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These Dragon Balls Contain 3,000 Grams Of Pure Cannabis Oil

These orbs you see before you, seem straight out of a glass kiln. Two beautiful crystal spheres, glowing with reflected sunlight. Many have compared them to the eyes of Sauron from the lands of Mordor in Lord of the Rings.

The creator prefers to call them Dragon Balls, a modern-day reference. But these spherical glass-like objects, aren’t just any old reimagining from the cartoon of our past though. They actually contain magical powers, if you believe in the power of weed. These golden balls are 3,000 grams of 99 percent pure, dabbable THC isolate.

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Xtracted Labs produces these massive and unique pieces of stoner lore in their Seattle extraction labs. Even if you’ve never watched Dragon Ball Z (shame on you), as a cannabis enthusiast, you’ll appreciate the craftsmanship that went into these marvels of THC.

There is little information about these Dragon Balls available, leading us to believe they were a marketing stunt (which worked!) or a special order. Either way, they won’t be making an appearance on any dispensary shelves anytime soon. So long as you have the funds to place a special order these Dragon Balls could be yours. And, for 3,000 grams of pure THC, you’re going to need a fair bit of cash.

Glowing Dragon Ball’s – How Are they Made?

Cannabis Dragon Ball From X Tracted Labs

These glowing orbs are flavorless and have no scent, crafted from an extract produced by X-tracted labs known as the Clear. No matter the original strain that went into the process, the Clear comes out unrecognizable by scent. Its pure cannabinoid, only pure THC remains.

According to the folks at Xtracted Labs, they have a process to reintroduce terpenes back into the concentrate. This is a common industry-wide practice, as terpenes don’t hold up like cannabinoids during the high heat of the extraction process. When they reintroduce terpenes back into the Clear, it takes on the flavor and aroma of the original strain. Blueberry? Sour Diesel? You’ll get each of these flavors if you choose.

Xtracted labs use only top quality buds, sugar leaves, and trichome covered shake. For every six grabs of fresh flower, they can produce one gram of extract. Which means 3,000 gram Dragon Ball’s need at least 18,000 grams of bud. Again, this premium product doesn’t come cheap.

How Do You Smoke These Dragon Balls?

How do you smoke Dragon Balls

It’s all well and good to have one in your possession, but how do you smoke a Dragon Ball. After all, they don’t fit nicely into your bowl. Because they are made from 99 percent pure THC concentrate, you’ve got two options – and both require you to dig in. Dabbing and vaping are the two most effective ways to smoke these bad boys.

Dabbing culture, is of course, why this company has already made a name for itself. It produces a line of shatters, budders, and waxes under the name Northwest Concentrates. They also carry a line of vaping products, called Refined.

Considering the average dab is between 0.25 to 0.5 grams of concentrate, a 3,000-gram ball is going to take you forever to smoke through. You’ll need to pick away at these balls, for months, if not years to consume it all. Unless of course you share among friends or place it in a display case.

What Will You Do With a Magical Dragon Ball Z?

If you magically find yourself in possession of one of these beautiful orbs of pure THC, will you have the courage to break into it? While 3,000 grams of THC may be incredibly tempting, as you dab away the ball – you’ll have nothing left to show. A Dragon Ball is more about bragging rights than about dabbing it away.

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  1. Jack says:

    Ok I tried how much are the dragon ball

  2. iLove2RawDog says:

    I went to the website but it doesn’t show how much these things cost..

  3. SJMK1 says:

    Should donate them to local hospital, Oncology unit.

  4. Donez Thomas says:

    How do I purchase this Dragon Ball and how much money isn’t a problem?

  5. clark says:

    i wish i can get one or two

  6. Tyler Durden says:

    What happens if u got 7 of them?

  7. Keasto says:

    I want one…….

  8. Stephen Brett says:

    Price plse

  9. Jerry G says:

    The average dab is between 0.25-0.5G?? No way. That’s a quarter to half a gram dabs. I think you forgot the 0. 0.025-0.05g makes more sense if you ask me… lol

  10. Arnie Carr says:

    prices for Distillate have been going down during the pandemic because most is exported to Poland but during the pandemic is has been harder to get rid of for 3000 I currently pay $16,500

  11. Matt says:

    I agree 100% no one just Casually takes half gram dabs I’ll pick out 0.05 or less per hit. I feel as if you are just wasting your dabs when you put big chunks of it in your banger because a lot of it won’t burn because it won’t stay hot enough or u have to take a red hot dab to get it all in one hit which is so harsh and burnt tasting

  12. Saundra Dishman says:

    I’ve never dabbed before, what all is needed? Thanks

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