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Seth Rogen Reveals Why He Smokes Weed “All Day, Every Single Day”

Seth Rogen has spoken honestly about his cannabis use, with the actor stating that he smokes “every day, every single day” because it makes life “more comfortable [and] more tolerable”.

The 40-year-old Pineapple Express actor talked openly about his daily weed consumption while appearing on Steven Bartlett’s podcast The Diary of a CEO. He was questioned about a time when he had said he was “not quite cut out for this world, but weed makes it okay,” and he said that he had previously made that claim.

“Yeah, for sure. I smoke weed all day, so I would imagine it would be worse if I didn’t,” Rogen said, as he agreed with his past comments.

After Bartlett then asked whether Rogen actually meant “all day, every day,” the comedian confirmed that he does smoke every day. “Yes, I smoke weed all day, every single day, since I was 20 years old maybe,” Rogen said, adding: “And I’ve been very productive in that time.”

As for what he meant when he’d shared his belief that he isn’t “cut out for this world” but that “weed makes it okay,” Rogen told Bartlett that he “equates” marijuana to “shoes or glasses” because they are all things that make our lives “easier and better”.

“Are shoes like a crutch we use, or are they a thing that we have culturally decided make our lives easier and better? That is exactly how weed is to me,” Rogen explained. “Could I not wear shoes? Probably. Could I not smoke weed? Probably. Would I just much rather smoke weed all day? Yes.”

“It only makes my journey through this life more comfortable, more palatable, easier to process, easier to manifest the things that I want to do, exactly how I would be trying to do the same things in my life without shoes on or without my glasses on or without a jacket on,” the actor continued. “That is what it would be like for me to do it without smoking weed.”

Rogen then reiterated that he could “probably” go through life without smoking marijuana, but that it would be more of a “pain in the a**”.

Later in the interview, Rogen noted that, unlike shoes, glasses, or other things we rely on to “make our lives liveable,” marijuana is “natural”.

“That is part of my premise, no human is quite cut out for this world. Everyone has things they use to make their lives livable,” he said. “And for me, weed is one of those things, like a roof is one of those things.”

Rogen humorously stated that he “probably wouldn’t have a pot company and definitely wouldn’t have made the movie Pineapple Express” when asked how his life would be different if he didn’t smoke daily.

“I maybe wouldn’t have conceived of a lot of the things I’ve conceived of over the years,” he continued. “Weed has always been a very powerful social element for me and my friends, a lot of the ideas we’ve come up with, we’ve come up with hanging out and smoking weed.”

The actor then joked that you don’t come up with a movie like Sausage Party if you’re “not hanging out and smoking weed”.

Ultimately, Rogen said that marijuana has “for sure” added to his “creative output”.

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