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Lil Baby Drops $500 For An Ounce Of High-Quality Weed

Earning $100,000 or more for a feature, Lil Baby is one of the best-paid rappers in the game. All the money coming his way from his music has the Atlanta rapper making expensive purchases.

He’s a huge stoner, and therefore he spends a lot of money on weed – but only the best of the best is good enough for him.

During a hazy Instagram live session, Lil Baby sheds light on how much he pays for an ounce of weed. He can be seen puffing away at his blunt and coughing up a storm before telling fans his weed is no joke and how hefty the price tag is. 

“This ain’t no muthafucking corona. This exotic,” Lil Baby says in between coughs. “This cough, this is exotic cough. This a $500 a zip cough.” 

How much do you spend on a zip? Let us know in the comments!

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Lil Baby paying for that quality 💨

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17 responses to “Lil Baby Drops $500 For An Ounce Of High-Quality Weed”

  1. Martin kane says:

    8 smoke half ounce a week

  2. Jerrilyn says:


  3. Bishop says:

    Anywhere from 21.50$ CAD to 300$ CAD

  4. Dave says:

    Only rookies or rich what-Evers pay that much! I buy an OZ every week for the last 10 yrs! No joke. For exotics 225-300. It’s the top shelf, got the cough, never near $500 tho. Those are clown prices.

  5. Cheese says:

    That’s because you’ve never smoked good weed. They dont sell it at the store.

  6. Stoney Weedson says:

    In Michigan, we get Ozs for like $100-300. Just depends. But the $100 zips aint bad either

  7. Reggie says:

    What would be the reasonable expensive price? Just wondering. I spotted one for lil over $300 and was thinking about getting it.

  8. Deniz Kocak says:

    We pay 400-450 for ounce of good strain here in Queensland Australia

  9. Bob says:

    Just cuz ya cough, don’t make it good dope. Ole brick weed with all the mold and bugs and shit, made ya cough. I have Hogs Breath and Do Si Dos, that’s fire and ya don’t cough.

  10. Russ Chamness says:

    Sound like u jealous bruh. Fucking lame

  11. Jeremie says:

    Who buys zips thats baby weight

  12. Lolololol says:

    Lmfao you smoking on some mids quit lying

  13. Meagan Smoggie says:

    Ima say 300$ but if Lil Baby sharing I’ll smoke some of that 500$ zip medicinals!!!!

  14. Jach says:

    Thank yoooouuuu

  15. Alejandro says:

    Definitely but in atl its still illegal so they tax a lil

  16. P.J says:

    i grow my own at about 10.00 a 0z any strain i have on line

  17. P.J says:

    I ment on hand not on line i have nothing online

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