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Now You Can Have a Full-Time Joint Roller Just Like Snoop

Rolling up a nice joint at the end of a long day (or at the start, who am I to judge) is one of the great pleasures of life. 

But not every lover of the herb is gifted with the dexterous hands needed to roll a joint that not only looks good but also smokes well. 

Case in point, this author didn’t learn to properly roll a joint until in his late teens and that very first joint is still the best one he ever rolled (it was truly beautiful). 

Loose papers, sticky papers, a joint that doesn’t draw air, or even worse, one that starts canoeing — there are dozens of things that can go wrong, which is probably how we ended up with people twisting up two ends of a paper and using a roach clip to smoke.

“But dude, just get a joint rolling machine,” a voice whispers in your ear. “They’re cheap and super easy to use.” First of all, who is that talking? And secondly, no.

Have you ever seen a YouTube tutorial for one of those? Even the most experienced joint rolling machine operators can’t figure out which way to insert the paper on the first try. These things are like the USB plugs of the cannabis world.

And putting one of these joint rollers into the hands of someone who just can’t roll doesn’t really help them since for many, not being able to roll is more of a mental block than an actual inability to roll — like people who can’t swallow pills. Do you want to tell me they literally “can’t” swallow? How do they eat? Photosynthesis?!

Anyway, I digress. Rolling isn’t everyone’s thing and some people simply can’t. Be it because they never had the right teacher, didn’t try hard enough, or simply because they don’t have the mobility to roll — arthritis is a bitch and doesn’t mix well with fine motor skills.

But there’s a much, much easier, and frankly cooler, way to take your herb and turn it into perfectly rolled, conical joints that are a delight to smoke.

Invented by a cannabis enthusiast with a background in medical device development, The Revolver is all about comfort and ease of use, and as simple as it is smart.

The device is essentially a grinder that sits on top of a tube that holds pre-rolled cones. All you do is put your weed into the grinder, grind it up, use the built-in funnel to direct the ground weed into the cones, lift up the cone with the built-in lifter ring, and you’re done. 

That means you can roll five perfect joints in the time it would usually take you to find the sticky side of the paper.

I mean yeah, you could probably pick up a cone filling tool and a bunch of pre-rolled cones and do the same work for cheaper, but if you’ve ever tried using a cone filler, you know they’re a disaster. They take forever, make a huge mess, and if you’re already high you have a 99.99% chance of dropping your cone and spilling everything on the floor. Forget making a joint on the go or with anyone breathing within a 3-foot radius.

Not so with The Revolver. This device was designed to be clean and simple, and the only device a stoner needs. Instead of lugging around a grinder, pre-rolled cones, a filling tool, a rolling tray, and god knows what else, with The Revolver you have everything in one place. 

It’s fantastic to use at home and still small enough to use on the go. Just pre-fill the five cone slots and you’re good to go. If you want to use just the grinder part of The Revolver (the grinder is pretty good), there’s also a “flow-through” chamber that drops your ground up weed straight through into the catch.

So what do you actually get for your money? The Revolver comes with The Revolver device itself (duh), 20 signature pre-rolled wood pulp cones, a box of matches, and a jtube to keep your finished joint safe.

According to the manufacturer, The Revolver can hold cones from 1 1/4 to King-sized and works with all types of cone materials. The guys behind The Revolver also thought about the little things and included a little tamping tool to pack down the weed and get your joint to the perfect consistency. 

Apart from being a really cool party-trick, The Revolver is actually a great device that can make your life a lot easier. Whether you’re the type to pre-roll your joints for the day or smoke out your buddies all-day-long, once you get used to rolling with The Revolver, you don’t ever want to go back.

Oh and if you’re the lucky dude who was hired by Snoop Dogg as his personal joint roller, hit us up, you could definitely use one.

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