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If You Order Weed in LA, Deebo From ‘Friday’ Could Be Your Delivery Guy

24 years after its release, Friday is still one of the best stoner movies to have ever been made. 

And it’s almost as if the movie’s actors know they still have a special place in the heart of every weed lover and want to make sure that we’re all ok.

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So as a special treat for Los Angeles’ cannabis consumers, Friday actor Tommy “Tiny” Lister — better known as Deebo — has found an amazing way to celebrate 4/20.

Deebo will spend every Friday in April making personal weed deliveries to a few lucky stoners in LA.

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Watch whats coming with Debo and Pineapple Express @shop_pnpl 🍍 Sleep with your lights on!

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The pretty unique idea is actually a promotion for Pineapple Express Inc., a legal cannabis delivery company operating out of Southern California. 

According to a press release, Pineapple Express will choose four lucky clients every Friday in April and surprise them with a big bag of weed hand-delivered by Deebo himself.

“We are excited to have such a Hollywood icon as a brand ambassador for Pineapple Express,” Shawn Credle, CEO of Pineapple Express, Inc., said.

“We are proud of the fact that we are deemed an essential business by the city during this very important time in world history. We take COVID-19 extremely seriously and even with these deliveries happening in April with Tommy, he will be wearing gloves and taking additional mandated precautions during the deliveries, as do all our delivery drivers when making the rounds.”

Because of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, billions of people are currently stuck at home, and that includes at least a few hundred million people who love weed. 

While most celebrities chose to bless us with cringe-worthy Heal the World-style songs and condescending appeals to stay home, while they swim around in their Olympic pools, it’s nice to know that some celebrities are keeping it real and spreading some 4/20 cheer.

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