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Vapexhale EVO | Versatile Home Desktop Vaporizer

The Vapexhale EVO is a consumer favorite in the desktop vaporizer market. If any desktop vaporizer stands a chance right now at overtaking the all mighty Volcano, it is the Vapexhale EVO. The EVO is hands down one of the most fun and powerful vaporizers to own. For all intent and purposes, this is the plug in vaporizer bong that delivers the smoothest, purest tasting big rips.

Something that makes the EVO such a highly sought after vaporizer is the variety it brings to the table. There are customized premium glass pieces, easy-to-use and extremely adaptable herb & oil accessories, whip attachments, travel cases, etc. Vapexhale has thought of everything. Adding water filtration really amplifies the experience by producing dense, thick vapor that tastes great and leaves you wanting more.

Vapor Performance

The biggest feature of the cloud EVO desktop vaporizer is the quality of the vapor it produces. The quality stems from the borosilicate glass tube which goes from the very bottom of the device all the way through to the tip where your material sits. As you inhale, the flower or oil will heat up gradually and eventually reach your optimal temperature before producing the thickest and tastiest rips. It is the hot air that does the work here and what ultimately creates such a flavorful experience. This is convection at its finest!

The Vapexhale EVO is extremely versatile, whether its dry hits, water hits, premium glassware, your own glassware – you name it, it all works great with the EVO. For a desktop unit the EVO is very versatile and can be passed around, tipped upside down, it’s very light weight and extremely powerful.

When you do dry hit, you will hear a whistling noise. This is actually a good noise and means that the device has optimized the airflow and the heat temperature for your hit. With concentrates, if you hear the whistling, that means that you are inhaling to hard and to slow down so you don’t pull the oil up the side of the concentrate tubes.

Extracts and 100% Glass Pathway

Vapexhale EVO

Glass tubes are used when consuming concentrates through the Vapexhale EVO. With these innovative glass nails, Vapexhale has created an airway that is 100% glass. The rips you can produce with concentrates using the EVO are massive and definitely one of the devices best traits. Even with water filtration, the amount of vapor you are able to produce is second to none. It is the same reason you drink expensive wine out of glass, there is no flavor that is added or taken away due to the inert qualities of glass.

Unlike dabbing on a titanium, ceramic, or quartz nail which is similar to grilling or frying your concentrate, the Vapexhale EVO uses the hot air to melt down and liquify the concentrate before turning it into a vapor. This is a gentler, more efficient, and thorough methodology to dab concentrates. In short, you use less, it hits you harder, and is a healthier alternative to conventional dabbing.

Dry Herbs (cannabis and otherwise)

When packing the herb baskets for the EVO you don’t want to pack them more than 85% of the way full. Likewise, it’s smart to have at least 0.1 grams in the insert. To use the herbal inserts you simply fill it up with shredded herbs (for more air flow) and drop it into the glass tube sticking out of the top of the device. You can preload many different herb baskets and have them all ready for use.

Something to remember is that you don’t just have to be vaping cannabis with the EVO. The EVO is designed to vape all kinds of herbs (lavender, chamomile, and mint just to name a few) and you can get many different effects from the different types. For example,you can make an energizing herbal blend with similar effects to that of Redbull.

Temperature Flexibility

The EVO is powerful! Don’t let the size of this desktop vaporizer fool you. Yes, it is a bit smaller in size than some of the other desktop units, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in sheer power and vapor quality. The range with the dial goes from 200F to 500F and you can set the temperature for any temp inside this range.

Tutorials and Tips

From athletic performance, to legal herbs, to various oils – The Vapexhale EVO can be used for a very wide range of uses. Vapexhale has tons of online videos to teach you how to get the most out of this vaporizer. Professional athletes discuss how they use CBD with the EVO to help them get the relief and recovery they need.

There are not many vaporizers (whether portable or desktop) that offer the large library of information that you can find on the EVO. You can easily discover tips for how much water you use with specific materials, which temperature to use with specific materials and when to use them to get the right effect for the right situation.

Accessories for the Vapexhale EVO

Vapexhale Cloud EVO

We have touched a few times in this review about the glass pieces that you can use with the EVO. Quite simply, we just can’t say enough about their glass pieces, aka HydraTubes and HydraBases. You can use the base to stack on multiple glass pieces and flip the EVO upside down to create quite the extravagant setup. Whether you have a bong, bubbler, or dab rig, there is a way you can connect the Vapexhale EVO to your favorite glass piece.

Along with the glass components that you can use with the EVO, you can get different heat shields to add personalization to your unit. There are designs that indicate the temperature level you are at, there are designs that look very cool and artsy. To keep things interesting you can buy new skins to match specific occasions and moods.


The EVO is built with careful consideration. The unobstructed glass air pathway keeps the incoming air untainted from everything inside the unit. There are no electronics or plastics or anything else that the air and vapor passes through which is you get such excellent, clean tasting vapor. The lightness of the unit makes it easy for anyone to use and for those who wish to experience it with a variety of glass accessories, you will enjoy the modularity of this device

When dealing with the multitude of material consistency now available, there are not many vaporizers that can cater to the wide selection  with such a high performance level. The EVO is a vaporizer that stands out from the crowd as it has won the Best Product Award from the High Times Cannabis Cup twice, once for flowers and the second time for concentrates. When comparing the vapor between the EVO and the Volcano they are very similar. The thing that sets the two apart are the accessories and versatility of the EVO.

In conclusion, there is not enough good things we can say about the EVO. Everyone who uses this device has love it. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to this one-of-a-kind device.

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