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raw garden live resin crushed diamonds

Raw Garden Live Resin Crushed Diamonds Review

There is more than one way to enjoy all the benefits of marijuana, and Raw Garden’s Refined Live Resin Crushed THCa Diamonds is here to deliver that experience.

The diamonds are colorless and look like their name suggests. Crushed Diamonds are manufactured in a way that brings forth all the best qualities with none of the negative additives, resulting in a superior high.

This type of cannabis concentrate is considered top-shelf but it also has a really great price. There are a ton of other THCa diamonds for sale from other brands, and usually, they cost a lot more too. 

Before we jump into our in-depth review, it’s first important to learn more about this type of marijuana extract. 

What is Live Resin?

live resin crushed diamonds

Live Resin is made by flash freezing the cannabis flower while it is fresh. This means that the plant is neither dried nor cured before the process. The compounds are extracted during this procedure of flash freezing, preventing the loss of terpenes and precious cannabinoids. 

As the research on marijuana grows, it has been shown that the higher the amount of terpenes, the better the quality of cannabis. Terpenes are what occur inside cannabis trichomes due to both the spectrum of light and how much light exposure the plant has while growing. 

Although Raw Garden’s Crushed Diamonds is used most often by those using dab rigs, its potential for so much more than that should be noted. It has medicinal properties that many can benefit from. It is also a luxurious addition to the cannabis flower used in bowls, blunts, joints, and bongs. Even if a person doesn’t dab, this product is definitely a good additive to any smoke session. 

If you want to learn more about the topic, learn our in-depth article about live resin.

More About Raw Garden Company

Raw Garden and flower company

Raw Garden is a modern cannabis company that started its journey in 2011. They own over 50 acres of cultivated land and greenhouses in the hills of Santa Cruz.

Everything is done the old-fashioned way with a hoe and shovel; using beneficial insects and absolutely no herbicides. 

Raw Garden is Clean Green Certified and on top of that, they keep water conservation a high priority. A goal of Raw Garden is to efficiently and naturally make the delights of cannabis into a sustainable agricultural crop. They use only organic and natural fertilizers. There are no artificial flavors, ingredients, or thinners added throughout the entire process.

Raw Garden is leading the way in pure and lab tested marijuana products. Offering the easy ability to put in any batch number from their products and see the direct lab results. This gives the consumer the unique ability to see exactly what they are consuming in every way. Each amount is listed out from THCa, THC, Delta 9, CBD levels, and more. The lab results also display the different terpenes and amounts in the strain of the product.

Not only does Raw Garden bring forth exceptional grade cannabis products but they also deliver a seed-to-sale promise.

Raw Garden brings forward something that many other weed retailers cannot: the Single Source guarantee. They pride themselves in the entire manufacturing process from breeding to cultivating, harvesting, extracting, packaging, and delivering superior cannabis products.  

What is THCa Content and Potency 

Raw Garden THCa crushed Diamonds

There is new research coming to light about the benefits of THCa, or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid.

In fact, it is showing therapeutic anti-inflammatory properties, aspects of treatment for neurodegenerative diseases, the ability to help with appetite loss and nausea, and anti-proliferative properties when involved with studies for those with prostate cancer.

The THCa chemical compound has a less psychoactive effect and more healing properties. 

There is a difference between live resin Crushed Diamonds and other forms that are similar, such as; live sugar. Crushed Diamonds are a harder, crystal-like product that you can sprinkle. Live sugar has a softer, more crumble-like consistency with a darker color than Crushed Diamonds similar to honey.   

Live resin is considered one of the highest quality forms of cannabis. The terpenes remain fully intact making it one of the purest and strongest products on the market.

Raw Garden’s Crushed Diamonds, is the savant of live resin products. The purity makes it one of the most flavorful tasting concentrates out there. Its fresh and uncured, non-dried, flash-frozen process allows for a plethora of terpenes and THCa to remain pure delivering powerful effects. 

Indica Dabs 

Refined live resin Crushed Diamonds is made with no fillers, no additives, or flavors, and contains 100% natural cannabis oil and terpenes. Indica dominant strains bring forth delightful body relaxations. The Crushed Diamonds are an ultra-fine texture making it easy to sprinkle on top of any variety of bowls, blunts, or rigs. 

Raw Garden leads the way in first-class genetics in breeding pure and strong cannabis strains. Decades of academic research and industry experience have brought the leading analysis in breeding, biotechnology, and genomics into the Raw Garden process. Using selective breeding to create top-notch strains, these varying cannabis resins produce sought-after experiences. 

This strain of Crushed Diamonds is Loquat Slurm. It is an Indica heavy hybrid with the leading terpenes of Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and Linalool. These terpenes are tested by utilizing gas chromatography-flame ionization detection. It has a THCa content of 93.48% and a THC content of 82.65%. Each strain is tested for cannabinoids using high-performance liquid chromatography with diode-array detection. 

When seeking a luxurious and pure smoking experience, then the Raw Garden brand is one above all the rest. Their quality of products and detail to perfection involving breeding and cultivation has no rival. 

Drop us a comment with your experience dabbing THCa diamonds, and maybe we will review the brand mentioned.

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