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Cannabis Training University Teaches You Everything You Need To Know About Cannabis

Recently International High Life was given the opportunity to review the online marijuana study program on offer through Cannabis Training University. We’ve had a few paid-for courses come our way over the years, and so far nothing has compared to courses, videos, and ebooks provided through this long-established online certificate program.

In the world of legalized cannabis, Cannabis Training University (CTU) has a relatively long history. Established in 2009, they have gathered many industry leaders into their rank, including experts in cannabis law, master gardeners, medical marijuana physicians, and executive chefs. Recently, they also welcomed the Ganja Guru himself, Ed Rosenthal, on board.

Why Invest in the Master Certificate of Cannabis?

The world is on the brink of a cannabis industry explosion. Cannabis is legal in more countries than ever before. There are even more on track to welcome legalization in the months and years to come. Huge markets are opening up across Europe, in Canada and in South America. Most excitingly, in areas across the United States.

Seeking out cannabis education through a brick and mortar postsecondary institution is not a viable option in most regions. This lack of education is why online certificate opportunities are becoming an asset. With the industry expansion comes an entirely new job market. Cannabis training is a perfect way to demonstrate your industry knowledge. Its a way to include a crucial note on your resume under the education section.

Marijuana newbies and industry vets alike need a way to prove their expertise and set themselves apart from the competition. Getting legitimate training also exposes you to all areas of the marijuana industry, from growing to cooking to selling. Plus, unlike traditional in-person colleges, this education is at a pace you get to choose.

The Cannabis Training University Program

There are a few areas where the Master Certificate class at CTU stands apart from others in the industry. One reason why it’s immeasurably better than newer training courses is the price. It stands apart as perhaps the most affordable option on the market.

The full year-long Master Class comes in at 249 dollars. This price point is remarkably cheaper than some other cannabis schools. Some of the most notable run on an expensive subscription model or cost thousands of dollars to graduate. Most importantly at CTU the low price point doesn’t indicate poor quality.

Once enrolled, students have access to over 200 videos, and more than 100 ebooks. The books are available even after completion, as an added value resource for graduates. As another bonus, Ed Rosenthal has added his significant bibliography into the mix, available for students for the full year of their enrolment.

There is also no need to take time off your day job because the CTU course structure allows you to learn at your own pace. There are no scheduled tests, no required readings, just 365 days of open learning.

This do-it-yourself pace allows students to schedule their education as they see fit. Students can explore the course content, check off the preliminary quizzes, and then finally working through the two hour final Master Certificate Exam.

What Areas of the Cannabis Industry Does Cannabis Training University Cover?

The nice thing about CTU is that they have a broad range of coverage. It’s not strictly focused on one specific area (medical marijuana or gardening) like some courses are. Each section of their certificate program provides students with in-depth industry knowledge, on areas such as:

  • Medical Marijuana Law
  • How to Grow Cannabis
  • The Basics of Budtending
  • Medical Marijuana
  • How to Cook with Marijuana
  • How to Get a Job in the Industry
  • Dispensary Operations
  • Operating a Marijuana Business
  • And much more…

They offer a complete curriculum and one that doesn’t just breeze over the details. Each video is packed with specifics. For example, we took the time to explore the Marijuana Cooking & Extractions section. We were pleased to see coverage on the basics of cooking with canna-butter, videos tutorials, and recipes, as well as a thorough walkthrough of extractions. We learned a ton through the whole process, even in unexpected areas.

Our Experience In Cannabis Training University

Although we’ve been in the industry awhile, CTU’s videos and ebooks provided us with an education we wished we’d had when we got started. Even on topics where we thought we knew everything, the courses still offered valuable tidbits, which we know we’ll use later. For example, we learned tons about how to make perfect cannabutter.

The biggest difference between this online training program and others in the industry is the value of the course content. Some training programs have multi-hour videos, which are poorly put together, and essentially just a series of terrible slides. Other course videos we’ve watched tend to have someone drone on for hours at a time, with limited value to the course content.

The videos, and associated ebooks, for each course at CTU are much easier to consume. The information is concise, and very to the point. They are consumable without being reductionist. This method makes them perfect to fit into a busy schedule, and honestly much easier to digest and retain.

The Value Added Course Content

We also found value in the attention paid to the ever-changing marijuana laws The legal grey area where cannabis currently operates within the United States is a perfect example of why everyone in the industry needs to keep up to date on the changing environment. What you knew about marijuana law a year ago, does not apply today.

We also think that a Master Certificate from CTU would be an extremely valuable asset for accountants, marketers, chefs, and sales associates looking for career opportunities in the industry. While they may not be looking to directly handle the product themselves, having a good understanding of how the industry works would increase their chances of finding a position or a new client.

Cannabis Training University continually updates their courses as needed for both the evolving marijuana laws and any technological or research-based changes in the industry. They provide an easy way for beginners to introduce themselves to all things marijuana, as well as for industry veterans to stay up to date on the changes. Honestly, we are thankful we got the chance to explore what they have on offer.

Do you want to enroll yourself? There you go!

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  1. Alfonzo Treon says:

    Hello Ed and everyone,What interesting people and what an interesting thread! I am a soon-to-be MS student in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at CSU Fresno, and I write a blog about the biological imagination (best way I can put it). I don’t like the term geek. But I like your site! How much you must read in order to find such great stories and publish at such a short interval! Please keep up the good work.-Kyle

  2. Kevin Patrick says:

    Great school. I went to Cannabis Training University and learned so much about how to grow cannabis and how to cook with cannabis, how to do extractions, medical marijuana, cannabis laws, and where to invest in the cannabis industry. My CTU certifications helped land me a job as a budtender in Michigan. My employer was aware of the CTU program and was impressed with the amount of knowledge the CTU master program provided. I can’t say enough about how valuable and informative and affordable the Cannabis Training University online program is. Anyone looking for a cannabis job or who wants to get growing cannabis or doing cannabis cooking at home should check out the Cannabis Training University online program. It is by far the best cannabis college and the only one that employers recognize when looking for marijuana jobs.

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