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The Davinci MIQRO Vaporizer… Not for Everyone

Let’s get one thing out of the way right from the start. If you’re looking for a cheap vaporizer, the Davinci MIQRO is not going to make you happy. If you want a mediocre device, you’re out of luck. If you’re looking for less than perfection, then you’ll be disappointed and if you love ordinary, then your hopes will most certainly be dashed. Davinci vapes are elegant, authentic, and innovative but they’re not for everyone.

For everyone else…there’s the new Davinci MIQRO

The vape company that brought you the IQ has now released the MIQRO and you might be asking yourself “what’s new”? The MIQRO is modeled after its predecessor, the Davinci IQ and is designed for the solo vape connoisseur. Before we dive into what makes the MIQRO so special, let’s take a step back and remind ourselves why Davinci’s firstborn and highly celebrated IQ vaporizer was such a success. After all, you can’t have the MIQRO without ‘IQ’.

The IQ was somewhat revolutionary in transforming the vaping game and it brought things to a whole new level. Think the James Bond of vapes, the Bentley of smoking apparati. Sleek, smooth, and classy — this company broke the mold showing us that vaping isn’t just for ‘cloud bros’.

Indulge in cannabis with the Davinci IQ Vaporizer

The Davinci IQ vaporizer next to a Apple MacBook Pro

The Davinci IQ is a design marvel. (Photo: Courtesy Davinci)

The MIQRO and IQ are so similar they could be twins. The MIQRO is essentially a smaller version of the IQ. Think of it as its little bro. Following the IQ’s release, it quickly emerged as one of the best dry herb vaporizers available and the high-end product has remained in this position ever since. Can the MIQRO fill the shoes of its older sibling?

Design and features

Both devices are exclusively compatible with dry herb. The MIQRO is one of the smallest and most portable of premium vapes, fitting smoothly into almost any pocket even with the mouthpiece attached. One extra the IQ possess’ is its unique and innovative flavor chamber whereby its users can experience distinct flavors like no other.

The pair has smart path modes, which allow for single-digit degree adjustment and a gradual increase in temperature throughout sessions. Additionally, each vape features a zirconium pearl inside its chamber to enhance even heat distribution.

Anyone who knows anything about vaporizers can see Davinci went the extra mile when it came to designing the MIQRO and IQ. The effort is personified in an impeccable product.


A man holding the Davinci Miqro

The Davinci Miqro fits perfectly in the palm of your hand (Photo: Courtesy Davinci)

Ideal for nights in, nights out, spending time at a friend’s house, these vapes are incredibly portable, designed for personal use with each session crafted to your needs. When it comes to comparing the two vapes, the MIQRO, of course, comes out on top in this round. With all due respect to the IQ, the MIQRO is possibly the most portable vape available. Davinci has managed to keep the MIQRO small and discreet, while still retaining plenty of great features.

It’s important to note that the IQ is still considered to be an outstanding portable vape and you can easily slide it into your pocket while on the go. After all, the IQ is known for being one of the most advanced vapes on the market. Some vaporizers are meant to be hidden; some are made to be seen. Davinci products can do both.

Oven and heating

When it comes to the bigger vapes (even slightly), users expect more oven room and this is exactly what you get with the IQ. The MIQRO is a solo vape holding only enough bud for one person. The IQ however, has a bigger oven for extended vape sessions and if you did want to share the wealth with friends, you would have enough to go around.

Both IQ vapes use conduction heating and unlike other inferior conduction vapes, the zirconium pearl will prevent your herb from becoming charred.


Made with luxury in mind the MIQRO and IQ are elegant, smooth, and stylish. LED lights provide convenience and replaceable batteries mean longer vape times. These products are easy to use, which means you can focus your time on enjoying it rather than setting the device up or figuring out how it works.

Reliability and warranty

Both the Davinci MIQRO and the Davinci IQ vaporizers have a 15-year warranty and the company has proven to be a respectable brand. Previous issues with the IQ included users breaking off the zirconium oven pearl but vape experts insist this comes down to user error rather than a design flaw.

No matter which of the two you choose, you’ll be getting a high-quality vaporizer at the top of the vaporizer game and the top of its market.


As mentioned earlier, neither the Davinci MIQRO nor the Davinci IQ are cheap vaporizers. But never has the sentiment “you get what you pay for” been more true than in the case of these two vaporizers. Once you take your first hit of fine herb from either one of these high-grade vapes, you’ll get a whole new appreciation for vaping dry herb.

The Davinci IQ currently retails for $229, while its little brother, the Davinci MIQRO sells for $99.

The Davinci Miqro and its big brother, the Davinci IQ

The Davinci Miqro and its big brother, the Davinci IQ. (Photo: Courtesy Davinci)

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