Never before has there been such a vast selection of portable dry herb vaporizers available. We highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the most famous marijuana vaporizers in 2018. We focus on the taste quality of the vape, battery length, clouds capability, price, cannabis capacity limit, durability, and more. Our guide will help anyone new to vaping weed find the best portable dry herb vaporizer for them. We compare the most popular dry herb vaporizers in 2018. We identify only the best vaping brands that have innovated vaping weed and are not just in it for the money.

There are many reasons why someone would want to switch from smoking cannabis to vape. It’s because the benefits of a portable weed vaporizer are plenty. A lot of time and money is saved not having to roll marijuana with a rolling paper or cigar leaf. Another reason is the convenience of being able to vape cannabis without disturbing others. Vaping cannabis is very discreet compared to smoking it.

Vaping is much healthier than smoking cannabis, its recommend if you’re a heavy cannabis smoker to switch to vaping. Long-term smoking (especially if you mix your cannabis with tobacco) can lead to many different types of lung damage that can be fatal. Other breathing problems may develop from long-term cannabis smoking that switching to vape can avoid. I changed from being a frequent cannabis smoker to vaping and noticed an improvement in my breathing.

Lastly, vaping cannabis provides more sessions for less the cost. Those of us who are on a budget and use marijuana daily will benefit the most making the switch to vape. It’s awe-inspiring how much vape a tiny amount of cannabis can produce, a .2 of a gram of marijuana can provide multiple puffs with reasonably large clouds. A higher temperature setting will produce more vape. Some vaporizers take a few puffs to get started while others are ready to go only after 30 seconds of warming up.

Those who never vaped marijuana before will experience a different type of high compared to smoking. In my opinion, the high from vape feels much cleaner. Vaping is smoother and less harsh on the throat than smoking. Nonetheless, getting baked with vape is possible after only a few good rips. Also, the flavor of cannabis is more enjoyable vaped than smoked. I highly recommend vaping finely ground top-shelf cannabis for the best experience.

Before proceeding with our list of the best dry herb vaporizers in 2018, we need to explain the different types of heating technology available. The two most common types of heating are convection and conduction. Convection allows hot air to travel through the cannabis and produce the best flavor and true vaping experience. Conduction, on the other hand, has a heating device that is physically heating the cannabis. This increases the chances of combustion. There are also hybrid portable dry herb vaporizers consisting of both types of heating technology.

We created our list of the current best portable weed vaporizer based on the most searched portable dry herb vaporizers on Google. We used a premium search tool to obtain this data so we could share it with our readers. We compiled a list of the most searched weed vaporizer websites on Google. The search popularity of a dry herb vaporizer can undoubtedly reflect bestsellers. As a wise person once said, people lie, but numbers don’t.

10. Dynavap the portable steel vaporizer that needs a butane torch

Dynavap Vaporizer

First on our list is a portable weed vaporizer that gets a lot of love online from vape subreddits, the dynavap. This is a simple portable dry herb vaporizer that does not require a battery. Instead, it needs a butane torch to heat it. The Dynavap weed vaporizer can produce some tasty milky vape clouds. The new 2018 “M” model cost $60.00 on their website. The Dynavap M model is their stainless-steel edition. The M can attach to a 14mm rig for water vape hits. There’s another premium option available at $180.00 for their titanium edition.

The dynavap can fit between 0.1 to 0.15 of finely ground herb. This is the recommended amount for the best vaping experience. There’s a carb that you can close and open to increase and decrease vapor production. It’s easy to combust cannabis using this vaping device, the reason being the click isn’t loud to let you know to stop heating it. It’s essential to wait for the cooldown click to avoid combustion. After hearing the click stop heating it and vape. We recommend a triple flame butane pocket lighter to quickly heat your Dynavap.

9. Davinci IQ is a premium dry herb vaporizer with fantastic flavor

Davinci IQ

The Davinci IQ is a 360-degree conduction heating vaporizer with a zirconia ceramic oven. This premium vape retails for $274.99 online. It has a recharger replaceable 18650 battery, a micro USB charger, and requires three hours to charge fully. We averaged between 60 and 75 minutes of frequent use at 375 degrees.

The Davinci IQ has a filling chamber that can hold a quarter of a gram of ground cannabis. The loading zone is polished stainless steel that makes it easy to load herb. Its recommend packing the cannabis tight for the best vaping performance. There’s a ball made of zirconia that packs the herb down that is removable, we don’t recommend detaching as its necessary to fill in space between the herb.w

The vapor path itself is made of zirconia ceramic for the optimal vaping taste it provides. Also known as the flavor chamber because of such excellent tasting vape that it produces.

The Davinci IQ has haptic feedback which vibrates when the vaporizer is ready to use. Another feature includes an automatic turn off in 10 minutes.

One of the best features is the boost mode that allows you to increase the temperature while holding down the power button. This allows it to enter into boost mode which increases the temperature until you release which then cools it down back to the previous set temperature.

The Davinci IQ vaporizer for weed has an app that lets you turn the vape on and off. Customizing temperature is another option available on the app, its possible to change degrees by increments of 1. The app has a smart paths option that will automatically increase the temperature during a session according to your custom settings. Upon further research, the app didn’t have too many positive reviews on either the play store or apple store averaging only two stars.

8. The Fire fly 2 has a brilliant design for their portable weed vaporizer

Fire Fly 2 Vaporizer

Next up is a portable convection dry herb vaporizer called the Fire fly 2, this premium portable vaporizer retails for $329.99 online. It uses small amounts of cannabis at a time around 0.01 to 0.15 of a gram on average. Its recommended for solo use because of how little cannabis it can hold. Nonetheless, it’s without a doubt a very efficient vaporizer for weed. One downfall is that it doesn’t have great draw resistance. We recommend taking slow long draws. The vapor quality is top of the line and very smooth. Fire fly 2 has an app that connects to it via Bluetooth that allows the temperature to be changed. The Fire fly 2 battery is removable and includes two batteries.

The Fire fly 2 has a filling chamber made of stainless steel and glass. It’s nice to be able to see the cannabis vaporizer through the glass window while vaping. The Firefly 2 has a magnetic lid that securely locks into place. Its recommend mixing the cannabis during a session for an optimal vaping experience. Another tip is merely adding a concentrate pad on top of a small amount of cannabis, this allows the marijuana to be tighter for a better vape.

The Fire fly 2 works very well with concentrates. It comes with pads that the concentrate goes on top of to vape. Flavor and vape are top notch for vaping cannabis extract. This vape has six heating options available including low, medium low, medium, medium high, high, and concentrates. We recommend a medium high temp and mixing during the session for the best vaping results.

Dual touch senses on each side of the Fire fly 2 will turn it on. It takes only 2-5 seconds to heat up for a draw which is some of the most impressive speeds among portable vaporizers for weed. The vapor path is formed by the lid itself which travels through glass, stainless steel, and plastic.