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stiiizy pink acai weed

Stiiizy Pink Acai Cannabis Strain Review

Pink Acai by Stiiizy has been a fan favorite by many. Stiiizy makes excellent pods, so we knew that their Pink Acai flower would be excellent. Grown indoors, Pink Acai is a hybrid of sativa and indica. 

What Is Stiiizy?

Stiiizy is a company that offers a variety of exclusive cannabis products. This company has got it all, from flowers to edibles to pods. Their fantastic quality of cannabis products has enticed many people to declare their love for the company. Product and safety are essential to Stiiizy, so all of its products are lab tested to ensure they are free of harmful chemicals, pesticides, and metals. All of their flowers are grown indoors to maintain quality. Their flowers have been making a debut recently, with people noticing the excellent quality of the buds. Pink Acai, for one, has been growing in popularity recently.

Pink Acai Strain

pink acai strain

One of Stiiizy’s most popular flowers is “Pink Acai”. The flowers are grown indoors at a state-of-the-art facility. Every Pink Acai bud is handpicked to ensure perfect quality and potency. Stiizy ensures that the bud bursts with flavor and a fantastic a ma. Pink Acai is a hybrid, with a THC level of 29 29%. The total cannabinoid count is 34.17%.

Pink Acai Cannabis Strain Genetics

Pink Acai is a hybrid cannabis strain from crossbreeding sativa and indica.

Sativa acts as an “upper,” while indica acts as a “downer.” When the two are crossbred, the consumer can get the best of both worlds. Sativa strains reduce anxiety and stress while promoting creativity and focus. Indica strains relax the body and mind, while reducing pain and nausea. Hybrids allow the consumer to experience both at the same  time. Consumers of hybrids have reported feeling calm and relaxed while feeling creative and focused. Pink Acai helps ease your mind, get pain relief, feel creative, blissful, and feel more energetic. 

Flavors and Appearance

Pink Acai smells of blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and raspberry pies. It has a deep earthy smell that mingles with the berries that can only be described as picking berries after it has rained. It has light, airy floral scents as well. When inhaling Pink Acai, you will be surprised with a potent flavor similar to a berry smoothie. 

This bud is made up of a beautiful olive green with gentle touches of dark blue. Upon closer examination, you will see hints of pale yellow, chestnut, and l lac. Pink Acai displays a gorgeous icy green frost. 

How To Get It

Stiiizy currently doesn’t mail cannabis products. They sell their products through retailers. Currently, Stiiizy’s cannabis products are only available in California, Michigan, and Nevada. Stiiizy has a link on their website to find a store near you that sells their products. They also have a store in San Francisco!

Review 5/5

Stiiizy has some impressive top-shelf options, and we recommend the Pink Açaí strain because of the taste, smoothness, price, density, potency, and lastly, it looks incredible too.

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