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Coffeeshop Boerejongens West

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Coffeeshop Boerejongens West is situated on the Baarsjesweg 239 in junction with Stuyvesantstraat in Amsterdam. Looking out on the kostverloren canal. It’s a small shop that is designed as a take-away coffee shop styled as a old Dutch Farmacy.

Coffeeshop Boerejongens West Shop Front

On entrance you directly get a royal feeling. Most of the times there is a line but with 3 budtenders this line vanishes quickly enough. It is a very light and bright place. Big glass windows make sure of this. The floor is made of shining white marble just like the counter.

Wooden and brass elements make the place very classy and maybe a bit posh. The budtender are dressed in white doctors coats and are knowledgeable about their products. The counter is also the place where the strains are listed. Every budtender got a monitor sunk into the counter. On request they will show you the menu on the products you’re the most interested in. Looking for hash? Then they show you their famous hash menu with various block hash strains that are one of the trademarks of Boerenjongens. Their green magic block is a real treat and got lovely medical properties, one of my personal favorites. Most of the block hashes are very brittle and sticky containing high thc percentages. Their white Choco block is well known as well as it’s name is used on various merchandise. Another nice strain is their kosher Tangie Block a very sticky candy smelling hash tag gives a nice uplifting high.

Coffeeshop Boerejongens West Interior

Their sativa and haze list contains some well known strains like, Super Silver Haze, Lemon Haze and Amnesia Skunk. If there is information available about the strain it will be listed behind.

The indica list contains some interesting strains. The Blue Magic is listed first this is also the most expensive strain. Diesel Ape and La Confidential are as well listed and on this menu they also have a AK OG cookie listed. Which is a mix between hash and weed. Definitely worth a try if you’re into weed and hash!

Their pre rolled menu contains 12 pre rolled joints that are either with tobacco or pure. Most of the popular strains from the hash, sativa and indica menu will have prerolled joints.

At last they have a isolator menu, some exciting names here like Kosher Choco Kush ice, Kosher Tangie Kush, Super Lemon Haze Ice and OG Banana Kush Ice. Isolator is a strong hash that is made with ice and water.

You can’t smoke or consume any cannabis at Boerejongens so you will have to take your bud home. You can roll at this venue in a little rolling area but please don’t light up in there!

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