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Guild Extracts the pines batter

Guild Extracts Pine Batter Wax Review

There are currently a ton of THC concentrate choices available in California. Many people like myself will consider this a paradise if you dab cannabis extracts. The reason is because of the vast selection of inexpensive and flavorful dabbing options available for sale. 

We saw Guild Extracts on the menu of a local delivery service in the Bay Area. They are from Oakland, California, and produce many different types of concentrates. We decided to get our hands on some of their pine batte batter wax for this dabbing review, it cost us only $30 before taxes and fees. On the box, and their website is a slogan that says; Where art means science. It’s safe to say this statement is accurate, because this batter was truly beautiful. 

The Pine Batter Wax

Guild Extract Pine Batter Wax Review

Decided to dab this sativa concentrate from Guild Extracts. The batter was some of the best looking, and it didn’t stop giving. The flavor just from smelling this wax was a real treat and refreshing. Dabbing this batter wax tasted like some really good cannabis, but was a really settled flavor too. 


Guild Extract Pine Batter Wax THC

The label shows a potency lab test of THCa 85.4%. The effects from dabbing a small amount of this sativa wax resulted in a heightened focus and caffeine like energy. This is the type of dab you really only need just a rice grain size in the morning to get your day started. Chronic users myself will enjoy a dab of this Guild Extracts wax with some coffee. 


Taking low temperature dabs with this batter wax is a wonderful experience. The vapor is very flavorful and smooth. Even when the heat was a little bit more than what is considered low tempt, it was still a real tasty and potent experience. Although, we recommend always dabbing with a low temperature. 

Serving: 40

Although the label states 40, we like to take dabs the size of rice grain. This provided more than 20 sessions at this size. Each session was a cerebral treat, and helped with working long hours on the computer work station. This is definitely the type of concentrate that’s great to aid in studying, or to enjoy a movie. The sativa properties will provide strong effects that are going to last a couple of hours from one dab. With smaller size dabs, it’s definitely possible to get 40 effective doses. Especially for those with a low tolerance, this gram of batter wax will be sufficient. 

Which are the best cannabis concentrates to dab in California?

We are currently putting together various lists right now which include the best affordable THC wax options for sale in California. The Guild Extracts brand has many different concentrates for sale, and we plan on trying more out in the future after this experience. Check back every week for a new dabbing review of cannabis extracts from California. Also leave a comment on any brand worth reviewing, and we will try our best to get to it. 

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