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How Many Grams In An Ounce?

OK, there are 28 grams in an ounce. Question answered. But it’s not that simple; an ounce doesn’t weigh 28 grams at all. Let’s break it down, so we all know exactly what the score is.

Metric Vs. Imperial/American System

One Ounce Of Medical Cannabis

Grams and ounces belong to completely separate systems of measurement: metric and Imperial. (“Imperial” is called “American” in the US).

Imperial/American is a base-12 system whereas good ol’ sensible European metric is base-10.

So, in metric terms, you can buy a kilo of cannabis and be pretty sure it’s 1000g. That 1000g breaks down neatly into 100’s, 10’s, 0.10’s, etc.  The systems designed to be efficient and straightforward. And it does its job most of the time.

Scientists everywhere prefer metric over Imperial. There’s even an “international prototype kilo” somewhere in France. It’s recalibrated every few years in case it’s lost some atoms to radioactive decay. That’s how precise the system is.

Imperial/American, on the other hand, is based on whimsy. Base-12 systems can be handy. But this one’s constructed confusingly. People have made lots of tiny patchwork changes to it for hundreds of years. Metric was developed much later, to try to regulate the existing mess.

So, instead, a system where everything’s in multiples of 10, we have a bunch of weird things like stones, pounds and ounces.

When Worlds Collide

How Much Is In An Ounce

In places where Imperial is still used, the system for buying and selling cannabis combines both! Bulk producers have no time for that crazy Imperial nonsense. They produce kilos. And they sell kilos. But here’s the ridiculous thing. The person why buys the kilo breaks it down into Imperial units! Ounces, or sometimes even “bars” and “half bars”. With a bar being 9 ounces and a half-bar 4.5 ounces. Crazy!

People at street level don’t usually want a whole ounce. They want a smaller piece of that ounce which is where “quarters”, “eighths” and “teenths” come in. To make it simple. An eighth is an eighth of an ounce like the name implies. A quarter is a quarter. And a teenth is a sixteenth of an ounce.

Going Down The Scales

Scale How Much Weed Is In An Ounce

So how does all this work out in metric units?

Okay: a kilo gets broken down into ounces. For convenience, lots of people say that there are 36 ounces in a kilo. But, there ain’t. There are 35.274 ounces in a kilo. So if your contact gives you 36 ounces as a kilo, count yourself lucky!

A lot of people think that an ounce has 28 grams. But that ain’t true either. It’s close enough for simple transactions. But it’s not close enough for, say, firing a rocket into space. In fact, an ounce has 28.3495 grams. The more you know! Just try asking for the missing .3495 grams next time.

But if like most folks, you’re resigned to there being only 28 grams in an ounce, it’s pretty straightforward from there on down. A quarter is 7 grams. An eighth is 3.5 grams. And a “teenth” is about 1.75 grams!

How Many Grams In An Ounce Explain By Simon Moker

In this Youtube video, our host Simon Moker will show you how an ounce looks like.

How many grams in an oz?

How Does An Ounce Look Like – a Visual Guide

How Much Is An Ounce

We hope that we’ve been able to answer all your questions, if not, make sure to check out our visual guide to find out more about grams, eight ounces, quarter ounces, half ounces and ounces.

36 responses to “How Many Grams In An Ounce?”

  1. Gary Dyson-Holland says:

    Good article 😉👍,Seshata,debated the subject many times,haha,😇😈😊,,informative &correct,,!!😊🌻✌

    • marco says:

      Thank you very much, we appreciate the feedback 🙂

      • Red says:

        She said “Teeneth” as in a teener aka T-shirt aka T. She did not say “tenth”. Its amazing , you would have been killed if you tried giving the wrong someone a tenth when they paid for a teeneth…. Just sayin…

        • Peter Fletcher says:

          Why would you buy such a minisule amount. Id give that away
          Fancy asking for money for such an amount??

    • Jd says:

      Except a “ten bag” is a dime bag. And it’s not 1.75g. It doesn’t actually have a precise weight. It’s literally $10 worth of weed cuz you’re broke as hell and can’t buy an eighth like an adult. Or in my case ounces. Usually dime bags are around .5-1.0g

      • Guy with common sense says:

        We’ll see here’s the thing. First off there was never any mention of “ten bag” in the post. And the sad part is the writer of the post didn’t have enough sense to even defend hisself and call the know it all critic a dumbass and point out where he himself is actually the one who doesn’t know his ass from his face. See if you weren’t so illiterate and would have been paying attention in English class then you would clearly take notice that the reference was actually “teenth” as in sixteenth not tenth or ten bag as u so foolishly called it. Which is as anyone who has common knowledge in math knows is half of an eighth. Because 2 six”teenths” is reduced to an eighth. And half of an eighth is what? That’s right boys and girls a six “teenth”. Or 1.75 which Times 2 is 3.5 (eighth or “eight ball”) Times 2 is 7 or(quarter). So both of you guys are dumbasses in my opinion. You for not noticing it said “teenth” and then the other you for not even noticing where the other guy was wrong about what u were saying in the first place and not just pointing it out. So all I can say is wow

        • Jimthejigaboo says:

          Not to mention a “teenth” isnt weed its fucken crack

        • Peter Fletcher says:

          For fuks sake who cares. Who buys less then a quarter anyway. Never heard of a tenth..and i been doing this since the days of imperial. I want that extra .35 for the zillion ounces i bought at 28

  2. JoeC says:

    So u say a “Teenth” is a sixteenth, half of an Eighth which is ~3.5 grams. SO a Teenth is ~1.75 grams not ~.5. At least mock our retarded system with facts. 😛

    • Seshata says:

      The last sentence of the post –

      “a “teenth” is about 1.75 grams”

      … I wrote earlier on that THESE DAYS people are getting ripped off in the UK with 0.5g instead of a proper “teenth”.

      I can see where the confusion came from though lol 😛

      • Jd says:

        I’m sorry but you’re still wrong a “ten-bag” is not 1.75g and Its not 1/16 of an ounce. A “ten-bag”(as you call) is actually a dime bag(being that we have a coin called a dime worth $.10) and it’s called that because it is $10 worth of weed. Generally it’s around .5-1.0g depending on your area and if your dealer likes you.

        Why are you, a bloke, trying to educate Americans on their own system of weed quantities? Or if it wasn’t targeting Americans, why did you not do your due diligence and research these terms properly by oh idk.. talking to a bunch of stoners? Like you can literally google legal pot despensaties in America and find hundreds you can call/email and ask. I hope you step on a lego you limey bastard 🙂

        • Seshata says:

          Lol, well first off I’m not a bloke I’m a bird, and secondly, I think we are simply misunderstanding each other!

          I’m from the UK, where a ten-bag is a common expression for a bag of weed costing £10. Back in the 90s, an eighth of weed cost around £20. A proper eighth, 3.5g.

          Therefore, a ten-bag USED TO WEIGH 1.75g. Here, in the UK, which is what I was talking about. If I was talking about the US, maybe I would be using the term dime bag instead, because as you so rightly pointed out, that’s the term you guys use. We don’t.

          Anyway, nowadays for £20 in the UK you don’t get an eighth, you get a “draw” which could weigh anything from 1.2 – 2.0 grams, depending on quality & availability of dealer, etc. Thus, a ten-bag in the UK no longer equates to a sixteenth of an ounce. It is more likely to be 0.5 -1 g of bud, and probably at the lighter end on average.

          Does that make sense? Also, please don’t take the light-hearted bullshit about the Imperial/American system to heart. I mean, the British also insist on still using the Imperial system alongside or sometimes even instead of metric, and it’s weird, annoying, and generally done to appease old, conservative voters. Now, with Brexit, a load of people from the UK have taken it upon themselves to vandalize road signs in metric, because metric is European and they long for the grand old days of the British Empire. See what I mean? It’s all a load of bullshit really. No point getting silly about it, better just to point out how silly it all is.

          • Guy with common sense says:

            Come on seshata don’t u see where is thinks u said tenth and not teenth. You were right he just don’t pay attention. You never said anything about a ten bag

        • pj says:

          What’s with the limey bastard u racist idiot what a prat have a nice day u brain dead yank

    • Guy with common sense says:

      Just said that dummy

  3. Ricky Nelson says:

    I have never once heard “American” we don’t have to differentiate like that because we just ignore metric so we call things ounces, pounds, inches or feet and have never needed a name for our system.

    • Seshata says:

      OK, the “US customary system” may be a better name. From Wikipedia – “The United States system of units is similar to the British imperial system.[4] Both systems are derived from English units, a system which had evolved over the millennia before American independence, and which had its roots in Roman and Anglo-Saxon units. The customary system was championed by the U.S.-based International Institute for Preserving and Perfecting Weights and Measures in the late 19th century. Advocates of the customary system saw the French Revolutionary, or metric, system as atheistic.[5] An auxiliary of the Institute in Ohio published a poem with wording such as “down with every ‘metric’ scheme” and “A perfect inch, a perfect pint”.[5] One adherent of the customary system called it “a just weight and a just measure, which alone are acceptable to the Lord.”[5]… Also metric has been official in the US since 1975, if you read a little further! 🙂

      • Jd says:

        That’s why your article sucked. You still think Wikipedia is a credible information source. ANYONE can log in and change some info. In middle school I created my own page. Made it say I had a viper for a dick because I was bored in computers class.

        • Seshata says:

          You know that if you have half a brain it’s quite easy to sort the shitty wikipedia entries from the good ones. The ones that have references are usually a good start. And also, I can go to about 10,000 other sites and find the same information. So what’s your point exactly?

    • Jd says:

      There’s a name buddy. Most Americans just don’t know it. It’s the American system to the world but it’s official name is the imperial system. Don’t be a potato. This is a potato free zone.

  4. Ricky Nelson says:

    And also it doesn’t matter how many grams are in an ounce, just set your scale to ounces and go until it reads 1.00.

  5. Desirae says:

    Actually you made a mistake, a ten is one gram. A half eighth is 1.75. as the eighth is 3.5. I knew a ounce was 28.34, but most people selling round down for there own benefit.

  6. Jim says:

    28 grams is an ounce where I come from but a 1/4 is really 7.5 lol

  7. HardyVeles says:

    Nice article but I have few suggestions:
    1) Metric system is not to be called “European”, because it is the British Empire that coined the Imperial system. UK is Europe, with or without that multilateral agreement called European Union.
    2) The real value of Metric system is not its decade order of measures, but its unitary harmony between fundamentally different values to be measured, like: in a glass box sized 0.1 x 0.1 x 0.1 m (cubic decimeter) you can store
    1 l of water, that has mass of 1kg, when you move one kg of mass for distance of 1 meter, you spent 1 J of energy, and if you done it in 1 second, you used 1 watt of power to do it. To reproduce/provide that power you needed (at least) 1 amper of electrical current, with 1 volt DC potential, delivered over conductor having resistance of 1 Ohm, and so on.

    Calling the Imperial system “the US system” makes practical sense (a lot) but it is funny for us outside the US – on the same way it would be very funny to call your language American, but not English. However, in practice, I prefer “the US system” since, here, deep in Europe, people usually get the Death Star association first when you mention the Imperial System.

  8. Crazy lady from buttf*@!nowhere says:

    Y’all need to stop bickering and get high

  9. Lic Mystic says:

    Article is on point imo and I agree with the writers explanation of the two measuring systems and their consequent dynamics of the infusion, from a ‘street perspective’.

    Everyone getting seriously pissed off and/or upset because of anything he said needs chill the fuk out, ain’t a damn thing he said that should get anyone’s panties in a bunch, in my humble opinion. It ain’t that important.

    I find it interesting that it’s ‘standard protocol’ to be fusing metric and ‘imperial’ in the ‘drug slangin environment’, for lack of a better term. I
    Also it seems like a “teenth” has a double meaning cuz we also call it a “Tina”, which is derived from “Christina”, which is slang for “Crystal” (meth). So “Tina” could also be in regards to “sixteenth”. Of course, unless you smoke meth like me then you probably wouldn’t give a fuk about the “Tina” reference.. which is also appropriately about 1.7 grams. I found it interesting tho, obviously.

    Time to hit the bong actually before I write an essay, my girl askin who tf I’m textin lol, ‘strangers on the internet baby, same shit’ ~Peace and Luv

  10. Ole skool says:

    How much was a Lid equal to- an ounce back in the 70s ?

  11. Matt says:

    Must scale don’t weigh that small amount. Your talking 0.087375. in stoner language that not even a bong hit.

  12. Daniel Keen says:

    Ya’ll claim to smoke weed shiit chill man

  13. Daniel Keen says:

    Ya’ll claim to smoke weed
    chill man

  14. Peter Fletcher says:

    No use replying…the don’t post them

  15. Stoner says:

    Shit ,35 kind of smoked that’s up with the man

  16. Haze says:

    I definitely prefer to get the whole ounce lol

  17. Matt says:

    When I was a kid a frisbee full of weed was a lid and it was close to an ounce, nobody bothered with minor weight considering half the weight was seeds and stems.
    In my years I’ve bought $5 bags, $10 bags (I guess that’s what ya’ll can tenners), grams, eighths, halves, ounces, but I’ve never heard of a teener.

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