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Top 10 Coffeeshops in Amsterdam

The Top 10 Best Coffeeshops In Amsterdam

You’ve landed in Amsterdam, and you are on the prowl for a good place to consume weed. With cannabis part of the popular culture here, it’s not hard to find a coffee shop with something green. Finding weed in Amsterdam isn’t hard, but sometimes it’s hard to find top-quality weed. It’s true what they say, “Not all coffee shops were made equal.” Some are dark, smokey, and overly crowded with the kinds of folks you might not want to associate with.

Instead of bumbling around the streets of Amsterdam in a haze, going from one shop to another just trying to find a quality product and a comfortable place to sit down – why not rely on the experts? Don’t spend your time (or your money) on an inferior product in a crowd of rowdy tourists. You need to find a nice cushy seat, pleasant atmosphere, and friendly staff.

Thanks to Jimmy Nevski, you don’t have to do any hard exploration yourself. He has put in the leg work and found the best coffee shops in Amsterdam. Hard research, but someone had to do it.

What Makes a Good Coffeeshop?

  • Atmosphere: If you are going to spend hours in a place, a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere is a must.
  • Cannabis Quality: One of the defining features of a good coffee shop is its cannabis quality. Dried up old nugs aren’t going to make anyone happy, so above all else, a shop must have a premium product to make the list.
  • Cali Selections: Everyone is after California strains these days, and a coffee shop has to have a selection of these imported strains to make the customers happy.
  • Popularity: Too much of a good thing is sometimes a detriment. If the crowds are too big, or not the right kind, you aren’t going to want to stick around.

The 10 Best Coffeeshops in Amsterdam

Without further ado, here are the best coffee shops in the city, as ranked by Nevski. If anyone knows where to go for a good session, it’s him.

10. Coffeeshop Solo

A coffee shop which has thus far run under the radar. They have avoided the crowds so typical with the most famous cannabis destinations in the city. It’s a local favorite though, with an excellent reputation.
The shop is family run, and as soon as you chat with the staff, their friendliness shines through. If you are looking for a place away from the crowds, where the staff are eager to show you their wares – this is the place for you. Nowhere else can you get the sort of one-on-one attention that this location serves. Plus, here you can smoke from bongs, pipes, and more. It’s a very laid back atmosphere compared to some of the others on the list.

  • Where to Find Them: Korte Koningsstraat
  • Top Strains to Try: Platinum Valley (Cannabis Cup Entry) and 24K Gold Kush Hash

9. Coffeeshop Goa

A big, bright and airy place to have a quality session. Coffeeshop Goa is a beautiful and picturesque place to stop and while away the afternoon with friends. The staff behind the counter go above and beyond to share their knowledge. They aim to make sure every interaction is a positive one.
One of the bonuses of Goa is advanced technology. The menu is an interactive one available on a tablet computer. As a customer, you can leisurely scroll through the options, and make an informed choice about what strain you want. They have a brilliant selection.
The few downsides to this location are the crowds and prices. Naturally, because it’s situated in a bustling area, it’s a bit of a tourist trap. With tourists also come slightly higher rates.

  • Where to Find Them: Kloveniersburgwal 42
  • Top Strains to Try: Purple Gorilla (Cali) and Fallen Angel

8. Coffeeshop New Times

A popular choice with locals and travelers alike. They have a great selection of cannabis products, as should any on this top ten list. You can sit here for an entire afternoon, as the shop has invested in some very comfortable lounging areas.
Compared with others on this top ten list, the prices at New times are very reasonable. Better than most. For a big name, this is a pleasant surprise.
When you venture into this coffee shop, keep in mind that you should expect loud music. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but worth noting. It’s also one of the least ventilated coffee shops on the list – which means you’ll likely leave smelling a bit stronger than when you entered. There are ways to make the smell go away though!

  • Where to Find Them: Spuistraat 260
  • Top Strain to Try: Purple Chemdawg

7. Amnesia

If you like to session in style, Amnesia is a perfect destination. The interior aesthetic is fantastic with lots of comfortable seating. You could lose a lot of time in this establishment just thanks to the seats.
Most coffee shops these days carry at least a few California strains, but Amnesia is setting itself above the rest and investing in its Cali connection. It may have one of the most robust menus on this list. The shop carries several high-tech smoking and vaping options for you, including a series of Volcano vaporizers.

  • Where to Find Them: Herengracht 133
  • Top Strains to Try: Strawberry Zkittelz

6. The Plug

If you know anything about coffeeshop culture in Amsterdam, then you have heard of the plug. It’s one of the most famous shops in the entire city. As such its often crammed with the worst breed of tourists – so keep that in mind if you decide to check it out. Nevski likened the atmosphere to a “teenage boys’ bedroom after a night out.”
That said, The Plug is the coffee shop to beat. It’s the shop that all others are trying to compete with. It boasts an extensive menu and some of the highest quality Cali cannabis you can get in the Netherlands. The selection and their particular focus on Cali strains are why this is a must-visit coffee shop – even with the crowds.

Let’s continue with the five best coffeeshops!

 5. Coffeeshop Bas Joe

Bas Joe is another coffee shop brought to you by the fine folks behind Coffeeshop Goa. With the same owners, it also has an elegant and stylish interior esthetic. If you assume all shops have a dark and smokey interior, you’ll want to see Bas Joe’s interior design.
It has a very chilled out environment and is much cheaper than The Plug. With fewer vacationers crowding the space, you’ll quickly find a place to sit down a for an hour or so. Bas Joe also has a top-notch selection of California strains and accommodating staff.

  • Where to Find Them: Kloveniersburgwal 62
  • Top Strains to Try: Purple Gorilla (Cali), Orange Cookies (Cali) and Thin Mint OG (Cali)

4. 1e Hulp

A shop so good, the reviewer didn’t make it through filming. Nevski was so enamored with the experience at this shop; he neglected to film enough footage. His review stayed the same though, and that’s why these guys are sitting at number four on the best coffee shops of Amsterdam.
They have the most comfortable seating out of any on the list, and it’s highly recommended to choose the booths – if available. The staff is very friendly and the prices are perfect. It is a big step above the many coffeeshop tourist traps in the area.

3. The Old Church

If you are traveling to Amsterdam, the Old Church is easy to find as it’s right around the corner from Rembrandt Square. A charming place for a session, thanks to the chilled out vibes. The staff is very informed about their products and eager to help you make an educated decision.
Generally speaking, it’s mostly a local’s hangout, and the annoying crowds seek other shops to fill. As a bonus, this shop has a free-to-use shatter press. Staff can help you make shatter in the shop, a unique feature. What’s more? Unquestionably fantastic prices.

  • Where to Find Them: Amstel 8
  • Top Strains to Try: The best Purple Haze in all of Amsterdam, and Lemonade (Cali).

2. Grey Area

Sitting at number two on the list is the ever popular Grey Area coffee shop. Everyone loves to go here, both locals and tourists alike. They have covered their walls in mementos from their customers, everything from Polaroids to foreign currencies, to postcards. It’s a very hectic, and eclectic vibe.
They always have very consistent strain selection, and they never drop a menu item if it’s popular. Grey area may just carry some of the best weed in all of Amsterdam (Kosher Kush). Even if there is nowhere to sit, this is a must-visit spot.

  • Where to Find Them: Oude Leliestraat 2
  • Top Strains to Try: Organic Kosher Kush, which may be the best strain sampled on this journey.

1. Boerejongens Coffeeshop

Truly a coffee shop sitting above the rest. As soon as you walk into their space, you know Boerejongen’s shops are different. No dark, dusty vibes here. Clean cut staff members, dressed in white shirts and old-fashioned bowties help you make your selection.
The shop looks like an old fashioned corner store or apothecary, rather than a coffee shop. They carry a wide selection of top quality products, including the best hash in the city. The aesthetic of the place, the warm energy, and the premium products are what make Boere Jongens the best coffee shop in all of Amsterdam.

Where are you going to travel to on your next adventure to Amsterdam? With this list in hand, you are sure to avoid the crusty cannabis shops and find the gems. Find the best products, enjoy the best atmosphere, and avoid the crowds’ thanks to this list. What are for favorite go to’s in the city?

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