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pandora strain

Maven Genetics Pandora Strain Review

We’ve heard many great things about Pandora by Maven Genetics, so we knew we had to buy some.
The bud comes in a cylindrical container encased in a luxurious black box. Containing 33.69% THC, Pandora provides a beautiful high. 

About Maven Genetics 

pandora strain maven genetics

Maven Genetics is a California-based company dedicated to finding and breeding the highest quality and unique strains of cannabis. Over 20 years of experience has allowed their cannabis strains to win awards by being of utmost quality and exotics.

They produce and sell multiple products, including vape cartridges, pre-rolled joints, and flowers. All of their products are loved by many, specifically their flower “Pandora”. 

Pandora Strain Genetics 

Pandora is a cannabis flower that’s hard to resist. It’s a hybrid strain that’s mainly indica dominant. Indica dominant strains allow the smoker to feel more relaxed and happy while remaining alert. They also help with pain and inflammation. This extraordinary strain contains 33.69% THC, allowing consumers to experience a highly euphoric high.

Physical Characteristics

pandora strain

The bud displays gorgeous spring green foliage with hints of dark forest green and lemony and amber colors. If you take a closer look, you’ll be able to see icy white trichomes. The flower has beautiful hints of salmon and auburn intertwined within the foliage. 


Have you ever smelt a lemon or orange when it’s first been peeled? Or mint that’s been freshly picked or ground? That fantastic smell is caused by the terpene “limonene”. Because of the limonene terpene in Pandora, it’s a lovely smell of citrus fruits and mint. Pandora also has the caryophyllene terpene, which gives an aroma like rosemary or pine. 


With the first inhale, you’ll feel warm and pleasantly tingly. Your mind will be at ease, and you’ll feel more relaxed. With each inhale, you’ll feel a calming sense of euphoria that grows. Every part of your body will begin to relax as the indica dominant strain mildly sedates your body. Because of the hybrid, your mind will stay alert but relaxed. With every breath, your mind and body release any stress it may have. You’ll feel happy and in a dream-like state, almost as if you’re sitting on clouds. You may feel your breathing slow and your heart beating more steadily. Your body and mind will feel completely at ease. As you feel calmer, you may start to crave delicious foods and find them irresistible. This strain of flower gives you one of the most relaxing highs ever. 

Where to order it?

Maven Genetics partnered with Flower Company to deliver its products. Their team is made of cannabis enthusiasts who partner directly with farmers and brands. They make sure to partner with small businesses in California. Flower Company strives to provide next-day delivery with discreet packaging.

Review 5/5

The Pandora strain was another great top-shelf experience, which is thanks to the Maven Genetic cannabis brand, which are known for their premium quality.

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