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how to get weed smell out of car

How to get Weed Smell out of your Car

We all grew up watching stoner movies where the lead potheads drive around town in a constant puff of smoke. As their windows rolled down, the smoke billows out. Its an iconic scene in many of our favorite movies. All this happened before weed was legalized anywhere in the United States, and smoking while driving seemed like a great idea. The only major concern at the time was about how to get weed smell out of a car.

The smell of marijuana is still a serious concern, something which we’ll get to in a second. But more importantly is the fact that nobody thought twice about promoting driving while under the influence. Especially with the amount of smoke billowing out of the unrolled windows, its safe to assume that nobody in those stereotypical stoner scenes was safe to drive.

These days the smell of weed is still a concern, but perhaps even more so because it’s incredibly illegal. Let’s just say that the opinions of your parents or your sober girlfriend (or boyfriend!) are nothing in comparison to a pair of cold handcuffs around your wrist.

The Safe Way to Smoke Weed in Your Car

The only truly safe way to smoke weed in your car is not too. Although this could end up sounding like a broken record, we want to make this point hit home. Yes, you might be thinking that you are perfectly fine to drive stoned, but think again.

It was only a few decades ago that everyone thought they could drive drunk, in fact, tons of people actually thought they were better after a few drinks. These days, getting stoned before driving is going through the same painful learning curve. In legalized states, officers are on the lookout more than ever, and can even order a roadside drug test in some cases.

Back to Getting the Smell out of a Car

Now that the important PSA is out of the way, if you do happen to find yourself with an especially stinky car, there are a few ways to get the stank out. Truthfully, many methods merely mask the smell of bud, but when in a bind they are at least worth a shot. You might not fool the police, but you could fool your mom.

How to get Weed Smell out of Your Car

  • Cologne

The musky, overpowering scent of cologne is a perfect way just to overpower the scent of weed smoke. Thankfully teenage boys tend to have a few liters of potent man-muck on hand, covering up many bodily odors besides the pesky weed smoke lingering in their car. If we can make one suggestion, please just go easy on the stuff. You and your car only need a quick single spray, not a hose-down. Your girlfriend will thank you.

  • Febreeze

A more adult alternative to a cologne hose-down is buying a bottle of Febreeze to keep in your vehicle. Despite what the commercials might say about the tiny specially formulated bubbles magically absorbing odor, let’s be honest and just say it’s another great cover-up.

Unlike cologne, it’s smelliness is also at a much more reasonable level. The scents are fresh, clean and linger only in the best possible way.

  • Windows Down

As someone once told me, there is a new high tech way to get the weed smell out: roll down the windows. Not only does this tried and true method encourage any leftover smoke to roll out, it also amps up the air circulation. It might just be our imagination, but we also think cold air is especially purifying. Careful where and when you roll the windows down though, no need to attract too much attention in the dead of winter, or just before a highway patrol officer taps on your window.

  • Incense

Lighting up a stick of incense is another way to mask the smell of weed. Like cologne and perfume, its pungent, but functional. Not everyone will appreciate the lingering aroma of patchouli either.  Depending on who you ask, it’s still probably better than cheap teenage cologne. Its also best used in your own vehicle. We’re sure mom or dad would have more than a few choice words if you burn a stick of jasmine incense in their brand new Lexus.

  • Stash Box

A smell proof stash box won’t do anything for the smell of weed smoke, but it will keep the dank aroma of fresh bud from permeating your seat cushions. Stash boxes are a perfect way to conceal weed, and the scent of weed, during travel. Sometimes the smell of especially dank flower sticks around longer than the smell of smoke.

  • Odor Absorber

Odor eaters, like those sold for use with cigarettes, are available in convenience stores and hardware stores everywhere. If you can’t find one, even an open container of baking soda works great. Placed on the floor mats, or under the seat, its one of the most effective ways for reducing the smell of weed smoke in your car over time.

  • A Good Old Cleaning

Strong odors love to embed themselves into the interior fabric of your car. We might be making assumptions here about the state of your vehicle, but maybe there are also some other fabrics lying around. A dog blanket, perhaps some dirty clothes, anything permeable will readily absorb the harsh smell of weed smoke. Regularly take the time to declutter your car, and give it a good shampoo while you’re at it. You’ll notice that not only does your car smell fresh, but it keeps the freshness for much longer.

  • Time

The final suggestion for how to get weed smell out of your car is pretty obvious: time. Unlike cigarette smoke which lingers for what seems like years, weed smoke does dissipate after a while. Especially for casual smokers, it might just take 24 hours for the smell to disappear. Plan your session accordingly, maybe roll the window down a crack, and just let time take its course. Marijuana smoke doesn’t stay forever.

Here are 10 simple tricks to hide the smell of weed.

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