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The Dabbing Granny can't stay away from the n-word

Seriously!? The Dabbing Granny Drops Another N-Bomb

A second video of the infamous Dabbing Granny, aka Gail Olson, dropping the n-word with incredible ease has emerged.

In the video uploaded to YouTube on July 6, a visibly drunk Dabbing Granny is on a Facebook live with musician Chris Crayzie.

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Olson calls out “Chris,” to which he responds, “I said not to go live” in what we can only interpret as foreshadowing.

Unfazed, she gets right to the point and demands to know “why it’s okay to say ‘nigga,’ but not hard ‘r.'”

Before she can even finish the sentence, Crayzie throws his hands up in the most understandable display of disbelief, outrage, and straight-up resignation.

“Listen,” he starts to respond but is interrupted by Drunk Granny interjecting, “I’m for real!”

At this point, Crayzie just disconnects from the call.

“Oh no, I lost my buddy,” is the only thing the completely smashed Dabbing Granny can get out before knocking over the phone and awkwardly smiling into the camera with a half-empty bottle of what seems to be Hennesy next to her.

Ironically, just a millisecond before Olson blurted out the n-word, once again, someone on the stream commented, “somebody tale [sic] her phone before she does something dumb.”

Too late, I guess.

While we don’t know when this video was recorded (it could have been before her more famous n-bomb in late May), she’s establishing a pattern of being completely oblivious to her racist behavior.

Dabbing Granny N-Word Take 2
You can see the words “Bitch, you did not just say that!” written all over his face.

If somebody at her age and with her kind of following still needs to ask why it’s okay to say ‘nigga’ but not the same word with a hard ‘r,’ there is no amount of explaining anyone can do to make her understand.

Dabbing Granny got herself into hot water when during a live stream on her Instagram account in late May, she dropped the n-word with a super-hard ‘r.’

The obvious outrage didn’t take long to arrive, and shortly after, Olson posted an “apology” video in which she apologized to whomever she offended.

She said that she was only quoting her daughter, who got into a fight in prison and yelled, “what the f*** is your problem, ni****?!”

The apology was not accepted, and another half-assed apology video followed that still showed that she had learned nothing at all from the experience. 

We reached out to both Olsen and Chris Crayzie to confirm when this exchange took place, but haven’t heard back from either one at the time of publishing this article.

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