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Stoners Hold the Secret Key to Beating Coronavirus – Stay Home & Get High

You surely remember all the times someone condescendingly looked at you, the stoner who just gets high and stays at home playing videogames. 

Well, jokes on them. The stoner’s favorite past-time, staying home doing nothing, may just be our way out of this coronavirus pandemic. 

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According to a new research study from MKM Partners analyst Bill Kirk, people smoking weed are far more likely to self isolate while altering their state of mind than alcohol drinkers.

“The vice of choice when alone is cannabis. The vice of choice in large groups or with new people is alcohol,” Kirk said, according to Investor’s Business Daily.

What Kirk is trying to say in science-speak, is that people who get drunk want to socialize and party, whereas the average stoner just wants to stay home and rewatch Rick and Morty for the seventh time.

This also means that when placed in quarantine, a stoner is less likely to go stir crazy than other people, since we’re used to melting into the couch for 10 hours anyways.

I mean, think about it. When was the last time you got high with a few buddies and didn’t leave the house for a week? Chances are that’s what you’re doing right now.

With more and more countries calling for people to avoid unnecessary trips outside, urging people to practice social distancing, and even quarantining themselves at home to combat the spread of SARS-CoV-2, stoners have been doing the right thing all along. 

MKM Partners surveyed 1,000 cannabis users and 863 alcohol drinkers and found that 68% of stoners named cannabis as their vice of choice when alone.

In comparison, only 42% percent of alcohol users like to drink by themselves. 

Unsurprisingly, only 27% of cannabis users said they like to get high in big groups, while 57% of alcohol lovers said they like to get drunk in groups. 


According to Kirk, stoners’ tendency to isolate themselves could actually be a great benefit in current times, and he believes that many drinkers will shift towards cannabis as they are forced into relative isolation by the coronavirus. 

“We believe any increased stay-at-home activity related to Covid-19 will accelerate the vice share shift away from alcohol toward cannabis,” Kirk said.

Kirk, whose work is focused on the business side of the cannabis world, hopes that consumers in legal states will make use of delivery services and visit dispensaries between self-quarantines.

He also noted that while alcohol prices have largely remained steady, cannabis prices were falling, potentially attracting more customers.

In any case, while everybody is going crazy and buying a life’s supply of toilet paper, you might want to head to your nearest dispensary and pick up an ounce of your favorite strain as long as you still can.

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