws of employee urine testing, but overall, it’s permitted.

While it’s the employer’s right to protect the safety of their workplace, and to also expect that their employees are not working under the influence, some drug testing laws go beyond the scope of a job and become an intrusion on how someone spends their time away from work.

While there have been various attempts to protect employee privacy (and dignity) within the drug testing process, especially as medical marijuana gains ground, employees can still face termination of employment if there is suspect of cannabis use.

Since we all know that cannabis can stay in your system for months after you use it, even someone who enjoyed cannabis on a recreational basis just once during a testing period could face serious consequences. This is especially problematic for individuals who have been prescribed medical marijuana by a qualified physician to treat a certain medical issue.

At times where employer’s rights and employee’s rights are up for debate, it’s usually always the employer and the well-being and safety of the workplace that takes priority. Medical marijuana users can find themselves out of a job if their employer doesn’t make “room” for medicinal marijuana in their employment policies.

We Have the Solution – Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Previous solutions for synthetic urine have failed cannabis users in big ways. There are many products on the market that claim to be the best synthetic urine, and its users end up in worse disciplinary situations than if they were actually caught with cannabis in their systems.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine has all the bases covered because we have stayed ahead of employment law and the drug testing process, and our product is built on our dedication to ensuring cannabis users facing employer drug tests have protection for their bread and butter.

Here are some of the features that Quick Fix Synthetic Urine has built into our product to ensure that YOU, your cannabis, and your job, are protected:

  • 100% guarantee that this product will allow you to pass your drug test without detection;
  • The ability to keep your synthetic urine “on hand” and at body temperature for up to 6 hours by using a microwave and a special heating pad to keep the product warm;
  • Zero preparation time for when you are called for a drug test – the solution does not require mixing;
  • Discreet shipping so no one is any the wiser about how you’re conducting your drug tests

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is the world’s #1 pre-mixed synthetic urine that has been made in a laboratory and specially formulated to replicate actual human urine. The solution is formulated to have a balanced pH, specific gravity and it includes creatine and urea. The synthetic nature of this product is undetectable.

In a world that’s not always so eager to protect the rights of cannabis users, Quick Fix Synthetic Urine has you covered.

2 responses to “Quick Fix Synthetic Urine: Your Guaranteed Safeguard”

  1. Steve says:

    Please could I have a price on this product, and also a possible timeline if sent to South Africa.
    Many Thanks.

  2. AgavForster says:

    For others this might be their solution but for me it’s a disaster. So here’s my story. I been waiting for a call for the jobs that I applied for after I graduate. It’s been months and I still haven’t received any call. Last month, I got a call for a good company. Everything went good, tests and interviews. Unfortunately, the bad news arrived. I’m not clean because we smoke before the urine test so I used quickfix. I’ve received a phone call from the lab saying my urine sample is not human urine. Yes it’s not human urine because it’s quickfix but how did they found out?? That is the question that keeps on running on my mind. I thought it was a great product. I know a lot of person who passed using it but why me. I followed all instruction and the temperature is okay. Next time I’m gonna look for good reviews something like this one. https://www.urinereview.com/. I hope others won’t experience it. Lesson learned.

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