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Which Bong Fits Your Stoner Personality Best?

If you’ve ever been in a relationship (with a human) then you know that we’re all different. What works for you and makes you happy could be a deal-breaker, a non-starter, or just something that will have your new love interest leaving your text on read until you get the hint. 

The same goes for bongs, basically.

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When it comes to bongs, the one that works best for you has a lot to do with your personality and how you like to get high. But how do you know if you’ve found the bong that’s right for you? 

Take our International Highlife “Which Bong are You Quiz” and find out which bong you should be buying next.

So, which bong are you? 

As the saying goes (paraphrasing) “be the bong you want to be in the world.” When you match your preferred smoking vibe to the right bong, you can really take your life as a cannabis fan to the next level. That probably applies to relationships too, but we just took a bong rip, hard to say.

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