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Boundless CFC 2.0 Vaporizer review – Bound for Glory?

Has the upgrade to the Boundless CFC 2.0 been a hit or a disaster? It seems that for most, it is a hit. Boundless have ironed out problems and niggles with its predecessor, bringing to market a much-improved product, ideal for both entry-level vaping fans and veterans alike.

Overall, the marketing speaks looked promising – a fast heat up time, it boasted, alongside full digital temperature control all from a piece that fits neatly in your pocket or bag. It continued with promises of a respectable cloud and the free water pipe adapter added another dimension to its use.

It oozed Boundless design originality – it certainly looks amazing – and it has stepped up to the plate.

Vapor Quality

It puts in a solid performance. The Boundless CFC 2.0 stays true to form – cloud over flavor – and with clouds forming at 370F and taste deteriorating after 390F, the mouthpiece does a good job of cooling the vapor although it must be said, the flavor has a little bite at top temperatures.

Heat Up Time

They promised a fast heat up time and this portable vaporizer doesn’t disappoint. Ready for a quick session, it heats to 390F in 25 seconds, taking 20 seconds longer to peak at 446F.

It’s so fast, that you might not even realize it’s ready to go…

Temperature Control

Important when vaping, you want to be able to control temperature, so you have it just as you like it. And it must be said, such finite temperature control at this price point is unheard of – until now.

It has a range of 140 to 446F and is adjustable in one-degree increments. This combined with the fast heat up time is surely one of the most defining features of this Boundless product.

Hold the button in for temperature change and the scrolling motion is quick.

Battery Life

All vaping manufacturers are taking big steps in improving battery life. And for those looking for a portable vaporizer, they often have to sacrifice a feature for battery life, or battery life for another must-have function.

Slowly, we are climbing out of this pit of despair with brands like Boundless pushing the boundaries of battery life and charge times.

The revamped Boundless CFC 2.0 comes with a 18650 battery, non-removable but lasts for up to 12 sessions at 390F, averaging 8 to 10 sessions at its top temperature. And that is more than enough for an all-day vape or a few nights without having to worry about charging.

But users have said attention needs to be paid to when the battery is running low. You don’t want to long for a vape to find you have to wait three hours for a full charge.

The Water Pipe Adapter

The water pipe adapter (WPA) is included free in the kit and for those who love using a portable vaporizer with a bubbler – like the team at Boundless – this is welcome news.

The plastic WPA fits a 14mm and 18mm female glass connection and it sits out the way too.

Dry Herb Vaporizer

Its oven holds a very pleasant 0.3g too when fully packed but it doesn’t need that much to give a great performance, so you don’t need to stuff it each and every time.

Airflow is average, say users, only becoming uncomfortable if the over is overly stuffed and packed solid.

There is no stirring needed either, to get the full hit from your herbs. And with a wide lip for easy loading, there is no mess either.

If you want to vape more than dry herbs, however, you’ll need to get creative. It doesn’t come with a stainless steel mesh pad but that is not an issue for most people.

Easy To Use

The CFC 2.00 is super easy to use. And that’s great for vaping with friends because the fantastic battery life means that group sessions are more than a possibility. Load it, turn it on and within seconds it is ready to use.

The mouthpiece sits off-center, something that many have commented on. But once you’ve got used to that – it doesn’t take much – the game is on!

Build Quality

One niggle from its predecessor was that the build quality wasn’t great. Boundless has rectified that with a piece that is a little chunkier, a little heavier and a little bigger. It doesn’t taper either and it stays cool and that means the cracks and hot spots that dogged its predecessor are hopefully assigned to history.

In Summary

The Boundless CFC 2.0 portable vaporizer is a popular, entry-level piece of kit. Boundless have addressed the issues that users fed back to them and they have not only addressed these problems but improved on the overall design and features with its new model too.

Frankly, at this price point, you’ll be pushed to get anything better.

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