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What Is Sugar Wax THC Concentrate?

There are a ton of different types of marijuana extracts, but none comes close to the magnificent flavors from sugar wax concentrate. There are a few reasons for its name, the first is because of its physical texture, resembling the grain of sugar. It has a resemblance of ear wax too, but with a sugary grain. It’s important to remember that a lot of cannabis extracts can form this consistency with the environment or even physically whipping up some concentrates. A great example is with the shatter type of concentrates, it can begin to turn into a sugary consistency with the exposure to a hot environment. 

How is Sugar Wax Concentrate Made?

Making sugar wax type of concentrates requires using a solvent such as butane, and a purging process right afterwards to remove the solvent.  Let’s first explain the difference between shatter and wax THC. Basically, the shatter type of concentrate that has retained a crystal like structure that allows it to be transparent. The wax type of concentrate on the other hand has lost its shatter consistency, and no longer becomes see through. Shatter is nice to dab, but it does not offer the same intense flavors as the sugar wax concentrate form. 

Sugar Crumble THC review 

We tried out a few types of sugar wax options from California, and there are definitely brands making some great choices. It’s very easy to handle sugar wax crumble with a dab tool. We tried 3 different types of sugar wax concentrates to compare the differences available. We tried a live resin sugar wax from West coast cure. A regular sugar wax concentrate from Kings Garden. And finally, the golden tangie strain from the Cosmic cannabis brand. We took a nice video close up of each sugar wax THC reviewed, each looks very nice and have different colors. Can you guess which cannabis extract tasted the best? Keep reading to find out as we rank each based on flavor next. 


There is no other type of cannabis extract except for rosin that can compete with the flavor from Sugar wax concentrate. It’s by far some of the tastiest when it comes to dabs available for sale. However, not all the cannabis brands produce the same amount of terpenes and THC content. There are some companies that have found the perfect balance, making their Sugar wax THC. 

Lemon Mints (West Coast Cure) – After taking dabs from each of the concentrates on our list, it was this sugar wax THC that was the favorite. It was also the first to finish with dabs from our team. It had this lemon rock candy flavor that was really familiar, but produced all naturally with real cannabis terpenes. It’s truly a treat for the person who wants a strong dab that also taste great too. Only a small size amount is needed to blast off into a productive mood. 

Gelato sugar wax THC (Kings Garden) – This was a good flavor, but not our first or second choice with these 3 cannabis extracts reviewed. The key is taking dabs with a low temperature set for the dabbing nail for the best flavor with any concentrate. This couldn’t be any more true with the sugar wax concentrate from Kings Garden. However, we felt like the gelato strain should have tasted a lot better than the flavors presented. It didn’t taste true to all the Gelato cannabis strained we’ve smoked or vaped. This cannabis extract brand also has the most nice packaging, which we feel is just to make up for what it lacks. 

Orange Tangie (Cosmic) – This family farm has got it right with their tasty Orange Tangie sugar wax concentrate. It has a citrus flavor that’s very much refreshing and stimulating. This option has closed to 4% of real cannabis terpenes, which is pretty high compared to most concentrates out there. Therefore, dabbing sugar wax THC from this family farm option provides a lot more intense flavors that are true to the cannabis plant.


Each of these dab options have a high 70 percent margin when it comes to THC potency. Although they were all around the same potency levels, the Lemon Mints really shined again with its strength. The next strongest option with effects in our opinion was the Orange Tangie. You’re going to get a lot more high with dabbing sugar wax concentrate that has real cannabis terpenes and other cannabinoids, compared to vaping a distillate cartridge with an extremely high THC potency. Each

Closer Look

We recorded a close-up, so you can get a better visual of these cannabis extracts.

Best THC concentrates for sale

It’s our goal to make an insightful list of the best cannabis extracts for dabs. In this continued blog series, we are dabbing concentrates from the best brands in California. At the end of this blog series, we will compile a list of the absolute best 10 cannabis concentrates. Please contribute by leaving a comment on which you think is currently the best marijuana extracts for dabs. We will try our best to create an in depth review, so you can learn about the product before dabbing.

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