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Snoop Dogg’s Blunt Roller Rolled Over 450,000 Joints/Blunts For Him

One thing’s for sure. Snoop’s personal blunt roller has a lot on her plate.

Last week, Renegade Piranha made a guest appearance on the Australian radio show “The Kyle and Jackie O Show,” when she said the 51-year-old rapper enjoys smoking 75 to 150 joints per day or approximately half a pound.

Piranha estimated the total amount of joints she has rolled for the “Gin & Juice” rapper at around 450,000, saying, “I figure it at over 450,000.”

“D.O. Double G” rarely travels without a blunt, she observed. We all know that Mary Jane’s enthusiasm for the “Drop It Like It’s Hot” legend has never been kept a secret. He stated he smokes about 81 blunts day during a Twitter Q&A in 2013, which is consistent with Piranha’s estimate.

This summer, when the famous UberFacts account tweeted, “Snoop Dogg employs a full-time blunt roller who makes between $40,000 and $50,000 a year,” he also made reference to Piranha.

Snoop joined in to modify the number to account for the shifting economic conditions.

“Inflation. Their pay increased! He elaborated.

For the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards in August, the Super Bowl halftime performer collaborated with Eminem for a performance in the Metaverse that got underway when Snoop got hit by a larger-than-life blunt.

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