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Stoned Pizza THC-infused pizza delivery

THC-Infused Pizza Delivery Service ‘Stoned Pizza’ is Coming to Los Angeles

Congratulations Californians. You still get all the good stuff happening in the cannabis community.

Stoned Pizza, which has been serving medical marijuana customers in New York and New Jersey, is reportedly getting ready to set up shop in Los Angeles to satisfy every pizza-lover’s THC needs.

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“About four years ago, I started doing cannabis dinners here in New York, things like steak, lobster, shrimp—high-end dinners,” entrepreneur Chris Barrett, aka the Pizza Pusha, told High Times.

“And the pizza was born out of like a snack for my dinners and it just kind of took off. And at some point, I stopped doing the dinners and just focused on the pizza and that’s been three years ago now.”

There’s no word yet about the prices of the pies, but order minimums for the East Coast branch of Stoned Pizza start at $200 for delivery or $100 for pickup.

Stoned Pizza already managed to create quite a buzz surrounding its expansion to Los Angeles, with celebrities like Ty Dolla $ign, Method Man, and Raw’s Josh Kesselman promoting the brand on social media. 

Standup comedian Young Jack Thriller has signed on as the company’s brand ambassador.

But it’s not just the pies, which contain a total of 320 milligrams of THC, that will get you high. Stoned Pizza’s entire menu is full of THC-filled goodness, including chicken wings, beverages and desserts including cheesecake, cookies, and brownies.

Stoned Pizza menu

Stoned Pizza has THC-infused goodies for every taste. (Photo: Stoned Pizza)

“We don’t just have pizza. We have garlic knots, we have sodas. We have four different flavors of sodas, too. Canna Cola, Orange Kush, Stoned Sprite, and Grape Ape,” Thriller told High Times

“We even have vegan pizza so no one is left out. Everybody is getting high!” he added.

Stoned Pizza is currently still working out the regulatory details to enter California’s strict cannabis market, but is already dreaming of bigger things to come.

“Right now, that’s the first one we’re going to go out with, but we’re going to open these things up like In-N-Out Burgers,” Barrett says. “We’re going to open them up everywhere.”

“We are opening ourselves up to all the people that have been victims of the War on Drugs and that’s who we’re looking to invest with us to give back,” says Thriller.

Thriller had apparently never been to L.A. before and told High Times that he only realized after a recent trip to California how massive the city truly is and how difficult delivering THC-infused pizzas there might be.

“L.A. is really big, so we got our work cut out for us. But when they say you’re biting off more than you can chew, you just gotta learn how to eat faster.”

That leaves us with just one question: Couldn’t you just eat a regular pizza and smoke a joint instead of ordering a brutally overpriced THC-infused pizza, waiting up to 90 minutes for the high to kick in and then not having anything to munch on because you already ate the pizza to get high in the first place?

Yes. Yes, you could just do that.

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