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Chronopoly Carts Review: Another Unregulated Prefilled Cartridge

This Chronopoly Carts review reminded me of the Dank Vapes review and other black-market cartridges I wrote about. We are now living in a time where commercializing cannabis has switched over to the black market so they can stand a chance competing against the legal weed products. Chronopoly is a rip off of the Monopoly character. This is another THC oil cartridge brand that has no proper license to manufacture or distribute cannabis products.

Also known as monopoly carts, this brand does not provide any evidence that their product is clean from any impurities. This vape cartridge brand raises many red flags. The first red flag was the fact that their packaging is easily available online for sale by people on Chinese market places. More signs they are not reputable is no official website and an Instagram that has the same type of pictures as other black-market cartridges. Currently, their Instagram has a following of 2,000 people. They are trying to play their followers by showing pictures of other black-market cartridges and urging against buying. They even added a picture of hot dog water, and comment that’s what’s inside of all the unregulated cartridges sold.

chronopoly carts

A lot of these black-market cartridges are opting for either CCELL cartridges or in this case, Ikrusher cartridges. The Mononploy cart can be found in California, let us know in the comments if you’ve come across it elsewhere. I’ve seen them sell for $25 for an entire gram which makes it clear that this brand is selling inferior quality. 

Chronopoly Cart Review

monopoly cart

Popular CCELL cartridge has been seen used for Chronopoly carts.

The choice of packaging for these Chronopoly carts are too similar to Exotic Carts. I really wouldn’t be surprised if the person behind Dank Vapes and Exotic Carts kept dishing out new brands to battle against the exposure online of their products filled with pesticides and low THC content. Their Instagram shows they are in Los Angeles, which seems to be the hub for many black-market cartridges.

The flavors are designed to pull in customers who do more than just smoke weed and vape hash oil. They have a dirty sprite flavor for an example, which is synonymous with the lean drink rappers like Lil Wayne rap about. This brand is targeting young adults with its pop culture designs on their packaging. It’s a competition among the black market to have the most appealing packaging and infringing on copyrights. 

Chronopoly Carts Flavors

chronopoly flavors

Chronopoly Carts Flavors

  • Paris OG
  • Hawaiian Punch
  • Orange Creamsicle Gelato
  • Skittles 
  • Pineapple Express
  • Dirty Sprite
  • Mimosa
  • Hollywood Haze
  • Cookie Breath

Monopoly Carts Review Conclusion

I can’t encourage our readers enough to stay disciplined with the cartridges they consume. The black market only cares about profit, which means that quality control isn’t important to them. It’s essential to understand that pesticides have no odor, so there is no way to know if your cartridge is filled with poison (unless it’s tested by an independent lab). These Monopoly Carts do not have any lab test results available for their THC oil.

It’s a common practice for these prefilled cartridges sold in the streets to claim ridiculously high THC content on their packaging. It’s been proved countless times that these claims are far from accurate. There is no winning when it comes to buying outside of a legal cannabis dispensary or delivery service. People are being tricked thinking they are buying a premium THC oil cartridge. The actual reality is it’s cut up with a bunch of terpenes, and sometimes containment with pesticides. Learn more about fake cartridges in this article we published some months ago.

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