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The Tate Brothers Think Weed Is One Of The Most Dangerous Drugs – Here’s Why

During one of their emergency meeting podcasts, Andrew and Tristan Tate were asked to share their thoughts on weed.

Tristan Tate said that he knows some high-functioning people,  some who smoke a bit of weed or take a bit of cocaine, but he and his brother apparently never took any drugs.

He went on and said whenever he mentions to someone that he never took any drugs, that some loser, and it’s always a weed guy (with no money), that cigars and coffee are drugs too.

After that, he said weed is one of the most dangerous drugs of all because it halts your ambition and stops you from being unhappy with your current crap situation, and he said again that he thinks that weed is a horribly dangerous drug.

He went on to say that people who smoke it should need to stop.

He also claimed that people should stop with arguments like but Elon Musk smokes weed which we can agree with because just because he took one puff on the Joe Rogan podcast doesn’t make him an advocate for the plant.

Andrew Tate joined the conversation and said nicotine’s a drug, too, and asked his brother if he had any coffee today. Tristan replied he had 25 coffees today. He said he drank so much coffee that he traveled through time.

He added that you should avoid drugs at all costs.

They said that weed smokers always have an excuse to smoke weed. One of these excuses is that weed cures cancer. Tristan tried to nullify that argument with Bob Marley’s cancer death which is a pretty stupid point. We all know that you have to follow a specific regimen if you want to treat your cancer with cannabis. You will require high doses of cannabis extracts and not just puff a few joints a day, ore that argument is pretty stupid.

You can look at the clip here:

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