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Cannabis Christmas Calendar

Company Selling A Weed Advent Christmas Calendar Available Worldwide

Christmas is hailed as the most wonderful time of year, and long before the season kicks off, companies around the world feature new products just in time for the arrival of Old Saint Nick.

Time-old traditions, family, gifts, gatherings, and food represent most cultures globally and without exception, the enjoyment of advent calendars.

Weed Xmas Calendar

Cannabis Themed Christmas Advent Calendars

A new take on the traditional advent calendar has splashed the festive market intending to bring Christmas cheer to medical marijuana patients and recreational users everywhere.

Cannadish is a Company Selling A Weed Advent Calendar Available Worldwide- making holidays even more weed-wonderful!

What better way to enjoy the festive season than with Cannabis?
Time-old traditions, family, gifts, and now? Cannabis! Perfect for the medical marijuana patient, recreational toker, smoker, or edible-enthusiast.
This weed Advent Christmas calendar is sure to bring joy to all the ganja-girls and boys over the holidays!

Weed Xmas Calendar - Whats in the Box?

A Unique Cannabis Christmas Gift

Starting December 1st, you or your selected recipients (lucky them!) can have a Merry Cannabis Christmas for 25 straight days of festive-fun!

But even before that, you’ll enjoy being creative because the concept of the Cannadish calendar is that the compartments are empty, and the pull-out drawers can be filled with edibles, cannabis buds, weed-treats, extractions, and more.
Not only will you be able to completely customize the drawers to the recipient’s preference, but this concept also makes the product available worldwide!

You even can try your hand at edible recipes straight from your cannabis kitchen to add an even more personal touch.
It’s the ultimate and universal customizable gift that gives bliss and bounty every day of December!
‘Tis the Season to Get Baked!

The most surprising part of the 2020’s best weed gift ideas is that this isn’t your standard paper calendar.
It’s a beautiful, large, 24 by 24-inch, festive Advent Calendar with magnetic doors, cute, and fillable pull-out drawers, and creative Cannabis decor, and design!

What To Get The Person Who Has Everything For Christmas?

If you’re wondering what to get the person who has everything for Christmas, look no further!
Fill your Weed Advent Christmas Calendar with rolling papers, different strains of weed, already-rolled joints, gummies, candies, weed-chocolates and more. All they’ll want for Christmas is weed!

Santa Loves Weed - Merry Christmas

Typically an Advent Calendar is given on December 1st, but the calendar can also be gifted on Christmas Eve.
Originally a religious tradition, now trendy and mainstream, marijuana adds a whole lot of merry to the holidays!
You will most definitely have a very ‘Mary- Kushmas’, and Cannabis cheer is sure to find you this year with this creative weed Christmas gift.
And really, who needs a Christmas tree when you have Christmas weed?
For U.S residents, you can pre-order it here, and for all other countries, it’s currently  available for pre-order on Etsy

Merry Cannabis Christmas To All!

merry christmas calendar


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