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Top 10 Best Desktop Vaporizer of 2020

Everyone knows that vaping cannabis is an increasingly popular way to get high. New and established desktop vaporizer companies are trying to capitalize on the expanding new legal cannabis market. Marijuana becoming legal has massively increased the demand of vaping products. We already wrote an article about the best portable vaporizer of 2020, and now we will take a look at the current best desktop vaporizer in 2020.

The Question of Price of Desktop Vaporizers

The price range for a desktop vaporizer isn’t cheap. It can range from a few hundred to upwards of a thousand dollars. This premium price tag is an investment but recommended to the cannabis enthusiast. There’s a magnitude of benefits from vaping cannabis, including reducing the level of toxins and harmful smoke flowing through your respiratory system. Those who are unfamiliar vaping should learn about its advantages over smoking weed. Heavy marijuana smokers can benefit the most in the long run. They lungs, and their wallet will thank them.

Heavy cannabis smokers are prone to respiratory issues, and bronchitis. It’s not because of the cannabis though, it’s the smoke that causes these problems. Vaping is also more discreet than smoking because of its faint smell.  But just because it doesn’t skunk up a room, doesn’t mean the flavor profile isn’t present. We recommend vaping for the cannabis connoisseur that wants to get the best out of their buds.

The three primary methods of heating cannabis are:

  • combustion
  • convection
  • induction

Burning marijuana with fire creates combustion which isn’t the healthiest option. It’s not the marijuana causing the carcinogens it’s the high temperature from the fire! Induction is the cannabis physically being heated up by a heated object, many vape pens and portable vaporizers use conduction. We recommend convection heating. This is hot air passing through the cannabis. The flavor is the best with convection heating.

Cheaper desktop vaporizers use conduction heating. There are also desktop dry herb vaporizers that combine conduction and convection heating. The higher quality vapes use conduction heating. Convection desktop vaporizers cost more because they offer the highest quality vape.

10) Sublimator –  Excellent Strength

Sublimator Desktop Vaporizer

The first inhale from Sublimator is something you’ll never forget. This desktop vaporizer has excellent strength and vape quality. A little amount of cannabis can produce a lot of vapor. The flavor from this dry herb vaporizer is outstanding, but perhaps not a practical vaping device for everyday use. While this desktop vaporizer has its strengths, it does have its flaws too that we will go over next.

There are some minor issues we found from frequent use that should be analyzed. It takes about 15 minutes to heat up before a vaping session. There are a lot of hot areas exposed where it can be easy to burn yourself. Another downfall with this desktop appliance is the draw resistance is poor, and the airflow in the tube was not enough.

The starting price for the glass base alone currently costs $312, the complete set-up with the atomizer is priced at $812. If you really want to shell out your hard earned cash, invest in the Master Kit – priced at $1155. View all of the current available Sublimator setups on their official website. The Sublimator is made in Canada.

9) Herbalizer – Designed by Nasa Engineers

The Herbalizer Desktop Vaporizer

It took former Nasa engineers four years to develop this desktop vaporizer. The temperature precision is what makes this vaporizer great. Its designed to provide an uplifting experience, with accurate temperature control between 290-330F. A lower temperature range is crucial for certain strains, and for terpene protection. The price for this desktop vaporizer is currently $479 direct from their online portal.

What makes this vaporizer unique is that it uses a quartz halogen bulb as its heating element. The advantage of this innovative technology is a super clean smooth vapor. The performance is outstanding with the ability to reach higher temperatures in seconds. The Herbalizer is one of the fastest desktop vaporizers available on the market. Although it can warm up fast, the vape output is another story. This dry herb vaporizer takes two to three minutes to fill its balloon as opposed to the Volcano being able to do so in 30 seconds.

Unfortunately, the Herbalizer vaporizer does have its fair share of issues. The plastic bags and valves are cheaply made and not as durable as other products. The valves are prone to breaking apart, and the bags don’t last as long as a Volcano vaporizer bags. The dry herb chamber can hold .2 of a gram and should be packed full for the best vaping experience.

8) The Vapolution 3 –  Crushes Full Flowers

The Vapolution 3 Desktop Vaporizer

The Vapolution 3 is made in California. A nice feature of this vaporizer is its ability to vape full-flower cannabis buds. No grinder needed. Over time this desktop appliance has fallen in price, making it much more affordable. It’s now only $159, making it one of the most affordable desktop vaporizers in 2020.

One of its best features is its glass on glass path for the vape to travel, and the flavor is outstanding. The vapor is smooth and potent. About .2 of a gram can load onto the bottom of the glass mouthpiece.

There is a risk of over-heating cannabis if the glass stem is left in the vape too long. Remember to remove the glass stem after each vape. The Vapolution 3 is an on-demand type vaporizer. Draw resistance is average for a desktop vaporizer. This vape goes up to 450F and can be manually adjusted with a simple up and down button on the unit.

Unfortunately, there is a constant, faint high pitch sound from the unit and AC adapter. The noise is very noticeable in a quiet room. Background noise such as the television on will block out the sound of the vape though, but its a bit annoying if you intend on a lengthy session. There is a 6-month warranty with this unit if there are any problems with the device. After the six months, they will charge a service fee for any repairs.

This desktop dry herb vaporizer comes with some extra features, such as a bubbler attachment. This vape can also vape concentrate provided you purchase the accessory.

7) Zephyr Ion Desktop Vaporizer – In Fierce Competition with the Volcano

Zephyr Iron Desktop Vaporizer

The Zephyr Ion is a balloon-based dry herb and concentrate vaporizer. It is a very similar experience to the Volcano vaporizer. The performance and vapor quality are on par to the industry legend. It takes roughly 45 seconds to fill up a bag at 365 degrees and the vaping efficiency is excellent! The Zephyr is a full convection vape that vapes the marijuana evenly and cleanly in our opinion.

The balloons that come with this dry herb vaporizer are very durable. You can use them for many months before you need to replace them. The balloon material is also of pretty decent quality, especially compared to some of the others on the market. This desktop vaporizer comes with a two-year warranty. The current price for the Zephyr Ion desktop vaporizer is $459.99. Refurbished editions are available for much less (around $259) from their official website.

6) Vapir Rise 2.0 – An Affordable Option

Vapir Rise 2.0 Desktop Vaporizer

The Vapir Rise 2.0 offers the same functionality as higher end vapes like the Volcano Vaporizer. You can use the Vapir Rise 2.0 with a balloon bag or whip for a direct vape experience. This desktop vaporizer allows four people to vape at the same time, it’s a fun party appliance. It can vape both, cannabis extracts and flower.

A gram and a half of cannabis fit into the dry herb chamber. Despite the large pack, it continues to vape evenly across the bowl. Unfortunately, filling up the bag with vape takes longer than other desktop vaporizers. On average, it takes about three minutes to fill up a bag with vape.

The vapor quality is perfect for the price, but if the vapor is what you are after you can find better desktop vaporizers.

In our humble opinion, it’s not as smooth as other premium options available. The vapor quality is very reasonable for the price though. Of course, if you want an even better experience, there are superior options available but for a higher price tag

5) Dr. Dabber Switch – The Latest in Vaping Technology

Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer

There’s a new type of desktop vaporizer on the block, and it introduces induction heat vaping. One of the greatest benefits of this induction dry herb vaporizer is the quick time to heat up. Keep in mind that the Dr. Dabber Switch is a much larger appliance than others.  

There’s a switch that will put this in either raw flower or concentrate mode, making it easy to flip between the two. This desktop tool is perfect for either tiny or giant dabs. It is unique because the herb reaches a state of pyrolysis.

In laymen’s terms, this means the flower sits right on the edge of combustion without actually incinerating. The chamber keeps the material deprived of oxygen, so the cannabis will never light on fire. It takes 4-5 seconds to heat up making it the fastest on the market. The highest temperature will leave any dry herb cannabis black but without any ash.

The size of clouds from this vape isn’t as impressive as others, the high is still effective though. This vape also has a self-cleaning mode that efficiently cleans the ceramic cups. It takes 60 minutes to charge this vaporizer fully, and it can last a few days of heavy use. This vaporizer is perfect for those who want to take advantage of technological advances in vaping.

4) The E-Nano – An Easy to Use and Aesthetically Pleasing Vape

E-Nano Desktop Vaporizer

The E-Nano is produced in the USA with safe and reliable materials. This is a convection desktop dry herb vaporizer or a log style as some refer to it because of the wooden aesthetic. The E-Nano uses wood on the outside and aluminum on the inside. It’s an affordable vaping option starting at only $199. This log vape uses a glass stem mouthpiece. You can pack a quarter of a gram onto the glass stem. An intensity dial controls temperature.

It’s effortless to pack the glass mouthpiece, and it works best with only a small pinch of cannabis. Depending on the temperature, one session can give 3 to 8 draws of vape. We found ourselves having to load this desktop vaporizer multiple times for a proper session, however, but we are vaping experts by this point.

Heating doesn’t take any longer than 3 minutes to reach its max temperature, but this is still relatively long compared to some which take under a minute. We preferred the lower temperatures though, which give a pure, smooth taste without any scratchiness.

The E-Nano has extra accessories available for sale, and we recommend their adapter to connect the E-Nano to a glass rig for water vape hits. They also have a long glass stem available to provide more space for the vape to travel so it can cool down a bit more. These tiny log style vaporizers are heavy hitters because of their robust heater. This vape also comes with a three-year warranty and a satisfaction guarantee. Therefore, you’ll have no buyers remorse on this purchase.

3) Arizer Extreme Q – Big Punch for a Low Price

Arizer Extreme Q Desktop Vaporizer

Third place on our list goes to the Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer. This beauty is a convection dry herb vaporizer which uses a balloon bag like the popular Volcano vaporizer, only cheaper. The Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer is a more affordable option at only $199.99 (or $149.99 on World of Bongs). There’s a ceramic rod inside that creates the heat, and balloons and a medical grade silicon whip mouthpiece. This cheaper option also comes with.

The vape quality is good for the price point, but it does not compare to the Volcano vaporizer which still stands the test of time. However, it’s still good value and a smooth pull in our opinion. It also has its advantages over other desktop vaporizers such as its wireless remote control that makes vaping more convenient. There’s an auto turn off feature that is very convenient with the remote. This vape also has a digital LED screen for the temperature.

A preheating option is available that can be used up to 10 minutes in advance for on-demand thick vape hits. Cooking dinner, but know you need a hit in 8 minutes when your pasta is done, set the vape timer! The fan-assist function makes draws effortless while using the whip. Also, hitting the bags have no resistance at all. One thing to note, we don’t recommend this vaporizer for concentrate unless it’s a pinch of kief.

2) The Volcano Vaporizer  – An Industry Legend

Volcano Desktop Vaporizer

Our second best desktop vaporizer goes to the Volcano vaporizer from Storz & Bickel. This company has set the standards for the best convection desktop vaporizers. Storz & Bickel have been around for over twenty years and have, without a doubt, established themselves as one the leaders when it comes to desktop vaporizers.

The Volcano vaporizer uses a bag type balloon to capture vape and has a plastic mouthpiece attached to it. Of course, the bag is food safe plastic. These bags can be used many times before you will need to replace them. Chronics, you can rest assured your bag is going to last a year or more. A single replacement balloon with a mouthpiece is only $10.99, and a six-piece is also available at $49.99. Nothing to break the bank to fuel your cannabis habit.

You can load up to a half of a gram of cannabis into the stainless-steel chamber. We recommend grinding the marijuana very finely for the best vaping experience. We also recommend to entirely fill the chamber with cannabis for the balanced results. This convection vaporizer will consistency vape all of the herbs, but typically does so when its packed tightly.  From our experience, it’s best to stir the weed during vaping for the best vape.

There are two Volcano vaporizer options available. The first is the classic edition that cost $479. With the classic edition, you can control the temperature with a dial. The second is their digital edition that currently retails for $599.99. The only difference between these two is the digital LED for the temperature setting. There is no difference between the performance or process for vaping with these two vaporizers.

The Volcano vaporizer is very easy to use and perfect for those getting started with vaping cannabis. It takes 30 seconds to fill up the bag with vapor – compare this to others on the list which can take up to five minutes. Vape hits are very flavorful and smooth. The vape is also thick and potent, so much, in fact, it will probably replace smoking straight bud for any heavy cannabis smoker.

Storz & Bickel also makes the Desktop Plenty, Portable Crafty & Mighty (see their rankings on our best portable vaporizers article).

One More Reason Why We Love the Volcano

The Classic Volcano vaporizer takes about 5 minutes to get fully warmed up to the running temperature of 375 degrees. After the desktop vaporizer is fully heated, it can remain on standby mode for on-demand vape hits. The Volcano vaporizer is one of the most durable vapes on the market with people reporting theirs lasting eight years or more

Beware of fakes from China sold on Aliexpress for under retail price. These are not made from Storz and Bickel. Buy direct from the company, or a reputable online retailer. People are reporting the performance is the same as the real thing. However, we do not know if the material used to make the Volcano vaporizer replica are safe. These fake Volcano vaporizers are designed to look identical to Storz and Bickel products. We definitely recommend only to buy directly from the official Storz and Bickel website or from our sister site World of Bongs.

Fake Volcano Desktop Vaporizer AliExpress

1) VapeXhale Evo – Best Desktop Vaporizer 

VapeXhale Evo Desktop Vaporizer

The VapeXhale Evo, it’s a very efficient and high performing cannabis vaporizer. One of the best features is its substantial, billow vape clouds. The vapor is extremely high quality because of the hydro tube filtration. The hydro tub cost extra and has many different variations, but well worth the investment. The design is brilliant, and the experience satisfying. The vape passes only through a glass tube for the best vaping taste experience.

The standard starter kit currently usually runs $349.99 and includes a glass mouthpiece without any extra filtration. The base unit alone cost $319.99. One nice feature is the ability to use this vape with an 18mm female glass rig. The Vapexhale Evo has a standard 18mm male connection. This vape works upside down or any other direction. We recommend one of their many hydro tube options for the most optimal vaping results.

Higher temperatures with the Vapexhale Evo consistently squeeze the very last drops of valuable cannabinoid vapor from the flower. The results are even across the board. It’s, for this reason, you’ll end up using less herb during the process then s than with other desktop vaporizers for a proper session.  

Vaping concentrate is another excellent feature. The Vapexhale Evo vapes concentrate efficiently enough to replace a dab rig, shocking news for dab enthusiasts! We suggest using a grain of rice size of cannabis extract but feel free to go hard if you have the experience. Major clouds can be accomplished using the Vapexhale Evo, its impressive to say the least.

Editors Notes

It’s important to mention that we did not receive any of these desktop vaporizers for free in exchange for a review. Our review is based on us trying these vapes hands-on, we also did our research about what others had to say. Please let us know about your experience with any of these desktop vaporizers we have mentioned. We are interested in learning from our readers what their favorite vape for cannabis. Also, do let us know if there are any vapes you want to see reviewed.

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